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What would your dream date be??

Guess I should clarify: the date itself, as in place, food, drink, etc. or the person you'd go out with.
A beutiful plesant brunet , in some nice place with not to many people.Food? Some light stuff for snacking

Do you like (or ever take)a walk in nature?
It is a nice thing to do every once in a while.

How many DVDs do you have?
An embarrassing limited number, I'm afraid.

Can you walk straight when on a boat??
I don't go on boats.

Do you play the guitar?
No, but I'm going to learn after I finish with piano lessons. By the way, you aren't following me aorund, are you Stoney? Paranoid Smilie Big Smile Smilie

What color eyes do you have?

Whats the first thing you would buy if you won big on the Lottery?
Something really uselles probably

What kind of exotic pet would you like to have?
A monkey!! A really really cute monkey!! Or wait - a tiger cub...that would be fun. Or maybe a...oh heck, I'll just stick with my domestic cat, thanks. Wink Smilie

Where would you retire if given all the money you'd need ?
Koh Samui, Thailand - beautiful place

Are you allergic to anything?
Yeah, school and hard work . Anyone got the same thing?

Did you ever do something that you would now really like to undo?(and what is ti)
I really don't have any big mistakes so far. (Not that they won't be coming in the future!)

Where do you live?
In a house. Wink Smilie No, really, in northeastern Connecticut.

Same question.
A gnom hole in Croatia

Do you like eating potatoes in every way possible of making them?(chips,boiled,mashed...)
Not really. Potatos seem flavourless to me. Chips I do like... anything artificially flavoured, I guess.

What kind of music do you like?
Rock. Led Zeppelin,ACDC,Jethro Tull.....and the LOTR soundtrack (of course)

Do you like the LOTR? Very Big Grin Smilie
Looked like all the boys were filling up the thread so I've come to disrupt you all again. Angel Smilie Ummm...yes, Etharion, I would have to admit that I do. Wink Smilie

How long can you hold your breath while under water?
Orc Going Huh Smilie I have no idea. About a minute and a half? (is that too long or not long enough?) I really haven't a clue.

How old/young are you? (I hope Vee goes next) Very Big Grin Smilie
Sorry, not her!

I'll be 19 next month.

What country do you live in?
In the grand Untied States of America! Big Smile Smilie

What color eyes do you have?
Dark brown.. Smile Smilie

Favorite color eyes?

How old are you?

Who is your favorite historical figure?
I think I'd have to say Bartholomew Roberts, the most successful pirate of the 18th century.

How far can you swim?
Real: I.D. Andres Zea
Fictional: Tuor

Which is your favorite music group?
Have been a fan of Metallica for over 15 years but I do also like Aerosmith and The Darkness rules!!!

If you were given the chance to play any character from the realm of Tolkien in a new film, which one would you be?
Arwen Smile Smilie

What is your favorite beast from the LOTR?

What color hair do you have?
Brown with reddish tint.

How tall are you?

What do you like to listen ?-its a good question
water falling on rocks (or running through them)
Also, the wind between trees. Uh, don’t forget high pitched ice cracking.

What color are your eyes?
Bright blue (or deep blue, sky blue, or green-blue depending on what mood I am in. Basic color is bright blue though) and I love 'em!

Do you tan easy? (Sorry, I've been out in the sun all day and it's got me thinking upsurd things. Wink Smilie)
They used to be very blue, but now they are gray-blue-greenish with brown spraggles.

What's the worst part of the day?

Oops! Lost to Nil! Yes, I tan verrrry easily. 3 days in Africa and I would fit straight in! Smile Smilie
Grev!!! You and I are posting too close together!!!! Wink Smilie Okay, you answer mine and I'll answer yours. *Good fishy* Wink Smilie

Worst part of the day is when I have to go to bed and I don't want to...nasty thing, bed...makes you miss out on all the good stuff.

How well can you swim?
Nope, not an inch

If you were granted immortality, would you take it? Remember that youll be outliving your family!
No I wouldn't.

You could never miss out on all the new, good stuff in the future to come, but I would outlive anyone I knew and loved. There would just be way too much heartbreak to have to endure with immortality no matter how good the wonderful stuff lasts.

Would you rather watch sports or play sports?
I'd rather watch. I'm not too good at sports. Though sometimes it can be fun. Depends on who you're playing with.

What's your favourite day of the week and why?
Saturday for the feeling you get when you know you don't have to get out of bed. It's 2 whole days until I have to deal with a room full of idiotic children and I can leave my work until Sunday. Bliss Smoke Smilie

If you had to have a 'groundhog day' (like the film) which would it be?

Rednell interrupts this question to direct interested viewers to an old thread on this very topic in the Green Dragon/Just A Hypothical Question
It would be a day filled with drinking, laughing, daring do, and *nudge nudge wink wink*.....

Mobile phones (cell if youre American) Loathe them or love then?
Love 'em.

How many hours do you sleep at night?
Not much. Eleven till 7.30.

What instrument(s) do you play? I play piano, penny whistle, violin, handbells, guitar, treble recorder, descant recorder, but I ain't exactly concert standard with penny whistle and violin, and for handbells you need a group, and for Treble you usually need a descant-playing friend.
I play the guitar, and learning how to play the drums.

What is your favorite anime, if you have one?

(Mine is either Rurouni Kenshin or Yuyu Hakusho)
My favourite anime...... a dead one!

Is your glass half full or half empty?
LOL @ Vee!!

My glass is half full! Juggling Smilie

What is your favorite Country?
One word is my secret and my soooooong,
'Tis England, England, England, all day lOOOOOOOng!

I play the guitar, and learning how to play the drums.

My friend in music! Go to Classical Music Downloads if you want to have some classical sheet music. They have Happy Birthday and everything! There ARE free downloads. I've just printed off three. If you're not a classical person, ignore this.

Are you a guy or a gal?
I am lady Tommie and lady Tommie is me!

Gal... Tss... Animated Wink Smilie

What's your favourite holiday of the year?
Umm... I might be tempted to say St. Patrick's Day, but we never really do anything on it, so I'd have to say Thanksgiving. (It's celebrated in America, though I don't think it's an international holiday.)

What's your favorite song ever?
Aretha Franklin's 'Say A Little Prayer for you' Smile Smilie I sing that song all day.. I hope I'm not in love.

Whats your Favorite PT forum?
The one where people post the most... ok, ok and this one....

What did you last see on tv?
That stupid Burger King commercial....the "I'm spicy!" one, if anyone wants to know what I'm talking about and I assure you, you don't. Big Smile Smilie

Can you surf (or would you want to?)?
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