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being able to trust in this person in any situation.

have you got precious soft toys?
I still have a fuzzy, grey, black and white ring-tailed lemur called Lisha that my son gave me for Christmas many years ago. Each of her foot long arms and legs have velcro pads so she can wrap around things. She hangs around the overhead shelf of the wood-block table I use for a computer stand.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?
oh yesss... bought some only yesterday... good idea... should eat them...

do you sometimes wish you were famous?
Indeed I do, but not as much as I used to. It used to be a yearning for me, but now I've realized the important things in life are all around me. If I am important to my family and friends and make the most of those relationships, then I have meant more to anyone than if I were famous.

If you could have any job in the world, what would you do?
hmmm...idk.....ummmm....if i was good at writing then that violinist? noooo oo i know! i want to play violin in something like the Chieftans!

if u could have any kind of sweet right now, which?
A nice marshmallow wold be nice.

Do you colourcode all your school/work notes?
I did - at school.

Do you ever have a feeling when leaving your home that you've forgotten to take something very important?
Oh yes, and most likely I have forgotten something important.

Do you long to simplify your life? Or do you like it when things are hectic?
I do somehow like a hectic life... I only really get started when I'm about to collapse. my last weekend was a perfect proof... Good Morning Smilie

do you trust in popeye's secret of strength? = do you like/eat spinach?
Actually I'm quite indifferent to it and hear about this "popeye's secret of strength" for the first time, but I don't think I'd like to eat everything made with spinach.No way!! Shaking Head Smilie Dead Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Have you ever travelled across the ocean?
no - only left the continent flying to crete once...

what's the highest mountain you've ever been on?

wait a moment - you've never heard of
Popeye?? or am I getting you wrong???
When I was in school we went hiking to the Caucasus mountains, but it was quite a long time ago and I don't remember the name of that mountain, but in fact I'd rather say it was a hill, not a mountain...)

Have you ever seen a falling star? Have you maked a wish? Did it come true?
I know Popeye! It was an old cartoon about a sailor Popeye who was becoming incredibly strong after eating spinach, also there was a rude ugly guy who was importuning with Popeye' girlfreind...)
Yes, yes, and not yet.

Do you know who Bluto is?
No, I don't. Though it might be the son or father of Pluto, it even sounds good, Bluto son of Pluto (like Frodo son of Drogo).

Did you cry when Friends ended?
No,I'm not sure it would change something Wink Smilie But if that could help - then I would.They were really funny and reminded me my own company very much Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Yes,Ithil,I must confess I really hear about that spinach-guy for the first time.Does it mean shame upon my old head? Ignore Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Can you say anything in Japanese?
Yes, I can, but I'm not sure if it's right or wrong. I read "Shogun" where some japanese words were written such as "konichiwa", don't know how to write it...)

Can you use your left hand as good as the right one?
my left had i guess but it does depend on the weight of your one side to the other.
Heaver with muscle for instance Wiggle Smilie

How is it that 'THE BIG BANG' occured when there was nothing in the first place to create it?
Two invisible objects moved too close together, neither would move out of the way, so they went bang - but we couldn't see them Very Mad Smilie Very Mad Smilie

Have you ever been to Lock Ness (have you seen Nessie)
Nope cant say that I have
Do you like frogs ?

how will you celebrate the beginning of the new year 2006?
like this *funny dance* Dunce Smilie

How many times do you think you have ever said the word 'ok'?
Well, if I said it once a day, everyday of my life that I could speak, then it would be about 10,220, and since I'm sure I say it currently about 20 times a day or more, I will guess 204,400.

What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
Take part in competitions Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Can you tell a good anecdote whenever you're asked for it?
More often, yes, I remember one good anecdote and I can tell it if I don't forget it...)

Can you eat three bars of chocolate per day?
I could, but I won't. If I did, I would weigh about 300 pounds, which isn't good for running.

Would you or have you ever run a marathon (26.2 miles)?
Never tried it
Do you like opera ?
I'm fond of opera, one of my favourite arias is "Casta Diva" from "Mme Butterfly"...

If you had a choice in what times to live, what would it be?
Right here, right now.

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

tomatoes, ham, salami, a bit of garlic, herbs, ananas... not all of them at once, but different combinations of those... but NO cheese!!!

do you like mangas?
Only `some, but most often no...

Have you ever dreamed of being a movie character?
Well, not a movie character in general, but when I see a good film with an interesting story I often put myself in the place of different characters and imagine what would I do in this or that situation,so let's say - yes.
But if you meant the fact of my own life being filmed - ouch,it's a case for thinking Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

By the way,Nimrodel,someone promised an anecdote Cat Smilie

What's your temperament type?
a really bad mixture of everything... dunno.

do you like diamond nights?
i dont know what diamond nights is.

Do you want to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?
yes i do i cant wait until its out
do you like athletics?
yes, soccer is the best.

next frequently forgets to put a ? in after they answered
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Upps...

Do you like Formula-1?

yes...maybe...i dont know...

Do you like loop-holes, so you dont have to answer the question?
Part of my job is enforcing fisheries byelaws. Fishery Law is full of loop-hools, so consequently loop-holes are the bane of my life.

What's your favourite TV sit-com?
I hardly watch tv at the moment, I spend most of my unoccupied time (meaning the time I don't spend being at school, on my way there or home, doing homework, eating, sleeping or reading) being online, and that's not too much anyway (arghhh - why am I going so far off-topic, noone's interested in that?! so, back where I belong!!!!!) but I always used to like the nanny... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

what dish do you most like to cook?

um... by the way: diamond nights is a band... from NY.
I don't really like cooking, but if I had to choose something, it would be chocolate chip cookies!

Do you like to ski?
oh, yea, skiing is great...

do you prefer snowboarding? (to skiing, of course)
I wish I had the courage to do both - but I can't ski or snowboard. I can just about walk on my own two feet!!!!

Do you prefer sun or snow
I like sun and I don't like snow, cause my organism responds negative to cold and especially snow. If I were to choose, I would prefer living somewhere in Greece or south of Italy.

What is your favourite love story movie?
I dont know...I dont watch love story movies...I pretty much only watch adventure, fantasy, and science fiction

Do you like to write stories?
I think them up in my mind but never write them down... That world of imagination seems impossible to bring into words on paper (and I'm no Tolkien here!).

What do you like to collect?
Hundred dollar bills.

What is your favorite drink?

My favourite drink, huh, I would have to say a Chartreuse, for all of you who know what that is good, for all you who don't, too bad [I'm not sure if I'm allowed to explain.] For a family friendly drink, I like orange juice, and I have orange juice withdrawels if I don't get a 10 ounce glass every morning.

How often to you do you wash your hands?
oh, way too often...

do you practise yoga?
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