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Thread: The Person Below Game

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I spend more than three hours. I spend almost five hours of reading for pleasure.

Who is your favourite author??

That is their natural way of life. Would you question humans for eating meat???
Stephenie Meyer has written the Twilight Series.
Well Tolkien is my favorite followed closely by Catherine Marshall, Edith Pargeter, Richard Llewllyn, and Richard Adams.

Person below: what part of PT do you enjoy the most?

I agree completely about the sea lions..
Either the Dual Chain Game, or the now dead (:shakeheadSmile Smilie Wheel of Tolkien game....

Do you have an unusual hobby?
Not too weird, I collect horse sculptures.

Person below keeps all their Tolkien books neatly on a special shelf when not reading them.
Along with my Harry Potter books, Simpsons Calendar, 2 Toy Ducks, A Man United Badge and a Mask I made in a school trip.

Below Keeps more Junk than me on the 'Special Shelf'
Not a bit of junk to desecrate my Precious.

Who would go to the extent of buying the Tolkien books first in paperback and then when it is good, in hardcover?
Me. My first copies were the ones from the 60s with the colorful covers that JRRT hated. My husband had the good hard cover set in the black box case and now we have a good copy of the Hobbit and the Children of Hurin.

Next person spends lots of time perusing eBay.
Definitely. . . ALL the time

next person has a plastic light saber somewhere in their room/ house
Yeah. 5. (I got them all 4 Years ago, shut your faces)

Next is Watching Sports Relief, and thinks that James Corden is funny. (But Michael Macintyre is funnier)
Watched Sport Relief last night, and I agree.

Next has has The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth on their computer.
That's a game, right? I don't do computer games except the ones here on PT.. The rest of my family is warcraft-addicted.

Next is addicted to Starbucks lattes
Dunno wat they are.

Maybe the next person could tell me.

And Fornac I have got LOTRBfoME on my PC.
Well, a latte is a coffee with milk and Starbucks is a 'coffe-house' chain in America (maybe other places) that has ruined coffee for me... Anyway...

Do you like to drink coffee in the morning?
Sometimes; can't handle too much caffeine so I drink tea most often.

Person below, are you going to plant a vegetable garden this year?
Nay. We haven't had a vegetable garden since I was about 5, and I'm almost certain that will never change. My Uncle used to grow some of the best home-grown veggies until he moved to the city a few years back. I do miss the taste of a fresh, home-grown veggie.... Pumpkin Smilie

Whats your favorite movie?
Ummm... guess. Big Smile Smilie
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition. If you're going to ask on a LOTR fan site, then do expect some pretty biased answers. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next hates Maths (or hated when you were at school)
Well, my favorite movie isn't LotR, but my favorite books are

Not really. I'm neutral on math, but I hate science..... and that has some math.

Where is your perfect place to live
Private Island near Hawaii, with Barad-Dur, Area 51 and a Hobbit Hole in my Garden.

Would you like to live in a hobbit hole?
I've often day dreamed about winning Lotto and having an unlimited budget to build a Hobbit hole, though I'd have a tower rising from it as well.

What's your dream job?
I think my dream job would be no job at all. I get so tired..can't wait to be able to rest as much as I want.

Person below, can you describe your computer?
it's a Apple Mac, 20" screen, cordless mouse and keyboard, faster, smoother and more stylish than any PC I've ever owned.

Next, describe your home
My house has a long front yard, then you get a small from porch. When you enter you find yourself in the living room where the Tv and the laptops are. As you continue you enter the kitchen and if you go on there is a corridor. It ends in one bedroom. To the left of the corridor, there is an opening where the wash stand and the washing machine are. The loo is the left door and the bathroom the right. A tit bit forward you along the corridor, still to the left you get my bedroom.

If you had a choice to live in another country which one would it be?
To Australia.

If you had unlimited Money to built a vehicle/fleet/navy from any non/fictional film/book, what would it be?

Like if you had the resources to build anything, what would it be. EG; Spanish Armada, Jedi Starfighter, Fleet of Tie-Fighters, Grond or any other vehicle/large group of vehicles. I would choose to build the Death Star and a few Tie Fighters.
I would build the SSV Normandy SR1 and the SSV Normandy SR2 star ships from the games Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

If you could have any talent that you don't already have, what would it be
Create life.

Given a choice, who would you want to be like, or do you want to be yourself?
I like being myself, I would just choose a different physical container to live in.

If you won the lottery or suddenly inherited unlimited wealth, what is the first thing you would spend some of it on?
Driving Licence, personal racetrack, lots of cars, and the ability to send whoever I want to prison.

Would you like a personal race track?
Not really. I don't have any interest in horse racing or I don't fancy myself an auto racer also.

Do you like driving only for the sake of driving smetimes?
In 8-15 years when I have a Licence I probably would.

Horse and Warg or Rohirrim and Horse
Rohirrim and horse, or horse and anything..I like horses.

Lamborghini or Po... not, this goes in a different thread. Person below, please tell what sort of fantasy vehicle you might like to create.
I am sure I just asked that a few posts back. But mine was vehicle or group of them, so it doesn't matter.

Death Star (Sci-Fi is Fantasy, and the Death Star is a vehicle Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

What Army would you be part of in the Battle of Five Armies? [The Hobbit]
My brain is so dead..I really thought I'd asked something original. Going to get some rest...
The Elven Army or if there is one with Gandalf the Grey or even the Eagles. Would you consider them an army?
I'd lik 2 surf more than anything, but never have learned to. hope u r referring to the ocean or wind surfing...
Navi, not sure if that question is appropriate for this thread.
I think he read something on the first page, and got confused
To get this thread back on track.....

When does your day typically end?
Each day with something worse than the day began.
Why the choice of your Avataar?
I chose it because it is the best portrayal of a dwarf I could find.

How did you get to know Tolkien and LOTR?
I got the hobbit for christmas when I was 8, read it a few months ago, bought the books, signed up here and then watched the movies.

Did you read the Hobbit or the Trilogy first?
The hobbit, then the LOTR, then the Shanara series then I just went mad, though I have to say that my reading has dropped to pretty much nill now, I'm still searching for the last of Katerine Kerrs Deverry series but that's about it.

Next will be Cheesey

Next will not be Human.
I think you've just stopped this thread for quite a while, Surivan. Happy Elf Smilie
And you have admitted you are an alien so now we can continue Big Smile Smilie

Next wants to hunt down Fornac for poisoning our water supplies with his alien garbage.

FORNAC *Shakes Fist*
Very Evil Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
You never know, I might be an elf, dwarf or hobbit!
Question? Or do you want me to continue it again?

Next thinks that Fornac is lying again, and is actually a Dunedain.
Fornac is one of the truest and best of the Dunadain.

Person below wonders often how Grondy is..
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