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Usually the East, but isnt that the case for everyone??? im joking, from where i am sat, the sun would rise behind me to the left south-west (from where im sat of course)

Where do comedians get their material from???
The Comedy Store.....there is one in London lol

Do you have a talent - if so what is it? and everyone has a talent!
my talent is being talentless
just kidding, i guess music

what is youre favorite band?

What's your record of the longest time you've slept in one go?
About 5 hours!!

Can you keep secrets? - if you can what are they Very Big Grin Smilie
yup, normally...and if I told you, I would have to kill you.

what was the longest you've ever held your breath? Go David Blaine! haha
Actually I do not knowSmile Smilie
Do you like cornbread ?
Yes with butter and honey, it goes good with chili too.

Can you or will you not bend your fingers backwards?
I will not ( but I sure canSmile Smiliemy bones in my hand are easy to bend..)
Do you often wear black clothes?
not really. I only really own two black shirts that I actually wear in public! lol I really like orange, so normally that's the colour I wear!

Do you have a long weekend this weekend?
yup...worked about 20 hours of doing updos for promotion...talked with the members of the band "Live"....they were soooo cute and nice and i didn't get to go to their concert...booo 21 age rule....

have u had the candy "swedish fish" before?
Haha. I bet that is a swe(et)dish. But no, never had one.

Your favourite way to while away time is...
Right now?! Listen to music and work on my book(s).

How many spiders are in your house right now?!
I have a single room (I live in a hostel) and currently it houses 3 spiders. One is positioned on the centre of the ceiling and the other two share common webs in the right corner of the room which is near a window and hence presents a great probability to trap incoming insects.

Have you ever bungee-jumped?

What country are you supporting in the upcoming FIFA World Cup?
Well, since a friend of mine has entered a competition with a holiday for two in the country that wins - I am rooting for Trinidad and Tobago or Sweden.

Have you ever slipped on a banana skin?

Nope, can't say that I have.

From what computer do you usually log on to PT? (Family, Your own, School, etc.)
well...normally my own, but some days I log on when I'm at the college.

How do you style your hair?
I'm bald

Have you ever been run over by a car?
Not run over ...but when I was about 12 or 13 a car drove over my foot !! Bad yes , since I was about to play a socker matchSmile Smilie
Have you ever done something that you really ougth not to ?
ya...but who hasn't?! I mean, come on! They put that big red button right in front of you, and it's just tempting you to push it with its "Do Not Push" sign....what else are you suppose to do?!?!?!?!

How often do you receive or make a phone call?
Very often. A phone is an only source of communication with friends who are pretty far away to meet regularly. And e-mail just hasn't got the charm.

What's your favourite chocolate?
ummm....I like Black Forest cakes...and that's about it for chocolate. It makes my stomach sick really easily, so I don't eat a lot of it. If I'm in the mood for a chocolate bar, something with almonds, or a Twix.

what is your favorite beverage?
Don't really have one favorite beverage. It kind of depends on the time of day -- AM: Coffee; Afternoon: Water, Green Tea; PM: Wine.

What were you doing right before you logged onto the computer?
Writing cheques to pay some bills Very Sad Smilie

What are you going to do when you log off?
call my friend and make him listen to me talk nonstop for the next hour about how great the H.I.M concert was and how totally hot ville valo is....

Do you sleep on ur back or stomach?
On my right side actually...

Do you own a Tolkien calender? If so, how many?
One. A big poster type one, year 2004.

When was the last time you took too much alchohol (a.k.a. got drunk)?
P.S. That isnt exactly family friendly...Ill delete it if needed. Smile Smilie
Sometime during the 1970's, before I decided to act my age. Elk Grinning Smilie

Are you going to work, study, or play this summer?
Work , and play a lot with my kidsSmile Smilieand then I hope to travel somewhere with my familiy
Have you ever been to Scottland ?
No. The whiskey I can spare, but not the skirts.

Have you ever been chased by langoliers?
I don't think so....

on average, how many movies do you watch during a month?
id say 2
one at the theaters
one at home
cuz "going to the movies" usually isnt very fun.
but wotever

how many bands do you really like?
well....I don't have any favorites. But I do like a lot of different types of music, so therefore, a lot of different, I'm not giving a number, but saying, I like a LOT of music!

have you ever sat around waiting for someone or something only to be completely disappointed?

Have you ever kissed a camel?
Can't say that I have, but I did ride one in Egypt. And then our Bedouin taxi driver offered my boyfriend at the time 100 camels for me. He considered it, and needless to say, didn't last long as my boyfriend.

Do you have a ritual before going to bed in the evening?
He considered it, and needless to say, didn't last long as my boyfriend.

And with good cause! He shouldn't have gone below 500 camels.
Well, that would have been a much more worthwhile consideration. (Actually, my boyfriend was trying to convince me that he could take the camels, sell them, and rescue me from the Bedouin. Yeah, I wasn't buying it either.) I simply tried to convince the Bedouin that I hated cooking and cleaning and would make a terrible wife...besides he already had three! I told him he could have my sister though, he, he.
Do you have a ritual before going to bed in the evening?

You mean like: Turn off the the computer after a last check of the email; open the dining knook window and turn on its fan to exhaust, if the weather is warm; make my nightime drink of white grapefruit juice and Diet 7Up; take my nightly pills; ensure front door is locked; make a trip through the bathroom; park my drink on the bedside table; turn on the bed's reading light; turn off the overhead light; empty pockets into box on chifforobe; change into nightshirt; tune radio to KUOW FM for the rebroadcast of that previous morning's Diane Rehm Show if it is midnight, or Clasic KING FM if it is after 1am; park my watch and spectacles on bedside table; crawl under the covers; pick up current book; and finally read until I feel I'm ready to sleep or I drop Fast Asleep Smilie the book three times Question Smilie No I don't think so. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you like popcorn with lots of salt and butter?
Sure do , specially when seeing a good DVD
How often do you change clothes during a day?
Fifty-eight times.

Who's your favourite Marx Brother?
Carl?! lol...I don't know...he's the only one I've ever heard of! lol so....maybe....none!

do you have piercings or tattoos? if so, which is your favorite!? If not, why not?!
No tattoo at the moment, although I'm planning on getting a tolkienesque tattoo in a few months, (right now I'm inhibited by age from tattooing my self). I have no piercings... My logic behind this is I don't want any holes in my body, although I feel justified in getting a tattoo... a bit hypocritical, no?

Have you ever wanted to join the carnival?
Juggling Smilie
In Rio you mean ? No....
Have you ever dance on a stage with lots of folks watching?
No, but I sang and acted in plays when I was in elementary and secondary school. Then my voice changed and I shunned the limelight.

I'm going to play on Galenhir's previous question of, "Have you ever wanted to join the carnival?" in the same vein as I understood it to have been asked:

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus?
Well, not yet. But my mom does drop hints that that might be more suited to my line of work.

Have you ever fallen down a well?
No, but my little brother did once. It was really scary. Lucky for us thought the 'well' wasn't that deep and my dad could reach him and pull him out.

Have you ever had Sushi?
yup about 2 days ago, but when ur mum is japanese u have it rather a lot.

Have you seen the new DaVinci Code movie?
no, but i read the book, which was pretty good. i hear that the movie wasn't that good though, but i am going to have to watch it for myself to make sure.

have u read Eragon or it sequel Eldest?
I did read Eragon but I don't think I was intrigued enough by that book to read Eldest.

How do you stir a cup of coffee?
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