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Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen (swoon) but there are sooooo many I like (I'm a hussy Very Big Grin Smilie )

Did you turn your clock back on Saturday or did you forget - like I did?
Yeah, I forgot also Ha Ha Ha Smilie But when I woke up and realized I've got an hour more to sleep, I wasn't upset with that Cat Smilie It's more interesting to forget it in spring...

What was (or is) your favourite subject at school and which one was your disaster?
Favorite: Descriptive Geometry and Calculus
Horror: Sociology 101

Who was your favorite teacher?
as I'm still attending school, I can say who my favourite teacher is. I think it's my biology teacher Nadja Grill. she's most intelligent, she's also working in a museum, and she knows a great lot concerning biology. furthermore, she's really nice and a fair teacher.

are you good at telling jokes?
No. my jokes are always so lame.

Do you wish you were good at telling jokes?

how many languages do you speak?
One fluently, and I bet you can guess which one that is. I can get by in German though, and I need a refresher course in Spanish, but could probably manage if German didn't keep popping into my head whenever I try to think of the Spanish pronouns. Ugh!

If you could live the rest of your life at one age in particular, how old would you want to be?
Good question...30 is my answer
Do you see what my avatar is ?
Of course I do! It's really nice and quite logical - you're not in vain Mellon! They're opening!

Do you beleive in reincarnations?
Im not sure , but I believe that theres something true to it
Do you have a soulmate ?
You read Richard Bach too? Big Smile Smilie (I think he invented this word, please correct me if I'm wrong)
I think I've seen it somewhere in The Illusions. And his Jonathan Livingston Seagull is the one I adore!!

But to the question.I suppose I might answer "yes", although I don't think it has to be one soulmate for each person. Not at all. During my life I've met people with whom after talking for 10 minutes it could be seen that this person is my friend and we know each other better than with many others whom I knew for years.Those people are still my friends and I hope will remain,although some of them are very far from me geographically. I've counted. I can name 4 such people. And 3 of them are men, although I'm meaning friendship and nothing more.

And do you beleive in friendship between a man and a woman?
Yes. I, in fact, play more with boys than girls.

Do you believe that you will ever get a fairy tale ending?
Life's good at the moment, so maybe I'm already living my fairy-tail ending.

Who would you turn to for help?
When I am in desparate need for help i turn to my best frends
old ones and new ones i just be careful not to get them to involved otherwise they will be needing help!!!!!!!

When you are in the middle of a great dream and you realise that it's a dream can you remain in that dream and not wake up?????
usually, yes.

what's written on your t-shirt? there must be something written on it!!!
Give me some of your tots.
do u have a boy friend or girlfriend?
No not yet lol but if your that desparate im sure one of us lucky people would help you in that department lol jks!!!!

Next has a tatoo of the name of THEIR boyfrend or girlfriend on them?
Nope , Ive just got a heart on my leg....
Do you often give advice to your friends
I try my best it really depends if the problem is given in humour or straightness . trying to meddle in serious issues can damage ur friendship

What is your view on swearing as a whole?
depends on wot the word is and how its used...i dont really like it in general

do u no where the lymric thread is? i cant find it...
Yes, I posted a link to it today in another thread where you also asked this same question. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Do you think my above answer is petty; should I have also posted the link here?
no...i already wrote a new lynric :-D
eep! my name is to the side of my Avatar! DONT CHANGE IT! im special Wink Smilie
do u like how the site is looking now? (i do)
It's wierd, but I'm getting used to it. It's just that the page where you type replies is really annoyiong.

What religion do you believe in?
I'm roman catholic. and not quite sure if I believe in it.

what kind of food do you dislike most?
chinese food, to greasy

wot kind of wood for tables do you like the most
Ummm... the swirly dark brown kind?? Sorry, don't know much about wood... I'm definately no carpenter.

What do you usually do when you feel really depressed?
strange... thinking about it I notice that I seldom feel really depressed. I'm such a light-hearted kinda butterfly. if I do really feel bad, I usually take a walk or play on my guitar, I think. or I write a letter to one of my penfriends telling them about all the nice things I experienced lately. you know, thinking about nice things makes you feel fine again...

are you one of those persons who can't throw anything away because they think it could be useful one day or they simply might miss it?
Of course all I have is junk that i know that i wont need but i keep it anyway. Itz like they have feelings or something lol Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Do you ever hear voices whispering your name and when you turn around they are gone?
ooooh, I never don't hear them. I'm really a bit paranoid.

do you often have the feeling you experienced certain situations before?
deja-vus?Well, sometimes.for example now,when I tried to insert a smile here I saw a message telling me that there's an error.and it seemed suspiciously familiar...Smile Smilie

Do you think that a person's surname is a reflection of some feature of his character?
well, it sometimes really kinda fits. in my case, it does fit a little... but what about people who choose the names of their children years before they actually have children? how can this name influence the character of the child? dunno...

do you like optical illusions?
Yes I love optical illusions!!! They are so cool!

Do you like to listen to music while you read or write?
Definately! I always play music while doing homework!

Do you sometimes really really really wish for something you know is impossible to get?
Haha that's life there's always something that is impossible to get, but with today's technology who knows?

Have you ever been completely and utterly embaressed before in your entire life!? if so please enthrall us?!
Not so far, thankfully, and as you seem to become thicker skinned to embarassing moments as you get older, hopefully I won't.

Which rosk star would you exchange places with?
If you mean rock star then i would exchange places with BRIAN MAY (from the legendary band QUEEN) with the crazy hair and then i would be able to all those amazing guitar solos that he does!!!

What would be your most romantic evening? (yes guys can answer too!!!)
*wonders why she is replying to this*
I think myne would be to walk in the darkness...not even moonlight...holding hands with the one that i was going out with...*chuclkes* this is sooo not me

Do you like to think about your wedding and crap like that?
Not my wedding, but I do like to fantasize that I am characters in books, and alter their stories and such.

How would you describe your character in three words?
really bloody random.

next thinks random ppl r wierd (i do...)
not really. I see quite a lot of them...

do you sleep with your windows open?
I would if I could, but I can't at boarding school. Wink Smilie

Does the color yellow make you sneeze?
No. No colour makes me sneeze.

Do you like to go barefoot at home?
Errr that seems like a weird question to me... We always remove our footware at the doorstep. I can't imagine roaming around the house wearing shoes that I'd wear outside the house...

Have you ever slept for 15 hours at a stretch?

Why is my entire post appearing in bold characters? Only the question is meant to appear in bold... Just guessing, but Cloveress, did you close your 'b' tag with a '/b'?
I've been wondering about this too. But I do close my posts with a /b thing.
Ah, maybe we should ask old Greps.
Maybe our Gamgee here opened a 'b' tag? Because Cloveress, your "has made 743 posts is an Elf from Lothlorien and is Online. Posted Sunday 13th November 2005 (09:00am)" is appearing in bold too!
Yes it was Sam's post that caused the error.... hopefully sorted now, though.

Have you ever slept for 15 hours at a stretch?

Maybe when I was a baby, but now days I tend to do 8 hours maximum.

What do you do with spiders you find in the bath?
oh, I don't dare to touch them, keep away as far as possible, yess, preciousss, so I usually tell my mummy to get them away, or I just leave the door open so they crawl out some time, cause I kinda feel sorry for them when mummy kills them, though I do really hate them.

if you listen to music, do you start singing along?
Yes,almost every time!Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What's the worst side of your character?
My pride...

Would you rather go snowboarding or skiing?

and I'm sorry my post caused a problem...
I would rather go snowboarding...dont know why though...

Are you a soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, or bass?
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