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My daydreams are never consistent. I dream about some schoolgirl crush, and then, some victorious moment of winning a race or something. And then, I find my mind wandering over to those lovely maples in autumn. And the sky, of coruse. And tehn,I'd start wondering about global warming. And how the sky'll be miserable thereafter. And I'll wonder if I should count the stars so that I could measure how fast they disappear, but then I'd remember how hard it is to count them.... Yes, my daydreams are just rambles... but they're mostly peaceful rambles.

Do you get very upset when someone is late for an appointment?
Yes - I'm a recepionist in a Hospital so it's very annoying but I do understand things happen it's just that I get this every day! I hate being late myself - I end up always being early!

Can you stand up for yourself if you have to take a faulty item back to a shop
Oh Yes .I have done that a few times , specially shoes for my kids that doesn't work after a day or tecnical things that doesn't work when it suppose to
I hate being late myself - I end up always being early!

Mee too , MaydmarionSmile Smilie
What will you be doing in 5 years from now ?
Working the Planet-Tolien forum: the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Where's Waldo?
I have always wondered if under that dwarvish persona, there beat the heart of one who had come from over the sea and is very wise. And if that is so, then you will be here on Planet-Tolkien w hen the rest of us have gone back to dust and ashes.
Alas, creeks always rise at some point unless y ou have beavers.

Have you ever sat to a fine dinner at the top of a very tall building such as the Chrysler building?
My husband did take me to dinner in the resturant at the top of a building in St Louis before we were married. I don't remember the name of the building but the restaurant rotated so you got a 360 degree view of the city that was pretty spectacular.

Are you handy with power tools?
I used to be: I've made fancy shelving, boxes, wainscoating, picture frames, and bunkbeds back in the good old days, but when my ex-wife moved me out I only kept my drill and scrollsaw. For a few years after I made HO model train cars and structures from stripwood and tiny metal parts the passenger cars were beautiful. I also kitbashed the steam engines to pull them, but I never had a layout on which to run them. Then I bought my Commodore 64 and that was that.

How good a cook are you?

Pretty good actually - especially making something out of nothing and chucking things in pan and seeing what comes out Smile Smilie

Are you the sort of person who always offers to help?
Pretty much yes, depends on the situation and if I'm able to help or not
I don't stand people treat other people bad so I try to stop that kind of behaviour and of course I offer my help to carry bags or give my seat away to elderly people
When was the last time you made someone smile?
This morning when my daughter opened her birthday card and shared it around her office. It was a funny one.

How often do you eat fish?
I eat fish'n'chips whenever I can but that's about all.

Do you attend meetings?
Not any more; got 'meetinged-out' so I retired.

How often do you go shopping?
When I need to - I HATE to window shop. I like to go and just get what I want, just browsing drives me crazy - I must be the only woman who doesn't like shopping Wink Smilie....except at Christmas Smiling Santa Smilie

My favourite wine is Rose - what's your's?
I don't drink as a rule, but the one I like the most is a gorgeous white wine made right here and world famous now, from frozen grapes. Spectacular.

I also hate hate hate window shopping or going to a mall. I mainly make my gifts, I start months and months before Christmas. I try to make them as fabulous as anything anyone could buy. I used to have people harassing me to make them stuff. I don't do that.

Is there anyone from your childhood that you loved dearly and would like to be invisible just for a little and find him or her and go and see for a little how that one is doing, what is happening in h is or her life?
Actually there are several that I would like to visit , I've lost contact with many of my friends that I once loved dearly

What is you favourite colour and why ?
I like deep moss green best, the Grumbacher line of artist's oil paint calls it Sap green. I like it because it reminds me of life and of cool, deep shady places in a woods. When I was younger I would spend hours walking at night or in the park near where I lived with my mom. I miss those times.

Person below, I'm passing the same question along to you: what is your favorite color and why?
Black - it has that slimming effect Big Laugh Smilie

Are you introvert or extrovert or in between?

Leelee I make prezzies for xmas as well - I cross stitch. Doing a 'cut thru' of a beach hut for my best friend - we used to go to one when out girls were's a funny one but nice Big Smile Smilie
Probably an inny, I've never put on a lampshade and danced on the table.

Do you ever wear a hat, cap, bonnet, and/or wig?
I have a straw sun hat woth a wide brim and a bandanna tied around it that I wear to be outside in the summer and my coat has a hood. That's all Smile Smilie

What do you like best about where you live?
The unique seasons that are not harsh with major temperature variations and high humidity and few bother-some insects.

This Halloween, are you going trick-or-treating; staying at home passing out goodies; staying at home passing out; or don't you celebrate the holiday?
Passing out goodies, trying out the new local haunted trail and a maze. Then a Halloween costume party. Pumpkin Smilie Do you carve or draw on a pumpkin?
When I do a Jack-O'-Lantern, I always carve it with vampire teeth and put a warming candle on the inside to light it and then sit it on the window sill in my dining area (where my computer is). I haven't ordered a Pumpkin yet this year , but I did order the hand-out goodies this morning. I always order candy that I like in case I only get a few ghosts, witches, spooks, princesses, pirates, and vampyres on Halloween (All Hallow's Eve) Night.

Have you been watching any of this season's new TV shows? I watched 'The Bionic Woman' once and haven't even been watching this season's 'Heroes' because of conflicting schedules between PBS and NBC on Mondays, and SciFi on Fridays.
I'm a real tv lover. Always look foreward to the new Fall tv lineup. Just couldn't get into the new Bionic Woman, but loved the original. What's up with Heroes? Are they saving the world with their powers or time travelling? Missed a couple episodes and got abit lost. Does anyone watch Journeyman or Moonlight?.. Smile Smilie Is tv entertainment or an abit of an "escape"?
Journeyman or Moonlight - no idea what they are, can you enlighten me - I've heard of Moonlighting form the past with Bruce Willis!!
I watch TV but am only addicted to Lost - but I love films I like Cold Case and Bones as well.

Are you in charge of your household's TV remote?
All except the one for my CD changer that I think fell into the wastepaper basket and my daughter tossed out with the spent facial tissues and candy wrappers.

Have you ever ordered groceries online?
No! I take my daily gruel too seriously for that!

Have you ever collected feathers from a public park and made them into quills?
Can't say that I have.

Do you see what I see?
If it's a star, a star high up in the tree, then yes; I see lots of them Smile Smilie

What is your favorite sandwich?
Well,not a sandwhich per se , but a wrap and my favorite one is a hand made flour wrap quickly deep fried in virgin olive oil, well drained and dusted with salt.
Inside go roasted peppers, mushrooms, carrots,onions. I make the dressing with fresh garlic,sweet basil, olive and other oils mixed, to which fresh lemon and apple cider vinegar are added. Just fill the wrap and drizzle dressing.
On the side I had sweet potatoe or yam medallions saute'd until tender in butter and olive oil combined, just a tiny amount.
Great with a lovely cup of tea.

Do you like rainbows, and where is the location of the largest or most splended one you ever saw to date?
Reply for Maydmarian: Journeyman stars Kevin McKidd. He time travels but has no controll over it, yet. Its on NBC. And Moonlight is about a vampire cop from more rcent times. Its on CBS. These shows are new this Fall. The coolest rainbow was a triple one that stretched across the mountains, where I live at the foot of the Laurel Highland Mts, in south western Pa.In the U.S. Pumpkin Smilie Will you travel for the upcoming holidays?
No, staying home hosting my relatives.

I often see double rainbows and have seen a triple to my northeast when traveling northbound over the Warren Avenue Bridge at about 4:30 PM after a rain, with the Sun at my back.

When in Rome (or anywhere else) do you do as the natives do, or are you an ugly foreigner?
Definately go native. I feel it adds to the whole experience. What is your favorite comfort food? Elf Smilie
Hmm, comfort food. Hard decision, considering I don't really know what would qualify as comfort food and what wouldn't. I'd say fruit, if that's a comfort food.

What a I thinking of right now?
Having read your previous posts today you are thinking about the girl you left behind.

Where can you buy a good 5 cent cigar or find a chicken in every pot?
I have no idea what so ever - will you tell me. Wink Smilie

Have you ever had a mug of tea and toasted crumpets with melted cheese, on a cold winter evening......mmmmmm
One can no longer find those items at reasonable prices
Yes, I've also gotten up in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep and made a mug of honey-ginseng-mint tea and had melted Swiss cheese on the two halves of a whole-wheat and raisin English muffin.

Do you do windows, like wash them yearly inside and out?
Absolutely and everything else. I grew up in a home where the house was cleaned thoroughly every day. IN fact a while back I gave my daughter a vacuum of her very own, quite expensive and you have to replace the filter on a regular basis. I was supposed to buy her a new filter on such and such day and forgot. I apologized and she said she still had a new one that I gave her last time. I was freaked out and then she smiled and said " mom most people don't vacuum like you.' I felt so embarrassed.

What sort of foods will you be preparing for Christmas holiday?
We used to have the traditional, but now I make a spread with every sort of food I can think of from different countries, all more or less bite size and let everyone help themselves. We eat for hours. Smile Smilie

So, what about you dear person below?
We prepare and eat lamb on X.mas eve
Do you think X-mas is a peaceful or stressful holiday ?
I think it's what you make it......I do start shopping early but just because if I see something I like I buy it and put it away. I love Christmas and try to make it fun.

Peace and love to everyone.... Kiss Smilie

Are you soppy like me - or sensible Wink Smilie
Well, I would call myself sensible rather than sloppy, mainly because I go abit insane if something is not tidy Orc Smiling Smilie

Look to the right, do you see the colour blue?
No no no no SOPPY....not SLOPPY Big Laugh Smilie

Ooooo scary how did you know....can you see me..... Paranoid Smilie Wary Smilie how did you know my blue cross stitch is beside the right?????

Is Loss in your house as well Paranoid Smilie
No he isn't, sad to say.

I know what sappy means, not what soppy means; please explain. Happy Elf Smilie

Did you have any Trick-or-treaters Pumpkin Smilie visit your home Halloween? I didn't and now I have a few bags of candy to eat during the next few months.
Soppy - er......silly, slushy...I keep telling my hubby I love him...some people may call me soppy....I wish everyone at PT peace and love....some people may call me soppy....I cry at sad films, babies being born and weddings some people may call me soppy for'm soppy Wink Smilie

No, no-trick or treat came to my house - Grondy, don't eat all those sweets in one go you'll be hyper all night Big Laugh Smilie

Do you live in the UK
can't say I do no.

what was the last song you heard?
My daugther LISA singing on the phone
Do you have a problem with getting rid of things you do not need anymore ?
Oh yes......I'm a just never know when something is going to come in handy Animated Wink Smilie

Have you got a plastic bags full of plastic bags.....just in case? Wink Smilie
I have an area under a stool where I store plastic grocery bags as well as a few paper grocery bags for later use, like for my under the sink non-food garbage. I also have a bag of plastic grocery bags and another of plastic newspaper wrappers waiting for a friend who takes them recycling bin.

Where are you planing to go next week?
No where ..I'm working ..But I leave for Scotland 15th of November
What did you last dream about ?
I dreamed I was shopping with a friend and her son. Usually i don't remember dreams, though.

What is your favorite soap?
Dial liquid.

What is youir favorite soup?
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