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Wearing a big floppy straw hat and sitting on the front lawn smelling a lilac bush where we lived in the Spokane Valley during WW II.

How old were you when you learned to read?
Five. And I was reading the classics when I turned six.

Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
Yes, but about 1/8 inch short of the tip of my nose. I have a long nose.

Can you touch your elbows behind your back, or in front of you? I can't.
Being a born toucher; I do touch!

How are you going to celebrate the coming of SPRING this weekend??
Have a snowball fight, if the current weather forecast holds.

What did you accomplish this morning?
Waking up! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Can you speak a foreign language?
A bunch; however I can't understand them or even write them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What size hat would you wear if or when you wore a hat? Wiggle Smilie
I believe its one of those ONE SIZE FITS ALL things...

Can you type on your keyboard with one hand?
Yes, I usually do. My fingers on both hands know where the keys are located, but I use the slowness between letters to compose my thoughts; and still I have cut and paste the words to end up with a semi-coherent message. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How many siblings do you have and are they older or younger than you?
I have a brother who is 17 months younger than me, though I wish I had a sister too.

Have you ever visited the Bahamas
Only in the movies.

Have you ever visited Spain?
No, but it would be fun to visit!

Do you have the job you have always wanted?
If you mean I can sleep until 10 am and stay up as late as I want, then yes.

What do you plan to do tomorrow?
Hello All! I plan on trying to figure out how to get vacation pics out of my new camera and get them in the computer. Wish me luck! Genius Smilie Do any other folks out there wonder why directions for a new product are not really....direction? Rolling Eyes Smilie
Could it because something is lost in the translation between the pictographs of the original language and written words of the consumer's language? And this is especially incomprehensible when there is an intervening language involved, like the translation of a translation.

What should you be doing instead of reading the forum?
Absolutely nothing. I am recering from a long illness, have been up since around three thirty this morning getting my usual work done and now am enjoying my break. It is so very very lovely to finally be able to come to my second home. How I have missed you all.

What room in your home could do with a good spring cleaning or new coat of paint the very most?
All of them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I've lived here for 27 years and am wearing out the last threads of the original shag carpeting, paint and appliences; though my dishwasher and hot water-tank have had to be replaced. All in all it could use a good hosing down and some new internal paint, but it doesn't bother me and why put my landlord to the expense when it will only come back to me as higher rent.

Do you have any shoes that require polishing?

Would you like to live in a castle
Oh yes, yes, yes, I would love it. Especially if it came with a lovely acreage and was not that far from the town. I would turn it into a place for children to come and stay that have been under terrible stress or battered or abused; a place to heal and see beauty and hear quiet. I would have qualified live in staff and art instructors and dance, and music, all things to help build up self esteem and perhaps start the child in the direction they would take in their future.

And I would have a stellar cook who could combine nutrition and tastiness into each dish.

If you could have been present with Illuvatar when he began the music, would you have chosen to stay where you were in that glorious atmosphere, or brave the coming into Middle earth?
What and miss all the trials and tribulations of our time?

Can you see any flowers in bloom from where you sit at your computer?

I have a five foot tall florescent pink rhododendron blooming four feet from me. Each bunch of blossoms is six to eight inches in diameter. and the bees are buzy gathering polen from them.
Nope only a wall.

Do you like gardening?
I used to, but can no longer do it. I specialized in weeding, especially early Saturday mornings when I'd do my wife's flower beds.

What is your favorite food or meal?
Hmmm.....that is difficult considering that you may not understand or know the dish. So'll go for fried chicken.

What is your favourite music genre?
Baroque Classical of 1600-1750: Gabrieli, Corelli, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, et al

What color are your eyes?

What car are you driving?
None any more: my last one was a 1980 Mazda that I never got to drive; before that I had a 1970 VW Type 3 Square-back, which I lived driving; before that I had a 1964 Valiant convertible with a 225 slant-six and four on the floor, which wasn't a family car nor any good in our wet weather; and before that a 1952 Chevy two-door sedan. Oh, I forgot about the 1976 LTD Broughm with hand controls that I got in the early eighties and soon got rid of, for I no longer liked driving that gun-boat in all our traffic. Probably should have bought a Ford Pinto instead.

What did you have for lunch or dinner?

Nothing actually ..just loada of water Smile Smilie
What are your plans for the summer holiday ?
I may go to my 50th High School Class Reunion if I feel up to the inconvenience and pain of traveling accros the state.

Whom do you remind yourself of being?
Myself most of the time.

Do you feel time is passing very quickly nowadays?

Do you understand why we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? you know how long a piece of string is? Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Do you know where you can find a Billabong?
Well, down under according to the song Waltzing Matilda. that's in the more frequented, less magical Land of Aus, compared to the Land of Oz; perhaps one can also find one im New Zealand?

Have you ever built a snowman in June, July, or August?
It never snows here. Snowman Smilie

Are you satisified wih the way you live your life?
Mostly, though there are a couple of minor things for which I'd appreciate do-overs. Good and Evil Smilie

Next time you go somewhere, will you go there in a hurry?
Just took the Amtrak train to/from NYC. A 9 hour trip each way. I was in a hurry, but unfortunately the train wasn't. It broke down in Philly,PA on the way there. We were delayed an hour on the way home-typical. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Do you like to travel? I f so, do you ever take a train?
Not really. I prefer to walk. And there's no train in my country!!!! Dunce Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Do you like cycling?
I used to like it, still I never made a bike trip longer than about ten miles away from home and part of that was on gravel.

What are you going to do, or doing, this weekend?
Well i'm in for a boring weekend considering that i have to work both Saturday and Sunday.

Do you like planning everything or take things as they come?
I like to plan and fill in the rest as it comes.

Are you happiest in the spring, fall, winter or summer and why/
Probably spring and summer, due to the amount of available sunlight or the promise of more to come. I think my system would go bonkers in Lapland or Alaska. I suppose in those climes, my light box would stand me in good stead.

How many years of schooling have you had and how many more are you expecting to complete?
Does kindergarten count? If so, then 13 years of schooling so far, and I'm expecting to complete at least 5 more (through high school and uni!)

Have you read Roverandom, Leaf by Niggle, or the Adven. of Tom Bombadil? What did you think of them if you have?
I read Roverandom, and leaf by niggle but not the adventures of Tom Bombadil! I like the stories very much though leaf by niggle is a bit confusing.

Next has every Tolkien book
Nope, I don't have the the last six volumes of H.O.M.E.

How many books do you own that you have not finished reading?
Honnestly, I don't know. As near as i can guess about half of them.

How often do you buy books?
I have a small collection but, don't buy many books. I'm dyslexic and reading is a real pain in the butt for me, that's why I prefer movies/tv. If you are an avid reader, how many books do you think you could read in a week- if it were possible? Read Smilie Puppy Smilie
Two or three, if they were page turners; one-half, if it was boring.

What is your favorite color?
Dove grey.

Is there a song from a movie , even from your childhood that evokes an instant response for you like tears, or a smile or a groan?
Well actually when i sometime listen to song of previous years this brings to my mind images of the computer games i was playing at that time. :orcgrin:

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?
Absolutely! I've experienced and see too much not to. Pixie Smilie Havn't had any animal ghostly experiences-yet. On the same subject, has anyone ever experienced any animal ghosts/spirits?
yes gynmormous glowing dogs. You can read about the account on page one of The Oddest Things.

Do you keep things from the different seasons, i.e. flowers, leaves, twigs ?
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