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Grondy does like cheese; though not the stinky kind.

(Grondy extinguished his last cigarette at 7 o'clock in the evening of 09 September 1967.)

Do you like to hike in the mountains?
I love hiking in the mountains. the fresh are is so... ya know... fresh!

Do you like to eat sushi?
Yessssss, precioussssssssss...give it to us raw, with sticky rice and seaweed paper, my love.

What is the deal with gas prices these days?
They are ther result of a big lie about the running out of gasoline. we will have gas for 50 years after they say we wont. ( no I dont believe what I just said because I am a big enviromentalist/tree hugger.)

Next is not a tree hugger
Well I don't hug trees - people - yes. I do talk to my plants though.

Do you talk to your plants
No, but I sing to them, does that count?

Have you ever tried mounted shooting?
Naw, every time I tried to shoot a mounted, it always moved too fast, even when I lead it by a fair amount; though, when I went hunting the unhorsed, I usually bagged my limit. I suppose had I used a 12 guage scattergun rather than my custom 243 Winchester I might have done better when shooting mounted. Elk Grinning Smilie

Have you shot a round of golf?
Not technically.

Do you use your right or left hand when writing?

Would you rather have a shower or bathe in a tub?
Oh a bath.. but a girl can dream can she?

Do you prefer a epic novel or a short story?
Depends on how much time I've got to spend.

Would you rather go for trekking or rafting?
I will trek to where the raft is and then raft back down Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next cant do a back handspring
I'm still practicing.... (This is not "Who's next", though...)

Where do you see yourself 24 hours from now?
Either doing my homework, chattin' on PT or playing The Battle For Middle Earth ’ or possibly reading.

In how many years do you think you will have a grandchild?
Depends on the son or daughter I'll have 10 years from now (Not too sure about it anyway)!

Icecream or Chocolate?
I'll take some chocolate ice cream, if you don't mind Lord_Aragorn!

Jazz. Blues, or Rock 'n Roll?
I am sorry Ardawan I got confused on threads Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Rock n' roll better than jazz and blues but classical/folk better than rock

What is the place you want to visit the most

If you could live any scene from a film, what would it be?
I'd like to be Arwen (only me) when she is gives her necklace to Aragon - I love her dresses.

If you could have one wish - what would it be?

If you could choose from any sword in the world, fantasy or not, what would you choose?
Excalibur!!!! It's real pretty and makes a cool noise. And besides, it can cut off candlewicks without putting them out. HOT!!!!

Are your a fan of Fantasy books?

Do you like Sci Fi
Not tremendously, no. I'd opt for Fantasy any time.

What's the next site you're going to visit after PT?
Er...that's a hard question I'm already visiting 2 sites now, but I'll quit one later on...Maybe I'm going to visit "" or "" or anything about games.

Have you ever touch the great "Sony's Playstation Portable", or PSP in short.?! Did you went to Tokyo, you know...the big day...the time where they let you play the PSP?

How far can you swim?
About a mile, we've got a lake down back so it's easy to practice.

How many countries have you been to?
5 i think
USA France Italy Luxembourg(this is a country right? I am not that good with names) Malta

hopefully those who live in Europe have heard of malta or mabye not...

What is your most favorite country?
My favorite country (Not counting my home country) is Australia. It's so beautiful there, and they have the Great Barrier Reef (were nemo lives! ^^) and Burger King is transformed in Hungry Jack's! ^^ And the food tastes just as good, if not better... Big Smile Smilie

What is your favorite book/author, not counting anything Tolkien?
Chekhov, Pasternak, Dostoyevsky (Russian literature is my favorite to read) then I also love Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, CS Lewis... The list could go on for pages and pages...

What do you miss most from your childhood?
Uh..... well, let's see... nothing.... cause it's not over.... NO WAIT!!!! I do miss something!!! I MISS ENGLAND!!!

Do you think black flemish giant rabbits should change colour in winter?
Sure Loni...*starts wondering even more about Loni's Sanity and then thinks mabye it is just New Zealanders*

Do you have multiple toothbrushes? (I have three or four due to having had braces)
No. I use plain old disposables, and I generally keep one at a time, usually replacing them once a month.

Do you snore?
no but i sleep walk. I am the only one in my family who doesnt snore and the only one who sleepwalks. but I seem to know where i am going and always end up back in my bed.

Do you sleepwalk?
Oh yes - much to the distress of my hubby, who has

Found me looking for a baby in the street !!!
Found me searching the bedroom floor for snakes !!!!
My mum has also found me climbing out the bedroom window for a glass of water !!!!!!!!

Just few for example

Can you remember your dream from last night
Actually, I can remember a little snippet. But I NEVEr remember my dreams. All I know is that I was back at Camp and that I was sleeping in a BIG BIG BIG bedroom, not a cabin, and Luke and Susan were sleeping in the same room, and I wasn't actually asleep, but they thought I was, in the morning, and they were up, and they were by the fire, and .... yeah. And it was REALLY REALLY long and I KNOW there was LOADS more to it, but I NEVER REMEMBER MY DREAMS and I WISH I COULD!!!

Sure Loni...*starts wondering even more about Loni's Sanity and then thinks mabye it is just New Zealanders*

no honestly, it's just me. Really. Even ask EVERYONe who's EVER met me EVER. Did I tell you about me and Elly at camp, dancing along in front of all the girls' cabins, in a waltz hold, to yodelling. We tried to waltz to 4/4 time, but it didn't work, so we just randomly went along and tried to stand on each other's feet. And it's on the camp video. Which is on the Internet, probably. But I won't tell you the address, 'cause you only get to see the back of my head anyway, and you don't get to hear the yodelling, and besides, you'd never let me forget it. And about the rabbits. you're wrong, they shouldn't. Cause my rabbit Speckles looks TERRIBLE in that horrible dirty brown. He looks like he's just rolled over in fresh cow muffins. Except worse. But it's getting on to Winter, and so he should be starting turning brown again. Which means he's almost finished getting balck. He's always SOO late it just ISN'T funny.

Do you ramble?
Not as much as Loni does.

Do you read newspapers?
Sometimes. Certainly not every day.

Do you use Google news?

Did you realize that yesterday was the 1 year anniversary for this thread?I just did
You are very perceptive, Robbin! I did not notice that...shows that I am getting careless in my old age... Big Laugh Smilie Good job.

Do you enjoy any kind of snow-related recreational sport?
Hmm that would depend on whether you count building snow men and having snow fights as recreational.

Do you like french brie cheese?
Laurel I just looked at the date cause I got careless and left the computer in second period on the frist page and then came back and checked the date and April 25, 2004 is staring back at me.

Do you like crab to eat
Nwever tried it, alas. Haven't tried any real poncy seafood stuff. ANd I live in ENw Zealand!! WE'RE AN ISLAND!!! But that's okay... Well, actually many islands. But three main ones. Well, two. ANd Stuart Island. And no dobut the people on Stuart SIalnd would say it's main. But it's not. AND ANYWAY!!!!!

Have you been to an opera/musical/play/stage show at a REAL theatre before? Not a school thing either. A REAL thing. And what was it?
Well, I have been to hear the Seattle Symphony Orchestra a few times before my children came along. I remember feeling the double bass viols send chills up and down my spine when they played their big bit in the third movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Hearing it live was ever so much better than on tape, CD, or my 1996 computer rendition, which I'm listening to right now.

When the children grew old enough we subjected them to the live Bremerton Symphony Orchestra four or five times, which only drove them to heavy metal. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you ever gone swimming (or skinny-dipping without a swimsuit) in a swimming hole (a pond or slow moving creek or river's backwater)?
why yes, in the middle of winter me and some mates dared some girls we meet at the pub to come skinny dipping with us at the river and.....well.....never mind.

describe what you would consider a perfect date...

One in which my real boyfriend didn't attend... hehe Big Laugh Smilie
um probably something to do with the outdoors, like going a camping/ hiking trip or a picnic at the beach.

What's your favorite type of grass? (and not the kind that goes in pipes, I mean the kind that's in your yard)
Well not the green lawn stuff, am getting ready to - well getting hubby ready to dig it up. Our soil is sooo bad. Bog in the rain, concrete in the summer.

I do lurve the tall rushey types though and intend to put some in the raised beds when hubby builds them. I have all these ideas for my garden - hubby hates gardening. I can't garden anymore as have a bad back Got The Blues Smilie so just dream about it. I'm waiting for surgery to remove some bone from my spine - so maybe oneday I'll garden again mmmmmm - sorry waffling on a bit

Do you like gardening and whats your favourite plant
Not really, but I do like rose bushes.

Favorite number?
The one (s) that will win the lottery!

Can you say the alphabet backwards
Not without writing it down first.

Do you have an abnormal number of eyes, fingers, or toes?
Paranoid Smilie No, but had to check first though. Tongue Smilie

Is there anything we need to know about you that you haven't told us yet?
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