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unless it's a stupid dream (thinking of that possibility drives me crazy...) I wouldn't even be with those children at that moment... but I'd go to the wedding and go climbing sometime later. your daughter only marries once (in the best case)

have you ever stolen something?
once....when i was six i was at Walmart and someone had opened a toy package full of small helicopters. i really had wanted a different package but instead i just took one of the helicopters. my mom found out and i took it back and appologized ect..

have you ever slaped someone?
yea... let's not talk about that...

what are you listening to?
News on the radio actually
What did you have for breakfast today ?
scrambled eggs (with ham) and toast

what is your favorite morning beverage? Good Morning Smilie
milk or cocoa

do you like walking barefoot at home?
Not really, I prefer keeping my socks on, feet don't get so cold then.

Whereabouts do you live?
in austria, more exactly in the south of lower austria...

what's your dream job?
I would love to earn a living cross stitching and selling them - at the moment I just give them away as gifts - don't think I'll make a busuness woman Wink Smilie

Have you ever kissed someone, then wished you hadn't
Ugh! Good question.
Yeah, I may say .. was once I really wish I hadn't. For it had too much meaning for that guy and not much tor me.. I feel ashamed. Very Sad Smilie
Have you been to London?
Yes, loads - it's only 30 miles away. Hubby goes there every day for work. My daughter just had her 21st birthday and went to London to celebrate.

Where the strangest place you've been sick ?
In my friend's attic during a sleepover... I suddenly felt dizzy and wanted to throw up,must've been that cake we made earlier that day...I'm not much of a cook.

What's your favourite type of food?
It must be pizza.

Does anyone you know have a birthday tomorrow? (except me Cat Smilie )
happy birthday!!!! I
what a coincidence, I actually know someone: my classmate and very good friend Lisi will be 17 tomorrow... Birthday Smilie

what are you wearing right now?
Thanks so much, Ithil!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie Bring to your friend my congratulations Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie

I' m wearing pyjamas, actually Sleeping Smilie Winking Smilie

Do you beleive horoscopes?
ok... Smile Smilie
it's a lot of fun reading them, but I don't really believe them.

how do you feel at the moment?
Sad, I just finished reading for the umpteenth time the death of Finrod Felagund when he saved Beren...
Got The Blues Smilie Very Sad Smilie

What colour are your socks?
Have you been to the movies lately ?
ummmm... I think it was some time in july... not really lately...

what's lying on the desk in front of you?
Apart from the monitor and mouse - I have loads of cross stitch bits - threads, scissors etc...

Do you own an umbrella - if so what's it like
Yes I own a bumbershoot; however, it was left hanging in the closet of my house when my ex-wife moved me out about 24 years back and the house was sold about five years later. So I assume that umbrella is now only a figment of my memory having been thrown out long ago. It was full sized with a silver pointy end and a black vinyl covered crooked handle and the ribs collapsed into a long black vinyl cover. Oh, the protective cloth bit was also black.

I carried it during my three block walk to and from the bus on my way to work and back. I also wore a London Fog raincoat, and a black fuzzy felt hat in those days. We have an annual rainfall of about 36 inches per year. Now when I go out in the rain I wear a turquoise Lands End jacket and a 1969 British tankers black beret.

Is there a refrigerater in your kitchen, if so, what color is it?
Yes there is. And it's white. Though we've covered its clean surface with so many magnets I'm tempted to say multi-coloured.

Do you like the smell of rosewater?
kinda not really....

do you have over 20 phalangees? wot i mean is toes+fingers
Uh, no...only 20 (if you count thumbs)

Are you athletic?
Eh not really anymore Smile Smilie but I used to be
Are you a good singer ?
My friends say that I am, but I' d say: good for parties when all are already a bit tipsy Big Laugh Smilie

Can you waltz?
yea, kinda. not totally perfect, but I'm not bad. and I like it. anyway it's somehow a duty for austrians...

what was the last thing that really annoyed you?
Ordering some Christmas cards on-line 6th July 2005 and have been told 3 different stories so far from the HELPCENTRE??? The outcome today, is that according to THEM I didn't order any!!! The fact that I've got a confirmation e-mail from THEM doesn't make a jot of difference Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh So Angry Smilie

How do you calm yourself down - please let me know
How do I calm myself down? Well currently it's just lying backwards and follow the movements of my baby Wink Smilie

I wonder how many times the next person has read the Hobbit
How do I calm myself down? Well currently it's just lying backwards and follow the movements of my baby

Oh how wonderful, congratulation. When is baby due? I think you just calmed me down Wink Smilie

Have only read The Hobbit once, but I will read it again!!

Do you have any bubbies? (sorry babies)
Oh how wonderful, congratulation. When is baby due? I think you just calmed me down

15 weeks to go... it's going fast now.

Bubbies.. that depends, do you see husbands or boyfriends as baby's as well Wink Smilie Third pregnancy, first baby, I hope that satisfies your curiosity Wink Smilie

How many times did the person below read LOTR?
Reading it for only the second time now.

Does the person below speak any elvish?
mae govannen!
only a few simple words that all of us know...

what kinda shoes do you like to wear?
I like to go barefoot in the house and garden otherwise flat comfy shoes - but I do like them to be a bit fashionable - so ususally go for ankle boots in the winter and flil floppy things in summer.

Do you say your prayers at night
*ummm...looks at the ceiling guiltily*
No, I have to admit I'm not a strict enough Christian...

Do you like to sit on the roof/porch and look at the sunset/sunrise/stars?
Yeah !! I love to watch the stars at nigth

Whos your favourite actor ?
um... dominic monaghan, I should say.

can you surf?
No, Ive never tried it
What catagory in films do you prefer ?
Really just depends on my mood, but usually drama.

Do you like to ride horses?

do you like humorous books?
yea... some...

do you often have d’ j’ vus?
Not very often, but a couple of times I had. Wary Smilie
Maybe it's normal, coz they say that life's going by a big spiral and everything is repeating...

Do you easily memorise phone numbers?
yea, kinda. I soon know them by heart, but if I don't repeat them often, I do also forget them soon. but I remember the most important ones.

do you use to talk to your friends on the phone for hours?
Nope, I'm not a big fan of the phone.

Do you have any pets?
No, other that the house spiders that I endure because they help keep the insect population down. These aren't really pets, more like lodgers. In their lease is a clause that states if they will stay in the corners and away from the people areas, especially near my bed; then I will fish them out of the sink when they get trapped there after an all night bender.

How many pairs of gloves and/or mittens do you own?

Do you like ice with your coke?
Yes - I love ice. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter my craving was Ice, I would just sit and crunch it all day. My craving with my youngest daughter was coffee granules - I would eat spoonfuls Very Mad Smilie Sorry gone off the point!!!!!!

Do you ever start rambling the way I do in my posts (sorry) Wink Smilie
yes, sometimes I do so indeed... but not usually. I mostly try to keep my posts short... don't succeed everytime, of course... hey, am I just rambling right now??? *lookingshocked*

does your printer work (in case you got one)?
Depends on its mood, really... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Do you have an herb garden?
Well, I have two herbs in my garden (chocolate mint and basil), so I wouldn't really call it an herb garden.

What do you most value in a friendship?
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