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No one yet.

Where would you most like to go on vacation, anywhere in the world?
Japan....again. ^^
I went there over the summer, through the People to People Student Ambassadors Program, and it was the most amazing experience of my life.

If you were a uniquely named crayon, what strange color would you be?
I'd be VIRIDIAN. And I'd have a lovely verdurous paper wrapped around my body with a rich wood-brown colour spelling out VIRIDIAN. And my skin would be totally viridian, of course. And I don't think it's such a wierd colour, anyways, but I wouldn't be any other colour but for this one.

What's your favourite kind of chocolate?
Dark chololate with almonds....mmmmmmmmm. ^^

Do you have a favorite nickname? What is it, and what's the story behind it?
I was (and still is by my cousins)named LEIF (a boys' name) coz I was a tomboy and perhaps since Rafael only got daugthersSmile Smiliehe gave me that name....
Do you often "talk "to yourself ?
I talk to myself every time I want a decent answer! Mostly because I'm surrounded by sharp-tongued daughters ordering me to do things their way! Leif isn't always good!

Rafael only got daugthers he gave me that name....
Only isn't the correct way to describe the situation. I got four marvelous daughters trying to outwit me every chance they get! Girl Smilie Girl Smilie Angel Smilie Girl Smilie Girl Smilie

Why do some people believe that male are more worth than female?
Because they ARE maleBig Laugh Smilie
Are you planning to see the Oscar tonigth ?
No, I think I'll give them a pass; movies aren't what they once were.

What is/was for dinner?
Last night, pizza or Top Ramen noodles.

Do you have strep throat right now?
No luckily not , the flue hasn't reached our neck of the woods yet!

What will you do to avoid the flue this year?
Continuing what I always with my kids in the snow..go to work..I don't take any medicine and I seldom get the flueSmile SmilieYou know the word dad: It does not matter what the weather is like as long as your clothing is right
When was the last time you asked someone to dance ?
I believe I did it a week or two ago. I had just finished a book, so I asked my Red to dance for me! But she didn't!

When will the gang-of-four come down from the roof?

When they get all the snow shoveled off it.

Can you name the classical names of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and also their modern equivalents (those stated by Terry Pratchett if you'd like)?
My son could probably name the Pratchett names you refer to as he's a Pratchett fanatic but I'm clueless. The classical names are (I think) Famine, Death, Pestilence and War. Been many years since I read St John ...

Next question: If I were a jolla where would I live?
As far as I'm told you'd be a Californian living in San Diego!

When will your next holiday be?
in two weeks for some holiday i haven't heard of....

When is your spring break
I don't actually have a spring break ..But in April I'm going to Poland and Germany with my oldest daughter(school-trip)
Have you ever tried Ski-jumping ?
No, never, not I! I'm happy if I can plain old walk!

Next person: Do you like long walks in the rain?
Sure Smile Smilie I often take walks in the rain to get soaking wet while listening to the rain pouring down on me
Have you ever tried surfing on the waves
yup, its one of my favorite pasttimes, i just don't get to do it very often due to the fact father refuses to move anywhere near a beach.

Why is it that energy drinks are only bad for your teeth if you swish instead of just swallowing?
Don't know really.I don't drink them
What's the best book you've ever bought/received?
Are anyone brave enough not to call in a book written by J.R.R.T.?

Why do most people prefer the booklet "The Animal Farm" by Aldous Huxley, to the animated filmed version?

Because it was actually written by George Orwell. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Have you ever participated in a pie eating contest?
Not knowingly. Wiggle Smilie

Which shoe do you put on first, left or right; is that the same as the first leg you put in your pants? (I do the left first in both cases.)
Because it was actually written by George Orwell.
Laying down another egg! That is me fumbling between the "1984-Orwell" and "Brave-new-Huxley-and-revisited". I did enjoy them both though!! Shocked Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Shaking Head Smilie Elf Confused Smilie

I have never really noticed, but my trousers and shoes usually ends up right.

Why do most people prefer the booklet "The Animal Farm" by George Orwell, to the animated filmed version?
Because the animated version of "Animal Farm" and the animated version of LOTR have one thing in common....the animation is scary and not nearly as intriguing as the book.

Why must the fashion industy insist on constantly bringing uber mini skirts/dresses into spring fashion???? (i can pull it off but 85% of people can't and shouldn't!)
Maybe because they are headed by young and dirty old men who enjoy looking at the shapely limbs of the fairer gender.

Do you think it will rain tomorrow?
No ...It's supposed to be sunny like a spring daySmile Smilie
Do you listen to rumours ?
Sometimes, but i try not to especially if it involves someone I am aquainted with. I believe in forming my own opinions and coming to my own conclusions whenever possible and in letting others prove themselves. Good question.

Next: would you describe yourself as a maverick?
NopeSmile Smilie
Do you often read about the Country before you visit it ?
Always have, but not on purpose; by the time I reached 27 years of age I had read a lot about the European countries I started visiting that year. I assume I had read something about Canada before I visited there too as an adolescent. Of course, that wasn't really the question, was it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie No I have never perused books on travel prior to visiting a foreign country, for only my trips to Canada were as vacations; while my trips to Europe were for business and I haven't been to Mexico even though I have been to San Diego California a couple times.

Can you spell leprechaun without looking it up? I got it right this time; though I had to use the spellchecker in the The Party Tree.

Is the snow melting right now where you are?

I have been a member of PT for a year now, since Thursday! Orc Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yes indeed it is Smile Smilie The temperature is good also and it feels like springHappy Elf Smilie
I have been a member of PT for a year now, since Thursday
Congrats to you Jumping Flame Smilie I'm glad you are still around and tribute in the threadsSmile Smilie
Do you often fell a little crazy in the spring ?
A little bit more careless and not as responsible!

Do you make a spring-is-coming-party for friends?
No...Any season-party will do Happy Elf Smilie
When did you last read an interesting book ?
I'm reading one now, The Early History of Rome, by Polybius.

What is the first thing you plan to do this Spring?
Take more walks. Fortunately, I live in the country and can enjoy a peaceful stroll down our seldom-used road. The next thing I will do this spring is start some plants for my garden.

Do you like to garden? If so, what types of plants (veggies/flowers) do you enjoy growing?
Yes, I do like my little garden Smile SmilieI love flowers but mostly my garden consist of different kind of herbs which I use when making dinner during summer.that being potato-salad with onions or meat with basil and garlic .I also have herbs that I use on the pizza (Oregano )
Good to see you in the threads TerrijayneSmile Smilie
What is the most common spice you use on your food ?
The absolute most essential spice is Cinnamon. mmmmmmmmmm.

what sort of music is so in touch with your heart and mind that just as one cannot live without oxygen you cannot bear to live with out this?
Classical Baroque: Bach, Vivaldi, Boccherini, etc.; though one can't get too much Mozart or Beethoven. Happy Elf Smilie

What is your favorite food to eat, when you have to make it from scratch.
Yum! Homemade Beef Stroganoff! I don't use those nasty flavoring packets for the sauce and I add lots of red wine and mushrooms and onion and pepper and worchestershire sauce and sour cream-it is to die for, served over egg noodles. I like to serve my homemade spinach souffle with it, if I have the time to do both in one outing. Anyone hungry?

When you were young, did you ever make up songs, lyrics and music, to sing to yourself while playing? (I did and my first song, which I wrote at the tender age of four, was titled "Feirce Like A Lion's Roar" and I even remember the tune!)Big Laugh Smilie
Yes it seems music was a part of my being from the beginning. When I was three I accompanied my father to buy a real Persian rug in this huge strange building, just one large, well gynormous room. The east Indian gentleman was arrayed like a Prince and very handsome and educated, and in the middle of this room was of all things a white grand piano. I got up on the bench and played a piece I had been hearing in my head. I just played it. Unfortunately for me both the man and my father were so shocked I had to take piano lessons. Oh those metronomes. And teachers that are about as exciting as wood chips. Well except for my very first, a gypsy from Romania and her husband a dashing violin player. It was enthralling. She would teach me to play with passion and every so often stop so they could kiss. When that was found out I had to go to a teacher that never smiled and told me constantly what a bad player I was. Smile Smilie

Did you ever go to bed craving something to eat, a specific thing so deeply that you even dreamed about it in your sleep and alas never got to eat it? Mine was almond chicken soy sauce. Oh no, now I want some. help.
*Hands Leelee some almond chicken soy sauce* Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Once I craved for a sweet of some sort, thick chocolate cake I think, but I wish I could of dreamed of it, then it would be twice as big and thick Orc Smiling Smilie *Starts to want thick chocolate cake* Damn it!!! None left..........

If you had a choice between a German Shepherd puppy and a Golden Retriever Puppy, which would you keep??? (And no, you can't have both)
If I had no dog already I would choose the Golden. Golden Retrievers are very gentle, friendly, mellow animals. I have a German Shepherd mix, tho, and we love her a lot Smile Smilie so they make nice pets too.

Next person: do you like antiques or modern things?
While I love the look of antique, I cannot bear furniture with cuts, stains, scratches. I work with wood and will sand something ten times and give it ten coats of satin varnish,sink those nails, in short I love perfection in the furniture. And think of this, when the original people enjoyed this stuff it was brand spanking new!
Oh Loss thankyou so much for the almond chicken, it was perfect, like a dance.

Would you rather own all of Tolkiens works , first editions or spend one hour with his son Christopher to talk about his father?
Would you rather own all of Tolkiens works , first editions or spend one hour with his son Christopher to talk about his father?

Hard one LeeleeSmile Smilie I suppose I would like to own all of Tolkien works and treasure them forever ..but at the same time , Who wouldn't talk to his beloved son and perhaps learn more about Tolkien ?????
What was the name of the first Tolkien book you bought ?
The Hobbit...of course. lol. But I think at the same time I bought the Lord of the Rings. lol.

Where have I been for so long?
Where have I been for so long

Only you know that Lemaly OrangeflowerSmile Smilie But I'm sur glad to see that you are back with us Smile Smilie
Do you like to dive ?
I'm only 15 so I can't drive!!do you read poetry?
I'm only 15 so I can't drive

Big Laugh Smilie I asked if you liked to DIVE.....
Anyway ..I do like to read poetry , specially romantic ones
What genre do you prefer to watch if you see a movie ?
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