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Yes - to stay at home for dinner with hubby and my 2 girls - maybe with their boyfriends in tow. Of course my 2 cats (Pepsi & Max) will be staying and eyeing the turkey - it's the only time they call a truce, they don't get on.

Do you have any books overdue at the library
not at the moment, but that's already happened to me some times... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

have you ever ridden on the back of a camel?
No... Doubt I ever will, either.

Do you worry about the future of the planet?
Yes, I do. The human race is a rapidly spreading virus. I worry about the immediate future - nuclear war, greenhouse etc. and the future for my children and grandchildren and great-great grandch... and so on. All the great things we have accomplished will count for nothing once we have finished eradicating plant and animal life. But once we have gone the planet will recover, slowly, and it will all start again only to be destroyed when the Sun goes nova...

Ah, happy days...

What sort of charity would you rather support - third world, animals, children or cancer?
Well at the moment I support all of them plus the local hospice and air ambulance. I try to help where I can - I think governments should do all the supporting but I don't think that will ever happen. We have to care about our world and everyone/thing in it.

Do you collect anything?
anything does define it... you can hardly find a thing I don't collect... it's exhausting.

would you like to go on a safari?
actually no, unless it's some kind of a safari not connected with killing animals.

do you feel bored when alone?
usually not. I always got a thousand funny things to do.

what makes you feel melancholy?
relationships/friendships, or lack thereof

Do you have any scars?
Yes. I have one on my right knee, where I had stitches three years ago, and one long thin white one on my left arm, just above the elbow, forgot how I got it though. It had something to do with camping...

Do you feel like you can never get enough sleep?
Only during school days.

Which is the recent book that you are reading/have read?
Ummm...wait, I forgot the exact title, but it was something like "50 Most Common Medicinal Herbs"...

What would you do if you were only 14 and your teacher asks you to write an essay on the economy? (I mean, I haven't even learned anything about economy...)
I hope it was more specific than just, "write a paper on the economy." But, if I were 14, and had to write a paper on the economy in general, then I would probably do some research on the World Trade Organization and globalization. I would also watch the movie "The Yes Men." Is it an opinion paper? A debate? Simply research? Tough one.

Do you like vacationing on the beach?
Yes. I like vacationing any where. Although I would rather go some where cold, I like the beach, also.

Do you like putting up Christmas Ornaments?
Love it! Our house is already decorated and I'm now working on my room.

(and Eruwen, it's a sort of analysis plus opinion paper, finished it though... WTO was an awful lot of help Big Smile Smilie )

Does sitting at a big desk make you feel important?
No. It makes me feel rather small.

What's the first place you would hide in?
a monkey costume (noone would recognise you!)

why are men so obsessed about aliens when clearly therez no evidence to support it?
because men like to believe they're not all alone in the biiig universe, they like the thought of something unknown and mysterious.
in the astronomy lesson our teacher showed us some calculations of how many life-supporting planets there theoretically have to be. like: how many stars are there that "live" long enough to support evolution? how many of them might have planets surrounding them? how many of the planets might be in the right position - not too close and not too far from the star -, to support the formation of things like water and air (or something equivalent), etc. according to these calculations there are thousands of planets - I don't quite remember the exact number Smile Smilie - that are just at the same level of evolution as the earth. interesting, but... yea.

do you believe in extraterrestrial life?
Yes. All my imaginary friends are from there. One Eye Smilie

Would you eat a baneberry if you were stuck in the forest for weeks and it was the only source of food you could see?
I think I would rather have the leaves. After all, all forests have leaves.

What would one find hanging on your living room wall?
Uh, pictures. Seriously though, I have quite a few really, nice black and white photographs. A few my sister took, a few are of my sister and me, and my husband and me, and a few are of India. Oh, I have a couple taken in Germany as well.

Do you like to be in the spotlight?
No, I'd rather hide in the shadows and only come out when people aren't looking. Boo!!!

Do you look in the closet and under the bed for spooks, before you go to sleep at night?
I used to. But not anymore because my guardian angels are always hovering above me Angel Smilie

Do you know how old this site is? (I don't)
Yes, I do.

What's your opinion about alien abductions?
I think its sooooo rude. I mean really...they just waltz into your life and assume you have nothing better to do than drop everything and do what they want to do. There's nothing more annoying than an univited guest. Considering they tend to drop by in the middle of the night and interrupt a good sleep makes it doubly rude. And the probing part...well, lets just not go there. Thats rudeness at its ultimate level.

Do you have lots of snow where you live? We have about six inches here and its lovely! Snowman Smilie
uh, at the moment it's not much, only a few centimetres, but usually we do have quite a lot of snow in winter. just wait a few weeks...

have you read "the scarlet letter"?
no i have not.

have you seen a film called The Missing? it stars Cate Blanchett!
no iv not

what colour are your eyes

do you ever count pages left to the end of a very boring book you're reading?
All the time!

Do you have a stack of books you've read half way through and have promised to finish one day?
Not really a "stack", just one or two.

Do you bite your nails when you're nervous or bored?
No, but I do bite my fingernails off if they are longer than necessary and I'm too lazy to get a nailcutter.

Who are your imaginary friends?
let me see... there's george, then this guy who doesn't seem to have a name, but he's not really a friend of mine anyway. furthermore a girl without any name, and a little child. no name either.

how long is your Christmas list?
not very i want a psp so that made it dramactically shorter.

how tall are u

What colour are your eyes
a deep blue

What size are your feet?
very large. for a girl. my shoe size is ~42, don't know, is that uk-size 8?

what's your favourite drink?
Red wine. Love it!

Do you keep a diary?
I used to when I was younger. Then, I would go for weeks without writing, and the next time I wrote, I apologize to the diary for not writing in for so long. A few months later, I'd remember I had a diary, and vicious cycle would begin once more.

What do you plan to major in?

Bit late for me, I'm a working mum - but I am doing some more computer exams. Have just passed 2, 1 more to go tomorrow so really should be doing some revision!!!!

Have you got your Christmas tree and decorations up yet sorry if it's not your culture/religion - no offence intended Smile Smilie
Not yet, I think I'll begin decorations in a week or so.

Good luck with your exam, Maidmaryon!

Do you have some forbidden things before exams? I mean superstition Paranoid Smilie And if you do what are they?

No, but I used to have a saying in my early years at Uni: "I've never met an exam I couldn't flunk through lack of studying." Elf Winking Smilie

Do you prescribe chicken soup for a headcold?

(I don't have one, but I am running a mild fever with chills this afternoon.)
No Grondy, have a hot toddy - it's the bees knees.

1 dram of whiskey - a single malt is best but blended is ok
1 tablespoon of honey (more if you want it a bit sweeter and if you don't have honey suger will do)
Top the mug up with hot water
Go to bed with a hot water bottle and sleep - works a treat

Do you have any other remedies for a cold
Of course! There's always the old honey plus lemon formula. And some cultures eat ginger to prevent colds. For coughs, I would recommend some Staghorn Sumac, and for fevers Heal-all (the Prunella kind, with violet to blue flowers on a flowerhead, squarestemmed. They're quite common on lawns and grasses).

Do you get the impression I know too much about herbs?
just a tad do you have anymore just to get it clear in my head??? (you get it...colds give you an unclear head?!!)

Do you get the impression that Cloveress has tried too many herbs and it has made her obsessed with them?? (no undefense!!)
I get it all right. And I'm also glad I get to answer this question. From the perspective of an outsider, I'd say I am obssessed, but from the view of anyone who gets colds more often than they should I'd say what I prescribed above were merely the conventional and scientific methods of curing colds and that you could even read some of these plants off the labels of your medicines.

And finally, from the point of my humble self, I'd say I am nothing but a complete show-off and that you guys should not try getting the plants I described (as there might be pesticides).

Are you asleep yet? (from all the herb talk)
Not yet.

What if there were no hypothetical situations?
If there were none, my friends and I would have nothing to talk about...

Are you the kind of person who has a great idea for a story, starts to write it, and a few weeks later, has totally forgotten about it?

No - I get the idea then can't put it into words! I've loads of ideas in my head Very Mad Smilie

Are you ready for Christmas?
Not yet.

Do you believe everything you see?
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