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what is your favorite April Fool's Day prank?! (I know it's a few days late, but o well!)
Putting cling film over the toilet seat!

What's your favourate type of animal e.g. Dog, Cat, Bird etc and why?
I like a lot of animals...I grew up around a lot of horses, cats...and dolphins...because dolphins are raised on farms! Smile Smilie

what is your favorite kind of soup?
its gotta be tomatoe, i dont know why??? simple tomatoe soup

Whats your favourite breed of dog???

Can you pat the top of your head while rubbing your tummy in a circular motion?
Yep, I'm talented that way.

What's your astrological sign? And what does it say about you? Does it fit?
I'm a Sagitarius. And people say that I'm a typical sagitarius. So, I guess I do fit in.

What do you enjoy the most?
To top most things it would be to run, but on the other hand i like reading and deeply thinking, i dont know why

What is your favourite toast topping???
lol...some days, I like cheese whiz, other days, peanut butter and depends how I'm feeling that day! Smile Smilie

What are you wearing on your feet right now?
Only socks
What was the first thing you thougth of today ?
Do I have to get up?! OH YA! I'm going scrapbooking! Smile Smilie

What is outside your window?
well that depends on which window we're talking about here, is it my bedroom window, my balcony window or the window I'm sitting next to right now? If it's the window I'm sitting next to right now then an inner yard and some boring constructionstands, it's very dark since the walls are so close together and we don't get much sunlight down here. Sad Smilie

Would you prefer being stung by Shelob or stabbed by a nazgul blade?
probably stung by long as she didn't eat me after! Smile Smilie Hopefully I'd have a good friend there to save me! Smile Smilie

Does your back hurt?
Not if I haven't been in an awkward posture for a long time.

Do your feet stink?
No Smile Smilie No one have complained about them yet ( Maybe they dont dare to....)
Have you given anyone a complement today ?
Yes...I think I did....I told my fiancee that he looked good! Smile Smilie

Is the chair you are currently sitting on a comfy one? or does it need some more cushioning?!
well im sat on my feet on my chair, and its already got cushioning to solve my backache, im getting old :elftongue: it could be more cushioned???

What does your T-Shirt (if you are wearing one) say?? thats if its appropriate to post Smile Smilie's just orange and stripy like orange....*looks at fingernails and toenails which are also painted orange* Big Smile Smilie

What is sitting directly to the left of you?
Gunther, my orang utan.

Do you mind smoking in public?
Naw, Smoke Smilie though some people have become belligerent when I have. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(Actually I haven't smoked since 7 pm PST, Monday, 09 September 1969, when at age 29 I gave up cigarettes.)

Who do you think you are?
ME! who else?

$5 or 500cents?
A $5 bill, because 500 pennies: weigh too much, are too bulky, and it would take too long to count out $2.95 worth to pay for a something.

While dreaming, do you ever fly while running away from something bad?
no i seem to confront my demons in my dreams and i try to get them before me, one time it was an evil china doll and i went for it before it got me, Orc Grinning Smilie

If you could have one power, what would it be??
Mind control.

Which is your favourite direction and why?
umm...North?! because the compass always finds it?!

what is your favorite breakfast?
Scrambled eggs loaded with cheader, mushrooms, green onions, bacon with toast and cranberry orange juice. I'm hungry now.

Do you have brothers and/or sisters? How many?
One of each, and I talked to them together yesterday (Easter) evening. My sister winters in Lake Havasu City, the current home of London Bridge, and my little brother from eastern Washington, where she summers, was visiting her.

What did you have for dinner yeasterday? I had thin fried pork chops, a baked potato, and a tossed green salad, as well as loads of Easter candy.
I had honey-baked ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, wheat rolls, green tossed salad, tiramisu and a glass of cabernet. YUM! (and I was sharing the memory with my parents of when I was a child and would rush into my older sister's room after Passover to make sure she was still alive. I couldn't understand why my parents didn't put sheep's blood on our door to keep the Angel of Death away. Silly me.)

Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?
Oh yes Smile Smilie maybe three or four times a day .I like my teeth brigth and shinySmile Smilie
What are your plans for the evening ?
hmm...well...the fiancee has a meeting tonight at 5, so after that we should be picking up something quick for dinner....before that, I will be stopping at a friend's house to pick up a house key in order to watch their cat this weekend....YAY CATS! Smile Smilie

what is your favorite pasta?
None ...I do not like itSmile Smilie
Do you prefer regular burger or cheese burger ?
Imma go say...cheeseburger

what brand is your computer, and how many years have you had it?
We've a 3 year old Dell, but we recently installed a 'computer hemmi' so it works soooo much faster

Have you ever been to Tahoe?
NoSmile Smilie
Whats the colours of your countrys flag ?
pink green purple and red??

No, its the Union Jack, so Red White and Blue

Do you know of a flag that does have Pink, Green, Purple and Red??
No, but the gay-pride flag has all those colors excluding pink. (I know since they are all over San Francisco.)

Describe what you look like.
umm...female...kinda tall....slightly overweight...mid-back length brown hair, shiny blue eyes (they're my fave.)...little nose...feet, arms, legs, hands, ears, belly button....fingers, know, the

Squid or veal?
Definitely Squid... Ah, I love my calamari!

Who is the best fantasy writer (other than Tolkien Big Smile Smilie )?
CS Lewis, I'm bound to say.

How good a student are/were you? highschool and elementary school i tended to get A's and B's, and on a bad day a C but in college I struggled my first year, failed out of Social Service Worker (found out it isn't for me!) but then did amazingly well in my anthropology I guess before I graduated, I was getting A's and B's again! lol

what was the last thing you drank?
WATER Smile Smilie

Do you often spend time with your friends ?
Well, I just sat through an Extended LotR marathon (ok, so only TTT and RotK, but then I had to go work) with them, so, yeah, I guess I do. :P

Have you ever embarrassed yourself onstage, and if so, tell us how. ^.^
Oh dear, should I really tell all of you this? I'm going to seem extremely pathetic. Well, when I was 13 I was in the Miss Pre-Teen Arizona Pageant (I know, I know...sad), and for the talent portion of the show, I played the piano. Needless to say, I messed up, stopped playing in the middle of the piece, and then panicked, and started over from the beginning. I went back to my room and cried. Funny enough, I haven't been able to play the piano in front of people ever since without getting extremly nervous to the point that my hands shake and I can't hit the right notes. Very strange.

What did you do over the weekend?
I went to Sunsplash and my back turned fuchsia! It's her fault precious, yes precious; we hates her... (p.s. 'viva Arizona!') Big Smile Smilie

If you had to cast some one as Turin in a movie adaptation of the Silmarillion, who would it be?
i take it you mean T’rin Turambar??? hmm thats tough as few can actually do a good job, how about Rowan Atkinson??? hehe, um maybe Kevin Costner, he has done some very good hero films, like Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, my favourite of his so i think that he would do a good job as him, put some long hair on him and give him a sword and place a dragon infront of him, i think he'd do well

Are you wearing a watch, if so what hand?? Some people that are right handed have a watch on their left and vice versa???
Nope...I'm not wearing a watch. If I were it would be on my left arm...I'm right handed.

Is there writing on your shirt? if so, what does it say?!
Swim....Swum....Swam....I swam with the dolphins at Discovery Cove.

Do you talk to your plants?
Ha .ha Smile Smilienope I do not but maybe I should coz I seem to forget them all the time
Have you been voting for PT ?
I voted once but I've been off line for a few months with a sick pc...will now start again.

Have you got any bad habits (that can be mentioned!!!)
ya....I drink a lot of a lot of unhealthy foods....lots of other stuff.

Do you wear glasses? If so, for how long and why?
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