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Not nearly as much as I did when I was younger. Possibly the one thing I dislike most about my job is having to untie frozen ropes in winter at 4 in the morning. Undisturbed snow is still pretty though.

What event from the past year would you most liked to have been at?
The UEFA Finals. I'd have really loved to see Liverpool win that cup. Watching it on TV is not the same thing...

What does mint taste like to you?
it tasts minty lol

what is your favourite book?
lotr, I should say. for reasons we all know. Juggling Smilie

what is the first thing you do after coming back home from a holiday?
Pet my cat, who barely acknowledges that I ever left. That's gratituity for ya! Wink Smilie

How old were you or will you be when you were/are able to go on your first date?
i havent gone on a only 12.

When was the first time you read LotR?
October 1967

Have you ridden a horse?
A pony, yes, but no horse.

Have you ever tried fencing?
no, but i do archery.

Have you ever sang a song in front of your whole school, and forgotten the words?
No, but a very similar thing happened to me during a recital....

Are you in a choir?
yes, actually... but I don't know the right english words for expressing exactly what kind of choir it is, so I better don't even try.

do you like honey?
yup, sticky sticky sticky!!!

Do you like Wheel of Time?
dunno, it sounds okay...

What would you like to get for your birthday?
an ipod

What would you want to change about your school?
the english teachers (they're all crazy...)
something more realistic: I'd like to have a nice cafeteria and maybe the possibility to play table football...

how often do you go to the cinema?
depends on what hollywood has to give us...not often this summer, very often last summer...

Do you keep plants in the house?
yes some , but I often forget to give them water so,,
How many hours do you spend on your homework ?
at home... one or two maybe. I do most of the work at free hours at school.

do you like discussing topics?
As opposed to discussing what?

If you could remain one age forever, what age would you choose?
Well 30 seemed like a fairly good age for me, I was old enough to know better and things hadn't yet fallen apart.

Has your hot water heater ever rusted out like my upstairs neighbor's did yesterday evening, filling your place with wery wet water?
Nope. Ours is in fairly good condition.

What kind of literature do you like best?
History books
If you could go anywhere, where would you go ?
gizeh. want to see the pyramides.

how many meals have you had today?

Do you often go to the coffee shop ?
nope, but i would if i could drive!

Do/did you like to take notes?
Yes I always do
Are you in some sort of forum at your school/ or your childrens ?
Nope, though I'm in Drama Club.

Do you like to use pencils when drawing?
i cant draw!!!!!

do you like to listen to music while you are on the internet?
yeah, I usually have some music turned on... right now a bit of musical soundtrack...

have you ever broken the law?
Yes when I bought this illegal CD.

What's your favourite reading time?
evening in my bed

do you like geography?
Yes. I love it. Learning that there wasn't any ice on the North Pole was the biggest thing ever for me Cool Smilie

What kind of music do you like?
Music from the Baroque, Rococo, and Classical periods.

What is you favorite dinner food?
some kinda salad, or potatoes with a bit of butter...

do you like going for walks in the wood?
yes , there are so many different trees to see, and since I read LOTR I think its fun to look for special shapes of the trees as well
Do you make pictures of fallen leafes ?
if i understand you right....yes (well i try to)

Do you like to do your (home) work on the internet?

do you use to download stuff from the net?
yep..i download many things from the internet

Do you like to write fan fiction?
no, I haven't really tried it yet.

are you a good painter?
Well, when I was into model railroading I painted my HO scale steam engines, wooden rolling stock, and a few structures; and some of them looked pretty, good it I do say so myself. Still my house painting and watercolors left a lot of something to be desired. Very Mad Smilie

Do you or did you ever climb trees and want to build a tree house?
I sure did !! Climbed trees and I even built a treehouse with my friens , It was lots of fun !!!
Do you like skiing ?
yea, I love it.

do you eat a lot of fruit?
mmmmm love fruit but don't like pears yuck!!!

Can you keep secrets
I think so... I hope so....

have you got a good memory?
Uh, what was the question again?

Have you got a good memory?
Orc Grinning Smilie it's good enough to remember the last question...

can you assert yourself against others or do you constantly give in?
I can stand up to others, I hate to have to give in to anyone. (or as some of my friends would call it, im a control freak)

Can you shoot well? (archery and/or rifel)
never tried to... but as I kinda know myself I think I wouldn't bee too good......

do you get on well with your colleagues in class/at work?
Yes - I think I really do, I like all the people I work with (people always seem to tell me their problems -maybe I've got a good shoulder to cry on!!) I have been off for a few months after an op and have had flowers, phone calls, cards, text messages and emails. I like to make people happy and like to help, I hate to see people unhappy (sorry if this sounds gushy).

Do you believe every one has a soul-mate
Yes, but I don't believe I'll ever find mine. The world's such a big place!

OK, picture this: you are an adult wearing your best gownsuit, and you are with a bunch of children, the children start rock climbing and they invite you to join them. You really like rock climbing and you don't feel that you can refuse such a bunch of innocent children. But you also need to go to your daughter's wedding in half an hour. What would you do?
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