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One or two on the US Supreme Court way back in Y2K for obvious reasons, which can't be discussed in our forum.
Okay this one is a repeat...

How come Grondy forgot to ask a question...again? LOL! Elf Winking Smilie
How do you know he didn't? Maybe his question can't be seen by the naked eye! He may have some kind of technology that we do he has mastered the ability to write microscopically with his keyboard...

Is there an appropriate time to end all phone calls in the evening?
I don't know, eleven?

Does anyone know why I couldn't come up with a question for the life of me?
That I do not knowBig Laugh Smilie
Have you noticed that Rafael is back Online ?
He's always here... his name forever remains on our boards and never withers...

If you could wish for anything that could change and benefit you completely... What would it be???
Honestly, to be a more selfless person.

If you could be an animal, which one would you want to be and why?
A cat Cat Smilie Let's see...daily schedule: wake up, eat, sleep, eat, poop, sleep, sleep some more, eat a snack, SPRAWL in the afternoon sun, greet owner when he comes home (only to remind him it's time for din-din!), eat din-din, lay on the couch purring while owner rubs/scratches me all over. Oh, and let's not forget the weekly brushing -- Mmmm full body massage, yowza!!!

Talk about "Living in the Lap of Luxury"!

If you could have any job in the world (and money or lack of it didn't matter), what job would it be?
Hmm...I would be a mother, by far the most rewarding job of all. You get to see the fruits of your labor each time your child smiles at you. You have an unbreakable bond with your kids, being their sole source of life and nutrition for nine months in utero, then a great source of emotional nurturing throughout their lives. True, you do not get paid for your work in monetary wages, but instead, you get paid in love, a far more valuable asset. I would take that position any day over any other...wait, I don't have to wish for it, I am fortunate enough to already be in it!

Are you keeping any secrets from the one(s) you love most, and if so, why, without going into what that secret is?
I don't have any secrets of my own that I keep but I am keeping the secrets of others.

When you were a child what was your favorite toy?
I think I would have to say a china baby doll with one arm missing. I would wrap her up and kiss her and sing to her and then lay her in the tiny cradle and rock her. I worried over her a great deal. Smile Smilie

What primary grade school memory is the dearest to you?
I think mine would be in my first year where i fell over and fell headfirst in the sand bucket and ate alot of sand!! I made alot of people laugh..That was the only pleasure of that!! Big Smile Smilie oh..The memories...Wink Smilie

If you could play any part in a film or play, which would it be and in what genre? For example..the Villain in a horror movie..Damsel in Distress in a chick flick movie etc etc ?
aw you must have been an adorable little one.

Let's see, I think the would be victim in a black and white suspense movie. Those girls got to wear all the gorgeous clothes, great hairdos, darling heels, and all that jazz. Back then the make up artists were truly artists and some of the costume designer's were unbeatable even by those today like Givenchi and Edith Head. Yes someone like the new wife of Max de Winter in Rebecca.Great question.

If you could be just one book, which book would you be and why?
Do you mean like in Farenheight 451? While Tolkien is my love I think being Farenheight 451 might be a valuable choice. The lessons in it are both that books are valuable and that thinking for yourself and following your heart are too. (Rebecca is a great book too :-)

Next, are you worried about the future of civilization as we know it?
Well, not really worried about the entirety of civilization, more just my own future. We all know that we are destroying this world, yet people refuse to do anything to stop it. We could easily reduce the amount of gas guzzling cars in the world with one simple protest. If we all let our governments know that we NEED electric or at least hybrid cars then they will be able to get more available to us. Personally I know of one person out of my circle of influence that actually drives a hybrid...that's not a good ratio. It would be great if one day we all stopped driving our vehicles and forced the governments of the world to listen to us, and to start caring for our planet.

What do you do to save our world?
yeah, i think civilization is on a downward slope however that is just my personal opinion.

If you could be any musician, who would you be and why?
Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, or Neil Peart from Rush, for several reasons. #1, they're my favorite band. #2, all three of them are SO GOOD at what they do, that they make it look easy. #3, they always seem to be having fun up on stage, like it's not a real job. And most importantly, #4, despite their fame & success, all three of them are very down-to-earth and have not lost touch with the little things in life that make them happy (or at least that's how they come across in the interviews and books that I've read).

Do you think technology is a blessing, or a curse?
I think technology is a tool that can be used to bless but can also be abused and turned into a curse. A complicated subject and a sad one.

Do you recycle pop bottles?
I recycle cans and glass bottles, but for some reason, I usually throw away the plastic ones. I should probably start recycling those too.[

Do you watch news regularly?
Yes and no. If i hear of something really bad going on like a natural disaster etc i will watch the news to get updated, but i prefer to watch it every now again-not regularly as it can get quite depressing! Sad Smilie

Do you eat breakfast every morning?
Yes and no....I eat shortly after I wake up, but depending on the time it is not always breakfast food. Normally I have a croissant, but sometimes I'll have a sammich.

Would you eat an ostrich egg?
If it was fresh. Happy Elf Smilie

Would you eat a dinosaur egg?
Oh no not ever, I would cover it with a baby blanket and put it under a heat lamp and wait ..and wait..and wait and then when it came forth I would name it and love it a while and then take it somewhere safe and let it go free.

Do you like the city or the country best to live in and why
The city is a beautiful place to visit, but it is too busy. I would definitely prefer to live in the country. It is much more peaceful and a lot more private. It's much easier to have animals in the country too.

Are you afraid of heights?
No, not as long as I have firm footing and I'm not like hanging right over the edge.

Are you claustrophobic?
No . I'm not Smile Smilie
Have you ever tried to catch a Butterfly ?
No, I can't recall any incident of doing so.

Have you noticed how dead the rpg area has been recently?
Yes I have. I think that playing RPGs on a forum like this is a little difficult. I personally enjoy playing D&D with a few of my good guy friends, its much more personal and everyone is on the same page!

Was that a term of endearment turned into an attention grabber or the offer of a small frosted one-person cake? Anyway, it succeeded in getting my attention; and 'Yes, please!'

What will you be doing this weekend?

Showing our house for the 17th weekend in a row hoping to FINALLY get a buyer. Angry Elf Smilie

What's the last thing you watched on tv?
The news ..I work a lot so I hardly watch telly...Soccer I do seeSmile Smilie
When was the last time you baked a cake ?
About three months ago, but your post reminds me I ought to do another one; probably devils food with dark chocolate frosting, still a yellow cake with chocolate malt frosting is also delicious.

Which cake do you think I should bake, were you able to partake in a scrumptious slice of it?
Devil's food, no question about it. Moderator Smilie <-- this guy agrees!

Speaking of dessert...have you ever done a pie crust completely from scratch? And, did you think it was worth all the mess & trouble?
Yes but I 've only done it it probably wasn't worth itSmile Smilie
Do you like crystal ?

I adore crystal figures of things- like crystal ducks and flowers yeah i do like crystal!!

If you could learn any language via a computor chip in high-fi films, what would it be and why?
I think it would have to be Japanese. I really have a strange affinity for anything Asian, their religions, cultures, decor, languages and customs, especially Japan. I would love to learn the language fluently enough that I could one day go to one of the more rural areas of Japan, somewhere with a nice view of Mt. Fuji, and live for awhile in peace and assimilate myself into their culture...

Weird, I know...

Do you feel any close associations with any certain time period in history and what (and when) was it and why?
Yes definitely, the time period when Arthur was head of his clan. Although I am Jewish, my people migrated to live in the areas of the Brits, Celts and much of the history has been handed down to me and I have drunk it in like the dessert during a cool rain. I know it was a harsh dreadful time really, but what time isn't for someone. I loved the way the earth was described, the wild beauty, the strange ways of the peoples and the passion of t hem, the music and the faerie stories if you will passed on by mouth. It is hard to explain really. I still expect to run into a Tuatha now and then.

what sort of life style do you prefer, meaning for instance leaning more to careful manners and etiquette and pursuing higher learning , or casual come as it may life, well there are thousands or choices, which is yours?
casual come as it may life, well there are thousands or choices, which is yours?

This is me indeed ..I love meeting new people with different styles or opinions --I have my own opinions and believe in myself but I like listening to others "meaning in life"
Have you been swimming in the ocean ?
Yes i have Smile Smilie

Do you like to fish?
Nope, haven't even tried since I was a teenager. The few times I did try, I never once caught a single thing (except sea weed and/or other underwater foliage).

Sticking with the "water" theme...Have you ever gone snorkeling in the tropics?
Nope, I never get to go anywhere cool like that. And snorkeling in the tropics happens to be one of my biggest just to make it come true!

have you ever made homemade pizza from scratch? Dough and everything?
I wouldn't know where to start, though I have made pizza out of general bread... Toast the one side in the grill, then turn it over and put garlic and tomato pur’e and cheese on it then toast that side... gorgeous... but I'm probably wrong in the order of it... maybe garlic afterwards Orc Smiling Smilie

Look left... What's the first thing you see???
Blackness. Or lack of color.

What is your five-year plan for your life?
To finish - or at least make a lot of progress on - my artsncrafts projects agenda and to continue taking care of my family and animals.

If you were car what kind would you be?
What ever the fastest car is, that's what I would be.

Do you have a telescope?
Believe it or not, NO I DON'T!! (said the supposed "Elven astronomer") LOLOLOLOL I guess in Real Life I don't live up to my character very well, huh. But I used to have one when I was a kid, does that count?

Are you very neat with folding your laundry, or do you just stuff the clean clothes in the drawer/closet wherever they fit?
I'm neat but my kids aren'tBig Laugh Smilie
What would you give a person that has everything in a birthdaypresent ?
A cheque addressed to you... for them to sign :toungeelf:

Have you ever watched Blackadder? Because I find it hilarious, I have the box set!
YES Smile Smilie Several times..I love the humour and of course the brilliant Rowan Atkinson
Who do you think is Englands' greatest actor ?
I'm partial to Peter O'Toole, but I suppose Sir Larry O was one of the greatest, if not the bestest

Why don't cats like to swim or fly?
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