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A house with a garden.

Putting in my own two cents here; PJ won the 'Best Director' Oscar, which GL didn't. So that's what the Academy thinks...

Next likes the actor and presenter Stephen Fry.
Yes I do, he's charismatic and funny while at the same time, withdrawn and introverted. His sexuality and mental issues just add to his persona (in a positive way)

Next has been to a live theater performance

Cheesy....We all tend to agree that bookshops and libraries shouldn't jam Sci Fi and Fantasy together, they're completely apposite ends of the story tree (though there has been a few successful morphs, HeMan comes to mind) so how can you compare two very different directors, with completely different ways of telling a story. Gorge Lucas has been round a lot longer than PJ, and has had a lot of experience, but you cannot deny than PJ and long with his wife Fran and co script writer Phillipa Boynes make a good team. It all comes down to personal preference, personally I prefer PJ, the first 3 SW were OK but the last 3 didn't do it for me at all.
Actually, I agree that the last 4 Star wars films are too SFX based (even though one is animated), and george lucas has also ruined Indiana Jones (Aliens?!). You win.

But the Star Wars films are better than the LOTR Trilogy.

I have been to a few pantomimes, and seen 4 school productions, but thats it.

Next agrees that casting someone who can't act or sing as the main character in a school play, just because she is ginger is stupid.

Because this is what happened when my primary school did 'Annie'.

I have nothing against ginger people, but the fact they casted her because she was ginger was just dumb IMO.
Well, Surivan, saying which films are better is just a matter of opinion. I personally prefer the LotR films, since I feel they have a deeper plot and storyline than Star Wars, as well as having that sense of visual and audial masterpiece that Star Wars had for it's time but doesn't now. Anyway, they are still both great films.

If she was cast solely for her hair colour, I suppose that might have been a bit biased, but I'm sure she has some level of acting ability!

Next sometimes spends long periods of time in the woods or other natural places.
She couldn't act for her life though.

I cycle through a wood thing to get to school, and spend a lot of time on fields playing rugby, so yeah.

Next uses a car to get to work/school.
In one of eight apartments in a single building; in a complex that has A through M similar buildings that are hidden away amongst the Red Cedar, Vine Maple, and Douglas Fir trees, and I'm one-half mile from the main drag, so it is mostly quiet, except for the occasional emergency vehicle.

Oops, wrong question, I forgot I had to back up a page to read all of today's posts and then forgot to come back here.

No, I used to drive; then I started taking a cab to work; now I am riding in a wheel chair taxi, but am trying to get signed up to the county's transit access program, which will come to my door and be much less expensive.

Can you see a tree via your living room window?
I can, the neighbours across have one next to their drive, I don't know it's name, but it hangs over on the pavement. Quite a few are along the road, different ones too.

Juggling Juggling Smilie or Magic Tricks Jumping Flame Smilie?
No, I'm too much of a klutz.

Next, do you currently have some type of bandage on a finger or toe?
No luckily, not since last week when they poked my finger for a blood test to ensure my blood was thin enough toward helping prevent stroke.

When was the last time you went dancing?

When was the last time you saw a circus?

Have you ever to a Medieval/Renaissance fair?

What's your favourite TV show?
Masterpiece Mystery on PBS; though The Daily Show with Jon Stewart comes in mighty close behind it.

What has been your most favorite movie of this past year?
Since I've really only seen two, I guess I'd have to say Sherlock Holmes.

List all the green items within 3 metres of you.
P-T Forum
PC start button
Mozilla Firefox back arrow
Diet 7up cans
Leaves and butterfly of silk flower arrangement
Leaves of hanging silk geranium basket
Leaves of Christmas Amarylis
Christmas cactus
African violet
Can of Bag Balm
Digits on microwave
Frying pan
Label on creamy Jif peanut butter
Hard cover of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe quadrilogy

What was the most important thing you did today?
Getting prescriptions for Grandpa and groceries and cooking dinner. The dogs and rabbits would say otherwise, I'm sure.

Person below, have you ever ridden a horse?
I have, but not in a long time. He was called 'Scamp' I think, and kept trying to kick the one behind me as we went along, probably why he was called 'Scamp' Elf With a Big Grin SmilieElf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie.

Chocolate or Sweets (Candy)?
Mmmmm... cho-co-late... *drools*

Next sometimes uses a device other than a computer to acess this site.
I tried it with my original Kindle and it worked; though it was very time consuming: each website screen took four Kindle pages. I tried with my newer Kindle2, just now and it took me 15 minutes to log in and vote for P-T in the top 100: We now have 88 votes, up from the 87 when I voted today on my PC. I imagine the iPad might be faster, while the iPhone might be even slower due to the smaller screen size.

Person below: Are you currently wearing anything on your feet, what and what's its color?
Brown socks Orc Smiling Smilie

Person below, have you been working very hard this week?

This week I'm relaxing and recovering from last week which was very busy.
Yes, we have been working all week to get our place ready for our family reunion this weekend. 2 more days, then we are through.

When do you normally go to sleep?
Generally half nine or ten. I need my sleep. Smile Smilie Sleeping Smilie Fast Asleep Smilie

What do you think Tolkien would have made of the LotR films?
heavily modified to suit the telly.

What did you have for breakfast?
Hash browns and fried eggs; though I forgot to add onion to the hash browns, as I normally do. Oh, and a Starbucks Frappuchino that I nuked in the microwave.

Person below: What do you do to get away from it all?
Just sleep, really, or a long walk if I need it.

Cheesy, what I meant by the above question is what Tolkien would have thought about the films if he had lived to see them, not how he would have made them. So:

What do you think Tolkien would have thought about the LotR films?
I meant that they were modified to work better as a film, which he would have thought.

Person Below, answer the question the person above asked.
IMHO JRR Tolkien would have thought PJ and company took too much license and departed from the story too much. He would have specifically complained about Arwen taking Glorfindel's part in FotR; about the Elven warriors at Helm's Deep in TTT; and about the portrayal of Faramir in RotK.

Person below: Do you think The Hobbit will ever be shown in theaters in 2012, or will it be sometime in 2013 before the first part is released?
I think It would most likely be in 2013. I wish they would stop arguing this way and that and start shooting. There are so many people out there who want to view it.

Person below: would you accept if you were offered a role in any of the LOTR movies?
Yes, absolutely! Though it would have to be a smaller role or perhaps just an extra, as I'm not that good at remembering lines. Wink Smilie

Person below, have you ever been to New Zealand or would you ever like to go?

I'm actually travelling there for three weeks this December, and I'm so excited! Hopefully they will have started shooting the Hobbit by then, so I can go to Matamata (the Shire).
I would like to go.

Would you prefer to live in the 80s or Modern Day,
Been there, done that. Actually I liked the 60s better.

Person below, who do you think you are?
I dunno.

Person Below, Are you the person above!?

To which half would you belong, the half Bilbo liked half as much as...or the other half?
The other half. I always like to the other half!

Person below, what plans do you have for the end of the year?
Climb to the top of mount Olympus.

Person below, what's your favourite song?

i have tons of favorite songs but my most favorite is hungry like the wolf by duran duran. person below: what is your favorite book?

Children of Hurin!!!

Person below, how do you spend your free time?

Reading and writing. And surfing PT of course!

What is your dream vacation?

Tons of adrenaline with rock climbing and rollercoasters.  But also loads of arcades

and good food.  Somewhere where I can spend lots of money.


Next question: 

Who is your favourite person/celebrity ever? 

Favourite person would have to be myself, favourite celebrity  Bruce Boxleitner...Captain John Sheridian no more needs to be said.

Question: Who are you?

I am what I want to be.


So you like walking?

yeah I like walking in the woods but not in stores.


If you could only choose one type of food to eat for the rest of your life,what would it be?

Well that would be food for the mind....but since it won't register without food for SANDWICHES it shall beSmile Smilie

What is your biggest passion in life?

Hmmm. That is a really tough question because it has changed throughout time. It used to be gardening, then it was reading, now I like walking best Smile Smilie


How do you picture yourself in 10 years?

Pretty much the same as now only with a bit more time to pour myself into things.

What is your greatest dread, what thing sort of drags about after you and you know you must face it one day and get past it?

I would say the mistakes I have made in the past. I'll have to face the results from these actions one day or another.


How would you like to live after your retirement?

Walking arm in arm in an avenue of trees in autumn. (absurdly romantic!!)


How 'bout you (the person next!)?

waking while it is still night. Getting my writing done and the house in order. Baking and cooking, filling the house with wonderful smells. Then carefully bagging it and taking it on to the street to at least give some there a taste of being cared for individually. Food for the stomach and food for the heart.

what is the one thing you want to be remembered for when you have left the confines of this earth.?

That is a very difficult question Leelee. but I think people who then knew me would remember me for my genuine love for just being able to enjoy LIFE itself

What is your best childhood memory ?

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