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To get to the other side of the road? Chicken Smilie

Do you expect that next Tuesday night, the 'Great Pumpkin' Pumpkin Smilie will rise out of the pumpkin patch bringing gifts to all the good little children of the world?
Yes, I believe !.....Trick 0r Sweet Treat? Pumpkin Smilie
Treat....I'm too nice of a person to trick others! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

hockey or baseball?
Icehockey, baseball is not a common game in Scandinavia, but I belive someone might play or watch icehockey all year long!

Do you prefer to read or listen to books? Read Smilie
I prefer to read; though I do have a few recordings of books that I sometimes listen to as I'm dropping of to sleep and then wake up at the end of the tape/CD and have to rewind to hear what I slept through.Elf Winking Smilie Not really conducive to healthy sleep.

How do you hold your trouser's up, with rope, belt, braces, suspenders, gallouses, sans-belt, or a combination of the preceding?
a belt or Ian's happy spongebob suspenders!!!!! =D

Do you prefer to wear earth tones or bright colors?
Depends on the situation really but I do like bright and colorful clothesCool Smilie
Have you ever tried Kiting ?
Not in in the real world I have. A blond fellow were asked if he liked Kipling, but he replied that he'd never kipled before so he didn't really knew..

Where can I find someone who long to take away snow from my yard? Snowman Smilie
Don't know but if you do find someone please tell him/her to do mine as wellSnowman Smilie
What is the best thing you can eat for breakfast ?
Food Elk Grinning Smilie

Seriously, I like a Western Omelet: (whipped eggs with sauteed diced ham, green pepper, and onion, and shredded cheddar cheese to melt between the fold) all accompanied by crispy hash-browns, buttered whole wheat toast, strawberry preserves, and coffee. Maybe only once a month though, for while tasting yummy to the tummy, it isn't very healthy.

What is your favorite sandwich?
hmmm, a foot long toasted meatball sandwich w/ provolone cheese from subway with a large raspberry iced tea and sunchips.

Have you ever ditched school?
Yes, many many many times, it's fun to know that it's wrong and then not get caught or backfire on you. Good ole days......

When you think of friend, who do you think of first???
Maxx(my Akita dog)...if it needs to be a human....Helen, a dear friend for more years than I can Which type of coffee do you prefer...unflavored or flavored(which flavor)?
Ick, sorry, no coffee for me...
I do absolutely adore raspberry hot-chocolate, though.

Do you know where the Hoh Rain forest is, and have you ever been there?? I really want to go there someday...
Yes, it is on the other side of the Olympic Mountains about 40 miles as the eagle flies west of me. I took my family camping there about thirty years ago. We camped for a week at a Washington State Campsite on the south side of the Hoh River where a defunct farm had been located near a collapsed bridge no longer spanning the river. To get to the actual Hoh River Rain Forest in Olympic National Park we had to drive about ten miles downstream and then back upstream on the north side about twenty miles. The park was neat. Here is a link to a site I found that contains some typical photos of the Hoh River Rain Forest; however, it wasn't raining at the time those photos were taken.

Have you visited the tourist traps in Victoria BC?
No, not yet. But I can recommend Norwegian Fiords!

Will you watch a Sport event this weekend?
I doubt it, my Uni plays American football against Arizona in a couple minutes and I will listen to it on the radio (no TV coverage); though I might watch my Seattle Sea-Turkeys play against the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football if they don't start stinking up the fireld like they did last Sunday.

How late do you sleep in on Sundays, id you do?
8, I would prefer to sleep later but my parents seem to insist on waking me before they leave for church, bleh.

What's the longest your hair has ever been?
It's been as long as to the end of my lower back.These's alittle past mid-back. If you could visit any place you'd like,...where would that place be?
hmmm... at this very moment anywhere but umm..... not reli sure where i'd like to go, there are so many places in this world alone,,, then u want to visite the ones made by authors.

If you could meet anyone in the world right now, dead or alive, fiction or real, who would it be? why?

lol...sounds like sumthn youd ri on a test.
Loss cuz he's da bomb and the cutest/sweetest guy in the world

hhehehehe, forgot the question, ty loss. =P

Have you seen "nightmare before christmas?"
Nope I have not Smile Smilie
Do you watch Musicals ?
I have, but I don't make a point of it: meaning I give most of them a pass.

From whence did you get your last pair of shoes?
TJ maxx, they were bright red stilletto Jazzberry's and i got them for $17...quite the steal
Arwen, you forgot to post a new one Smile Smilie
Next never wears hats or hair ribbons.
I never wear hats, and being a boy, I never wear hair ribbons. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next doesn't like Narnia.

Not saying I don't like it.
Thank You Arwy, I'll never forget it... *goes red*

I do like Narnia, but I must read the books one day, the film was okay, although it should have been made into a series, there was so much detail that was missed, well, at least that's what I'm told.

Have you needed glasses or do you wear them now??? I found mine recently and they have been lost for a while.............
i wear contacts...lose glasses too often. I also have reading glasses but they've been misplaced for a rather long time, i should prolly purchase some new ones.

Are you a jewelry-wearer?
Oh yes I am Smile Smilie And I specially love the jewellery from LOTR .I have the Ring in silver on my finger ,in gold around my neck ..but the most beautiful I own is THE EVENSTAR Happy Elf Smilie

What did you have for dinner today ?
Nothing yet, as it is only 3:40 PM as I write this.

Do you know where my clean soxs are hiding?
in the bottom of that drawer you stuff the dirty clothing is, at least that's where my sister always manages to find hers, a thought I find rather gross, but hey, that's just me.

anyone wanna do my english homework for me?
Shaking Head Smilie No thanks, I'm done with English Wiggle Smilie for the year and there's no need to add more. Wary Smilie

Next is homeschooled.
nu uh...i go to a public h.s

anyone want a peircing below their bottom lip?
Oh ,no but I have one on my nose Happy Elf Smilie
What's the colour on your eyes ?
I,m very naive and blue-eyed, but the colours are grey-green-brown. My passport says multicoloured. Angel Smilie

How come that if Hand-ball is a game you now absolutely nada about, one have to be a referee? So Angry Smilie Angry Elf Smilie Moderator Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Bad! Smilie Good and Evil Smilie
Don't know reallyShaking Head Smilie that is why I look at football on the telly and BRANN is in the lead Happy Elf Smilie
Who is the best singer ever ?
Yma Sumac If you want to hear her sing (she had a four octave range as well as good looks) go to this next site and click the 'Flash slide show' link in its second paragraph. My mother had one of her records in the mid-fifties when I was still in high school.

Do you read yourself to sleep at night?
No...never.Am abit of a lazy reader due to dyslexia(too aggervating).More of a tv/movies/dvd fall asleep to a tv program or dvd. For the members who celebrate Thanksgiving Day,....turkey or ham or the occasional prime rib???
definitely prime rib or steak....turkey makes me sleepy and hamis only good when its the kind with crusty sweet stuff on the outside.

Potatoes or yams?
none tyvm.... well potatoes if they're fried.

Lohan or Duff?
None actually
Do you like Trivial Pursuit ?
Yes! and as long as they stay out of the movie/celebrity questions I'm pretty good, too!

Chamomile tea?
no thanks...

Why am I so tired?
I guess it's because of drinking too much Chamomile tea? Sleeping Smilie

Next is feels very bored this evening!
Angel Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Angel Smilie
Yes! even though I shouldn't...I have a paper to write!!

Next can tell me anything I haven't crammed into my head about the swastika these past three days... seriously...ten pages is looooooooong.
Sorry but i cannot Smile Smilie
Do you have all of Tolkien books
No, I still don't have his Beowulf and have never bothered getting most of the HOME series I only have the first five or six out of the twelve. I think I have everything else though.

How many students were in your secondary school, your last year or when you graduated. There were 64 in my four year public high school; 14 in my graduating class, of which six of us boys out of eight went on to Uni; saddly none of the girls did.
About 24 I think ,we have not had a reunion yet but I will sure be fun to catch up again Happy Elf Smilie
What is your job ? If not, what do you study or do during a day ?
i study at miliken mills high school.

Has the open door by evanescence. if not at least like their songs.
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