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i have only read one time, full movie(fotr,tt,rotk) i have watched three times.

How many times have you watched lord of the rings?
About four times: once in the theatres; once of the initial DVDs of the theatre version; and twice of the Special Extended Edition DDVs.

Do you know a proof that the Earth is round, rather than flat?
Nah, I believe what I've been told and seen on tv/maps/etc... Elk Grinning Smilie

Do you believe in saving for the future?
Yes and I have no debts that I can not pay in full at the end of each month. Of course I rent and don't own a car and long ago paid for my Uni bill so I can save a bit each month:the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!

Where would you like go on your vacation this year, even if you can't afford it in time or money?
I'd like to visit the Redwoods in California again..

Do you enjoy photography?
Yes I do. Many members of my family are photographers.

Do you like the countryside?
As opposed to the city, yes I do. Many of my happiest memories as a youngster were adventuring along our local creek and pastures with sword, bow, and guns. And one hears better bird sounds in the countryside and the air is also cleaner.

Do you fish or have you ever gone fishing at sea, in a river, stream, lake or pond; or even in your mothers pail trying to catch a whale?
All of the above! Well, except for that last one....

Have you ever gone hunting?
No, my husband and daughter have..

Are you handy with tools?
Usually, though I haven't quite got the hang of my sonic screwdriver. Elf Winking Smilie

I'm thinking about having steamed onion, cabbage, and kielbasa for dinner tonight. How does that sound to you? If it was put before you and you didn't have to eat it, would you try it?
Sounds great to me! I lived in Milwaukee for a number of years and that's standard fare there, served in the best restaurants!

When is your favorite time for reading books?
The first hour or two when I get into bed at night or in the early morning, Read Smilie except when I find I am still reading at 6 am. Orc Grinning Smilie That makes for a long next day.

Do you have any achievements that fills you with pride?
Yes, I have. But as soon as I move on to something else I seem to forget the hard work put to achieve the previous achievement.

Would you like to leave in the country side or in town
That depends on the destination towards which I'm leaving. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Now assuming Thorin really meant where would I rather live, I'd say in the city like I do. My apartment complex is situated amongst Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, and Vine Maple trees with lots of Rhododendrons planted beside the buildings. I'm about a half-mile off the main drag, and a block away from the nearest through street so it is quite peaceful. So I get the benefits of both worlds.

Where wouldn't you want to live?
In the city, I'm a country boy through and through

What is your pet hate?
Political commentators who say, "the fact of the matter...", and expect us to believe what follows is the truth.

What is your favorite meal: the actual food, not when it takes place.
Fish n' chips! It's what i'm having tonight XD. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

This has probably been asked a million times on this thread but i couldn't think of anyhting else.
Who is your favourite character out of LotR?
Well, it's an enigma: good old Tom Bombadil, who is just a side character to break up the action between some scary parts.

Have you noticed Tolkien usually added a short safe interlude after most every scary part, before sending them on to the next one?

I have made a separate thread out of the above: Discuss it at One of Eru's Mysterious Ways.
I had not noticed that! The Trilogy is on my nightstand so I'll make note to pay attention next reading.

Person below, are you going to do anything special for September 22?
Well, I was considering appreciating elephants on that day, as I believe that is the day for it; and it is also the day the United States Postal Service was started 220 years ago. But I guess I'll simply wish Bilbo and Frodo their happy birthdays on that date. Happy Elf Smilie

Are you still having summer weather or have the leaves already started to turn? This assuming you live in the northern hemisphere; if not, turn the seasons around and go for bulbs popping their green stems through the ground or snow.
It's winter here Grondy but the weather is a strange: sometimes hot sometimes cold.

Person below enjoys/enjoyed hiking
I very much enjoyed walking and hiking before I started having trouble with my lungs.

Next person, do you ever have trouble sleeping?
Not really but I have problem waking up in the morning Wink Smilie

Next person enjoys looking after his/her home
No, I'm too lazy.

Have you ever had an MRI or CAT scan?
No Grondy. The only scan I ever had was x ray when broked my wrist when I was younger. I had 2 operations on it and the scar I guess will remain will me for my lifetime!

Did you ever have an operation?
A bunch; I don't even want to take time to count them all.

What would you rather do, or go fishing?
I think something is missing in your sentence
That was a saying of my great uncle Albert who was born in the nineteenth century back in Indiana; moved to eastern Washington (state) as a farmhand, where he married my mother's father's sister. They moved to western Washington where they raised a family and he became an electrical engineer for Seattle's power plants. I used to visit him once in a while and besides having a collection of National Geographic Magazines dating back before World War, he was a most wonderful story teller about the good old times when he was younger. He could really spin a yarn.

Anyway, to put his saying another way, it means: If you don't want to go fishing, what would you rather do?

Another of his sayings was: 'If ten times nine is a hundred, what's the price of butter in Baltimore?' - Which of course has insufficient data to answer correctly. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
He sounds like a very interesting person, Grond ! So I guess I need to answer the question of what I would rather do and that is sew until my projects are finished and watch movies on TV.

So what is the price of bratwurst on Mitchell Street today? Call someone who's lived in Milwaukee for the answer!
Well, I was going to call Hanan Foods located at 601 W Historic Mitchell Street (43’00'43"N 87’55'14"W) but they didn't have an 800 number, so I didn't. And I couldn't read their price list via Google Earth. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I googled Mitchel Street and delis to get most of the info in this post. I have never been to Milwaukee and don't know anyone who lives or lived there.

So do they only sell kielbasa sausage in that formerly Polish neighborhood, which is now highly populated with Hispanics. Me thinks that's probably the answer.

Have you ever played with Google Earth?
Yes, I like Google Earth Smile Smilie We looked up Husband's grandmother's house on it.

What are you putting off doing?

The price of bratwurst on Mitchell Street is sort of a joke. I'm sorry you went to the trouble of looking up delis, I really am, Grond. I shouldn't have asked such an esoteric question. There's a building on the east side of town (or there was when I lived there) with a Big Ben style clock tower that shows both the time and the temperature. Older Milwaukeeans say that the clock face is the Polish moon and the temperature is the price of bratwurst.
Turning my self into the doctor, because my seat cushion developed a permanent leak, its replacement isn't expected until Friday; because of this I have now developed some bad pressure sores which will require some home nursing care.

I've also procrastinated about getting my eyes checked for quite a few years, but have now scheduled an appointment with the ophthalmologist in early January.

When will you put up you Christmas tree, if you do?

My Christmas tree is a Norfolk Island Pine in a big pot and taking it out to the living room and decorating it soon Smile Smilie

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Pressure sores are not to trifle with, Grond, as I'm sure you know. Pardon me for wagging a finger at you. When I was a nurse's aid (many long years ago when I was a sweet young thing) I saw one that had rotted through to the bone and turned black. It was terrible.
Probably a frosted and sprinkled sugar cookie to represent a yummy Christmas tree and other such things. Though I have had a few others that had more exotic tastes, but I couldn't explain what they were or their ingredients for that matter.

What will be on your families Christmas menu, the traditional roast goose or something else?
We usually have a buffet with dishes from around the world. Never had a Christmas goose, perhaps because a wounded Canadian goose flew into our yard once and we adopted him and loved him until he could be placed in a refuge. No, we eat cornish hens, turkey, Chinese food,Ukrainian food, Russian food, and because I am Jewish but raised by Celts we eat a lot of Jewish dishes and plain and good Irish and Scotch cooking. And a dozen deserts, but as we rarely eat anything like that , usually only fruit for desert, a lot goes uneaten. a lot of hot spiced apple cider and egg nogg, the little one calls it Christmas milk. Pies I guess with fresh cream. We only sit own once, the rest of the time each person noshes on his or her own as the day and nights proceed. and always cleaning up, I hate mess.

What do you like about winter, if anything and why?
Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I worry about people who have to drive in the snow but for myself I love the crisp, clear air of a winter's night and the smell of woodsmoke. Life itself seems more peaceful in the winter even in the middle of frantic Christmas preparations. I could go on for pages and pages...

Is the giving of presents a big part of Christmas for you?
hugs darling Sian.
Yes giving gifts, not getting them is terribly big for this family. For a start St. Nicholas is my patron saint and I have, ever since a tiny child, felt a call upon my heart to give all year round but particularly at Christmas as God leads me. And especially to those on the street or poor families, it is a thrill to do so. In our house we start thinking about all that about august, because, not being millionaires at the moment we have to save and buy as we can. Then at Christmas the number of gifts we have bought or made and wrapped is quite amazing, could fill half a room really .
So yes. But getting them means not a lot except as it makes another happy. We like it when others help the poor or give to a great charity in our name.
The Christmas gift exchange is the highlight of the year for my family too. We consult with how to surprise someone else, make the unwrapping of that gift a treasure hunt with notes to follow through the house and have lots of fun. Everyone wants to give the others the 'perfect' present, although of course the sentiment behind it is the best thing.

Hugs to you also, Leelee! What question do you have for the next person?
Let's see, well I am terribly distraught about our Grondy in hospital. When do you think we shall hear from him again ?
I'm sure he will check in just as soon as he is able. I just hope, for his sake as well as ours, that it's soon. I'm sure he doesn't want to be in the hospital and more than we want him to be.

Next person: what is your favorite part of PT that Grondy does? The Inn in roleplaying or trivia questions?
The Inn definitely.

How would you like to spend the new year? Out with friends or at home with your close family?
we always prefer to be with close family. It is a time first of prayer for the world and then we have a beautiful dinner and then we celebrate, music, singing, lots of goodies and laughing over our Chinese fortunes that come in the New Year's crackers. Some of them are brilliant.
i thought I'd resurrect this thread - I hope that's ok, Leelee!

Next person, how do you best like to spend your free time?
With the family, we like to take the kids to the park or for a swim at the local pools, but if I'm not doing that I more than likely watching discovery channel.

Have you ever had a major operation, and if so what was it?
Yes, on my left arm. I broke my left wrist when I was 15 while playing football and had to spend one whole month at the hospital and do two operations on it.

Have you been so angry with someone that you did not speak with them for months?
Yes, it was nearly a year...

Next person: do you believe in miracles?
I believe in them no more.

What is your favourite era? (1980s, 1990s, etc...)
Does it have to be a decade I was alive in?, if so prolly the 80s but if not then I reckon the 50s would have been a nice time to be around, post war, lots of money around, everyone was quite enthusiastic about the future. Of course the sexual revolution hadn't happened yet so things were a bit stuffy, but I would have liked to have been a kid during that time.

Do you believe in evolution or creation?
Both are impossible

Cheese or Bacon?

If you could live anywhere in Arda, where?
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