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Tea or coffee or milk or plain water?
Coffee sometimes give you headache because it makes the blood run very fast in you're head making it ache, (says my friend) Tea means hay water to me, and leaves me one choice "plain water."

Is it reality that is cruel to us or is it us that is cruel to one another?And is it true that we are all kind but we refuse the truth that we have WICKED sides and forget our sins?As our sin to others does not matter but theirs is to matter?
Oh, I'm evil!

Are you happy now?
Yup, I love the rain. (We've had it non-stop for two weeks)

Who else loves the rain?
I LOVE THE RAIN!!! Especially at school. Cause all the normal people are like "Aaargh!!! My HAIR will get wet!!" and all that jazz. And I"m like "HAHAHA!!!" and then me and Grace promptly get up, underneath that bit where the water runs out of the gutter, and we start dancing the chicken dance together. And we shout "WABWABWAB!!!" And we do the wab waltz and the wab twirl and the wab walk and the wab tango and the wab line and the wab maxina!!! (All my own inventions).

Do YOU know what WAB is?
No. Unless its an abbreviation for "We Are Bonkers!".

Red rose or yellow tulips?
No Loni, I really don't know what it means, although you use it alot. I'm guessings is a nonesense word that isn't really suppose to have any meaning in particular...sort of a filler. But keep using it and maybe I will discern its meaning.

Ooopps...LA beat me to Loni's post, so I will answer his by saying I love red roses more than yellow tulips.

What is the next movie you are looking forward to seeing?
Kingdom of Heaven!

The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion?

Did a bell just ring for you?
No. Unless of course I missed a phonecall...

What will you have for supper?
Oh! I don't think i'll be having any tonight.

Summer or Winter?

Wet and warm or Cold and dry?
Cold and dry for me please.

Have you ever kissed someone you wished you hadn't

Yes, two, and we're still in the same school which doesn't make it any better.

How many times has your computer crashed?

Do you know an egg by the name of Steve?
Well, I know TWO people by the name of Steve. One is the dude who runs my youth group. And he's WAY too 'family family' but that's okay. He's cool. He's a WAB. And the other Steve is... kind of an egg. But he's my mate. So that's OKAY. He's a WOB.

Uh..... How old are you? (HAHAHA, I LOVE this question. Just say 'old' if you're too old to want to say.)
Twenty-one, actually. Why would I not want to say that? Elk Grinning Smilie

So... how old might you be?
156 months!

What did you dream last night?
I was having a little tete-a-tete with my cousin.

Do you suffer from insanity?
Hopefully not, but if I was, would I know?

How old would you like to be?
18 years young!

Bungee-jumping or sky-diving?
I would love to jump from a plane but I'm afraid of heights.

Have you ever done anything you feel guilty of (it's private, you don't need to say what)
Yes...sorry, Mom. Sad Smilie

Do you prefer travelling by plane, train or automobile?
A train. I don't have to drive and atleast there's something to see other than clouds.

TV or Radio?

Waving Hello Smilie LA86 why so depressed, how can we cheer you up????????????? Serching Smilie

Has to be TV, coz I can get raido on my TV too hehehe Big Laugh Smilie

Can you swim
Yes, I can swim!

LA86 why so depressed, how can we cheer you up?????????????

This is the 3rd thread I've noticed that you are trying to cheer me up. Thanks a lot Maydmarion. I really appreciate it all. I'm depressed due to the exams and they aren't going well at all. I might just barely scrape through today's exam. And I'll be cheerful again when the exams are over.

Elves or Men?
Keep your chin up, LA_86! I know the feeling of exams, got some coming up too, and I really shouldn't be here right now actually. Anyway, you'll make it through, really you will. And exams are not the end of the world, trust me. Animated Wink Smilie


Yay! or Whoopee! Question Smilie

Are you afraid of spiders?
not afraid but I don't like em much either, sept for those cute lil jumping spiders, or mini spiders perhaps.

ginger marmalade or bitter marmalade?
None of them but if its a choice between only those two.... I'll go for ginger.

Chocolate chip cookies or butter cookies?
Chocolate chip cookies or as I often call them "chocolate-chipperoonies"

Do you like avocado and zucchini, either separately or together?
Yuck - no to both,

Do you like eating out
I like to eat outside, yes. Just kidding. Yes, i like to eat out, espiecally if the food gets there fast. At home its just come when the food is done and then leave when your finished eating and we dont keep up a steady conversation. Sometimes someone complains about some of the food, but not usually. At a restraunt you can get whatever you want and you get a chance to talk to one another before the food gets there. But eating at home is very relaxing and pleasant too.

North or south?
South, dunno why...

cats or dogs?
Ooooh cats, I have 2 Pepsi and Max, they hate each other but come to a truce at mealtimes - I wonder why Winking Smilie

The next person is getting ready for bed
Not yet... I'm getting ready for dinner though.

next will be traveling soon
Yes to Portugal actually
The next person bougth a new book
Don't I always...

Right, before this turns into another "who's next" thread:

What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
Elk meat maybe?

What kind of job do you have?

Slogging for exams. That's us, students!

What are your interests apart from Tolkien's works?
Computer games, work, and that car I haven't bought yet.

What are yours?

Computer games, Alistair Maclean and movies.

Action/adventure movies or Horror?
Action/adventure terrified of horrors Super Scared Smilie

Have you ever tried archery
Yes at camp; and then I bought a used bow, a quiver with six arrows, a bracer, and finger guard and went adventuring on the creek near where I lived as a boy. I had to play by the creek because that's where the trees were; away from the creek was basaltic scab-rock surrounderd by knee high grass.

Where did/do you do your adventuring/outside playing?
outside my house or up in the mountains, I like to travel to wooded places and explore... Big Smile Smilie. I hunt, with bow and arrows, and that is usually quite an adventure!

Are you a traveler or a "stay at home" person
I like to travel, and do it when I get the chance, but I like home too. Do I have to choose? It's very nice to go traveling when you've been at home for a long while, but even nicer to come back home when you've been away for long.

What did you study/are you studying in highschool?
I'm still in high school, and I'm still taking all the subjects but when I get to college I would like to study literature and philosophy, I wouldn't mind psychology either.

What is the thing or person you care most for?
Myself! Wink Smilie

Cold or hot beverages
cold, really cold! everything I drink must be cold, except hot chocolate, which I still prefer cold.

What is the longest book you've ever read?
The combined volume of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings!

What is the colour of your iris?
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