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oooh yeah i dont like to do anything else, itz great fun!!!

What is your Orc-Draught? (the thing that you would never want to have)
spoiled milk. never again. oo god, i think im going to throw up.

wot is youre height?
last time I checked I was about 5' 7"(ish)

What was the last book you read, and what is your review of sed book?
Reading Lolita in Tehran -- fantastic! Really shows how idealism turns into terror.

What's your favorite hobby? used to be playing my saxophone, but since I don't have a band to play with anymore I don't really do that anymore. I guess it's either reading, or watching TV....if those can be counted as hobbies!

what are your favorite lyrics from any song? and what is that song called, and by whom is it performed?
The first song that came to my mind was To Bid You Farewell by Opeth. Though I don't think posting the lyrics here would be a good idea.

What's your biggest fear?
my biggest fear is losing my memory, then id forget everything i wish to keep forever

What was your worst nightmare?
A few years back when i lived on my own I had a huge series of nightmares that my boyfriend died in a car accident on his way to see me. It was terrifying and I was so scared whenever he left my house. It was sad.

How often during the year to you become ill?
I'm a quite lucky one. if ever, I don't lie in more often than once or twice a year. *knocking on wood*

did you collect stickers when you were a child?
No, but I did collect 'Scraps'......these were pictures of various things that you could swap. You would keep them in a book.

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and thought "What WAS I thinking"?
no but i have looked at old photos of me and thought what was my mum thinking making me wear that

who is your favourite band / singer ?
at the moment (I don't think I found an all-time favourite yet) Adam Green, I should say.

are you interested in astronomy?

got milk?
Yup, brand new gallon of it today.

Do you pluck the odd facial hair? eyebrows when they need it...but I don't have "odd" facial

What movie would you nominate for best movie of 2005 and why?
uhhh...i dont really know..i liked charlie and the chocolate factory....

next waxes thier chest.
Nope ..Im a woman so thank God I dont need to
Do you know how to Tango ?
not quite. I'd like to learn it some time, though.

can you reach to your nose with your toe?
Nope....had a back op in July so can't bend too much at the moment....but don't think I'll ever be able to put toe to nose.

What colour are your toenails
pinkish. like my finger nails

wot is the square root of 45? why am i asking so many math questions when i hate math??
A tad bit less than 6.708204

What's it to you?
its pretty much pride actually....

wots up?
right now? Ceiling, insulation, roof, birds, sky, clouds, atmosphere, space, moon, planets, sun, stars, aliens....also, according to Merriam-Webster Online up is:
Main Entry: up
Function: preposition
1 a -- used as a function word to indicate motion to or toward or situation at a higher point of went up the stairs b : up into or in the went up attic
2 a : in a direction regarded as being toward or near the upper end or part of lives a few miles up the coast walked up the street b : toward or near a point closer to the source or beginning of sail up the river
3 : in the direction opposite to sailed up the wind

What is the most exotic food you've ever eaten, and what is something you cannot wait to eat?
frog legs. or snais. and lasgana

wot is my middle name?

Zips, buttons or velcro?
Whats your favourite animal ?
Tiger's, All the way Big Smile Smilie After that Big cats in general

When you were a child, Did you ever have a crush on an Adult? If so what relationship did He/she have to you?
Oh yeah , I always fell in love with my sisters boyfriends maybe this is common amongst girls I dont know...
Whats your favourite colour ?
green. and then purple.

wots youre 2nd favorite colour?
Do like playing Darts ?
nuh uh.

do you like....dogs??
Dogs are fine, but I'm more of a cat person, as they needn't be taken for walks, even in nice weather. We are working on 27 consecutive days of rain; the local record is 33 days.

Have you ever handled a snake?
I once stroked one.

what was the first word you were able to say?
Surprisingly, it was Dad...which is weird considering the awkwardness of our relationship anymore...or should I say...non-existentness of it...

What is the best thing you have bought lately?
oooh, ehm, well, spontaneously,... eeez, ordered via internet, does that count? then it would be a sword miniature (as I'm too poor to buy a real one Orc Sad Smilie )

what was the most stupid thing you've done lately?
Lately? I'd have to say that time I tried to Skateboard on a dolly-thing, and realized I couldn't steer... I ended up in so much pain and ached-still ache-in so many places that its not funny...

What the stupidest thing you've done lately?
I guess that would be not sleep for 3 days in a row. Then going outside into the cold with short sleeves, and managing to get sick. Oh, then because I was sick, I didn't study for an exam and failed...

what's your favorite moment in any world's history?
Favourite moment: Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech not exactly a moment, but still...

What do you love about education?
uhhhhh....learning to read good and do other things good too.

wot is youre favorite band?
Either Green Day or Good Charlotte

What is your favorite genre of book?
fantasy, well actually I've been touched by some historical fiction lately, so maybe historical fiction...

Do you have cavities in your teeth?
nope i have perfect teeth Smile Smilie

What time is it?
1:25 pm!!!!!!!!!

What kind of shoes are you wearing?
invisible ones, im wearing socks!!!!

What is your fav chocolate?

Rane: where are you from, in UK it's in the evening!!
Crispies, cept they only have it in Ireland...grrr mayb great britan too.....

wots ur pet peeve?
Currently having to go back through many pages of threads fixing tag endings. I had ten pages worth to do in the Khazad-dumish Inn this afternoon. But at least it is done and some of the errant ones were mine too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you called your mother/father lately?
Well, I do not talk with my father anymore, and have not talked to him in about 2 years, and trust me, it's not that disappointing! As for my mom, her phone died a few days before Christmas, so I have to visit her to talk to her until she gets a new phone! Smile Smilie

Do you get cold sores? if so, how do you "cure" them?
you cant cure them they stay with you until you die (not good) and you catch it from having kissed someone who has a cold sore, but only when they have a cold sore, when they dont have one itz okay to kiss Kiss Smilie and no i dnt have a cold sore, im careful on who i kiss hehe

Who knows what Irritable Hip Syndrome is?
is it anything like RLS?

next knows wot RLS is?
nope, i do not....really the only medical jargon i know comes from CSI, or life experiences, and seeing as I'm only 20, and still in pretty good health, I don't know that much other than language related to dead bodies! Smile Smilie

What was the most heartbreaking moment in your life? (if this is too personal, i'm sorry!)
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