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hmm, well besides the LOTR, I would most definitely say the rather darkish black and white from the fourties and fifties like Casa Blanca,Rebecca, The Maltese Falcon, that sort of thing.

Nineri, you are only fifteen, I can't believe it. cyberspace can be very deceiving!

Would you rather go floating along on a Gondola or go wind surfing?
Ah, Gondola. But I do not necessarily have to be in Venice to do so, just somewhere that there's a nice, long, peaceful river, where the current picks up every now and then over tiny rapids, just to keep me on my toes...not sure if anyone's ever gone over rapids in a Gondola before...I'd try.

What would you do if someone handed you a check for a hundred thousand smackeroos?
I'd find out what strings were attached before accepting it and then I'd run it through my bank to see if it was real before I started spending any of it.

Where will you be vacationing this Spring/Summer?
This spring I will go to Germany/Poland/Prague with my daughter and Rafael to visit some of the concentration camps during the second world war
And during summer we have rented a big house in DenmarkSmile Smilie
Do you often buy souvenirs ?
When I get tokens of places they are usually for someone else to have that does not travel. I myself am a minimilist and no Hobbit! As for that other question, may that happen to me, I can use all the extra money I can get for my street work with the poor and homeless.We pay everything from our own pockets. I wish I might catch a wee leprachaun and make him bless me pockets with neverending tooneys!

If you could have just one th ing to memorialize you for future generations what would that be?
If I could have something to memorialize me for the generations to come, it would definitely be a composition for a symphonic orchestra.
A song lasts forever. ^^

Have you ever had a favorite movie that made you cry, and cry, and cry...and it always made you sad when you watched it, but yet it was still your favorite??
oh Celebrian that is such a good choice, you are correct music does last forever.

I have about three or four movies that, no matter how hard I try and no matter how many times I have viewed them DO make me weep until I feel exhausted and are and will probably always be my favorite movies.

If you could have a chance encounter with any mortal, alive or dead, for just one hour, who would that person be and why would you choose h im or her?
I think my question was too boring,so I will answer myself.
I would choose ST. Thomas More because of his grace,marvellous love and kindness and because he stood up against a tyrant and murderer who abused the laws of God, creating new in effect to allow him to murder wives and wed others. More paid with his life and I love that even at the very terrible end he forgave everyone and told those responsible for getting him up to the scaffold and down that because of being in the tower and being exceedingly weak he would appreciate if they could help him up the stairs. He then said that after he was beheaded he would get himself back down the stairs as best h e could!

What is your favorite place to go when you are feeling stressed and in need of something to lift you up?
Actually, it's either out by the foothills of the Superstition Mountains, in a town called Gold Canyon, where it is pristine views of the jagged cliffs, giant Saguaro cacti, and sacred native American grounds, or in my own home, immersed in bubble bath in my deep tub, with classical music playing in the background loudly enough that I can't hear the bickering and rowdiness of my kids for a half-hour. Bliss.

Do you enjoy real, honest-to-goodness camping, tent-and-sleeping-bag-and dutch-oven-over-an-open-fire-type camping, without hardly any modern amenities?
I absolutely love nature and the out of doors. I go for very long walks.
But as to what you asked, although every one I know would say a resounding YES, I must admit that to me roughing it is having to stay in only a four star hotel!.
I can not bear anything like that. I have a sore back, eaten by bugs, always remember something I left behind and need, feel confined and trapped, miss my own shower and on and on and on.If I go out in the foresty bits I cannot go any rougher than a very well made and lovely cabin with all the amenities.
I lived near the Three Sisters Mountains once , the house was so enormous we could play games in the living room. The place was all log style, huge porch where the squirrels came to eat and we lived right across the highway from an honest to goodness trading post/dry goods store.
I could step right outside and view the craggy forboding Three Sisters and I could walk about twenty feet across our backyard and watch the train thunder by.
That was enough for a lifetime.

If you could only have one source of entertainment, such as teli or books or music, only ONE, what would that be?
It would have to be reading books. Although I love listening to music, I must be doing something while doing so and would go stark raving if I had to just sit for more than just an hour doing nothing but listening to music. (This doesn't include being at a concert.) I usually have music playing in the background while reading, but I don't require it and can read without it.

Do you like going through museums?
Oh yes ..I haven't for a while though but I 've visited the British museum and I specially loved the egyptian partSmile SmilieI 've also been to the historical museums with Rafael in Bergen and Oslo
What kind of museums have you visited?
I have visited mainly the museums of archeological sites (Delphoi for instance)what's the museum you liked the most?
can't remember. been ages since i last visited one.

What's your favourite music band?
Oh, geez...I must have a million. Let's see...The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Coldplay are some of the more rock bands that I love, but I also really love composers as well; actually John Williams is my very favorite modern composer. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is my favorite classical composer. I like "folk" music a lot, too, like Simon&Garfunkle. I also really like Johnny Cash, who is considered by most to be "classic country", but I see him more as being Rockabilly. I also love Bob Marley and Matisyahu, reggae artists, and I think that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are brilliant pseudo-punk rockers. Like I said, there's really not one particular favorite band or artist that I favor more than any others and I have left out a kajillion of artists from this list out of consideration to all of you other members who might want to get a word in edgewise sometime in the near future.

What is your favorite musical genre(type) and why?
I have two Smile Smilie First Rhythm and Blues Smile Smilie I specially love the old Motown sound and my second is Irish music. I love the voice of Enya .her voice is like an instrument to meand I very much like the sound of it
What artist/Group did you last attend a concert with ?
When my daughter was fairly young I drove her and her friends to see 'Nsync but stayed in the car.. I have seen both elton John in concert and peter, paul and mary but that was about twenty years ago.

Do you like sunrises or sunsets best and where do you like seeing them from?
Ooops. Don't pay much attention to both. But i like surise best and like watching it (when possible) from a tall building.

What do you prefer most, cats or dogs?
Cat Smilie Meow.

Tell us about who your favorite person is and what it is about them that makes them so.
Paul Scholes 'cause of his foolballing skills (i could also go for Bon Jovi or some other authors but the first name which came into mu mind was him)

Paul Scholes 'cause of his foolballing skills

I do like him tooSmile Smilie Great football player he is Smile Smilie
Do you see football live or at the telly ?
Since i don't live in the UK (sniff) i watch it on tv. Even then i think its better because you can watch replays and other stuffs whereas at a live match you have to pay full attention to the action at your own peril. Wink Smilie

What's ya favourite hobby
READING Read Smilie
When did you realize that you liked Tolkiens' work ?
I was about 14 or 15, it's hard to remember exactly because it coincided with certain other discoveries which absorbed my attention. Pary Smilie

When you are outdoors do you like to bike, hike, saunter, birdwatch, sing, howl at the moon or...?
I like to bike, hike, sing, and howl at the moon. Strange for a dwarf...must be the elvish influences... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Next would like to send his neighbour to another planet
To planet Tolkien that is ,though my neighbour is a bitter old dragon that doesn't speak with me or my familiy I don't really care but it would be nice if she said hello someday..( I see her almost everyday when I look in the mailbox)
Are you going away for the weekend
I used to travel constantly, but since I started a street work with the homeless and working poor,I cannot leave them, I simply cannot. So I only go for a little now and then with my family. But we have three lakes, mountains and world class skiing, bike paths, you name it. I am fine.
This weekend I shall be working furiously on a manuscript and repainting the living room, then if I have time we shall all go on a hike .Then eat quantities of Chinese food!

Do you like strong colors or earthy muted tones in your bedroom?
Always earthy muted tones in the bedroom and everywhere else. I've never liked bright primary colors much.

Hmmm..have to think..
Do you prefer to take time to read the paper and have a second cup of coffee or tea in the morning or do you dive right into the day and start doing things?
Usually, I dive right in. I have a very nagging problem, you see, that if I have something that needs to be done, I must do it immediately and absolutely cannot pass it by, no matter how much I want to or try not to. I believe this is called "obsessive/compulsive" in the label-happy world of psychiatrics...though I don't buy into that stuff much, if I can help it. Mornings usually hold the most things to be done, therefore, it would be very unusual indeed to find me sitting, doing something as normal as reading the paper. Ahh, if only I could learn to ignore the damned chores... Very Sad Smilie

Are you a good secret-keeper, or do you tend to accidentally let these things slip out somehow?
I'm aquite good secret keeper.

Next has many annoying friends.
well...i know many annoying people, but I do not consider most of the annoying ones friends. lol

When was the last time you snuggled with a puppy?
I think it was when MY dog was a puppy...and that was like...8 years ago? Sad, I know.

What is your favorite Disney Classic movie...i.e. Dumbo, Bambi...?
Actually, it's Robin Hood, the Disney classic featuring a rather handsomely-drawn fox as the title infamous rogue, with a whole cast of animals as Little John, Friar Tuck, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Maid Marion. It's sooo funny. My favorite part in the whole movie is when Prince John, a young lion without a mane and with a rather large ego, who usurped the throne of England while Richard the Lion-hearted (who is also a lion-cute, huh?) is away on Crusade, falls into the mud and cries, "Ahhhhhh! Mommy..." in a very whiny voice and begins to engage in one of his more annoying habits, sucking his thumb. He then notices his thumb is muddy and says, "I've got a dirty thumb." Classic. His part was voiced by none other than the late, great character actor, Peter Ustinov, with such great comic timing. Anyway, I watched the movie about a million times as a child and pretty much memorized it, but I guess you could say that I almost love it too much! My kids don't even really care about it one way or the other...

Do you ever wonder if time goes somewhere after it passes out of our recognition and if so, where does it go?
That's a concept I've never considered! I've always thought of time as an intangible and when it was over, it was over. You've presented me with a very interesting idea.

Next person, would you like to go back to some earlier time in your life or do you prefer just going ahead?
I prefer to continue on my journey of life as it is ..I don't have any regrets so far but the time goes by so fast...One thing I'll start doing more often is to stay in the moment and enjoy the moments even more...
What motto do you live by ? ( Mine is to live today ,tomorrow could be my last )
Motto?! I don't know...probably "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I know, I know, quoting the bible, but its probably one of the most important ones I've ever heard!

Do you play any instruments? If so, which? (voice doesn't count as an instrument, almost everyone can do that! lol)
No ,not anymore but I played the trumpet for 8 years ..I guess I still know how to but it's been a whileSmile Smilie
Do you know how to do the Tango ?
Ummmm...I mean I know how to do that lil step where you go cheek to cheek. But no, I don't know how to REALLY do the tango. I'd like to know though!

Next will have an iPod?
No .My MP3 is still good enough for me ..but my daughter wants one though...
Next buy things on the internet
Yes, I live out in the boonies and it saves a lot of time to shop on eBay or other sites and paying for shipping is the same as gas to go to the mall 40 miles away.

Next, does the sight of blood bother you?
Not as long as it isn't my own.

Have you ever lived in a place where you can stand ankle deep in mud and still have dust blow in your face?
ha ha ha ha ha...actually yes!

Have you ever heard of Littlest Pet Shop?
ohhhhh yeah, my lil sisters are obsessed with them for some reason.

have you heard "rompe" by daddy yankee?
no, but I will!
Have you ever viewed a movie and laughed at an inappropriate place because you were still cracking up from a previous bit and everyone is upset with you?
The first part yes but then they getting upset - no.

Have you ever wanted to kill an annoying mate?
(i have a couple in my class who i would very much like to murder)
I know how you feel but no I have never thought that. I am , among several things a counsellor so I use those skills to try to work things out. But if they, like my neighbor are obnoxious and do all th ey can to make my life miserable I use what laws there are and I excercise to reduce the stress. A LOT ! and eventually the problem is gone, nothing lasts forever really.

Do you like flying?
I don't mind it. When i was young I'd get so airsick it was awful but I don't anymore.

Are you afraid of spiders or snakes?
Not deadly afraid, but I'd freak out if one was on me. I leave them alone as long as I can see them, and don't worry unless they were moving towards me.

When do you go to bed: at a regular scheduled time, or just when you feel you need to get some sleep?
When the need arrives.

Do you enjoy long conversations, or are you a person of few words?
Yes I really like talkig with people.I think that talking helps you excange thoughts and ideas.when was the last time you went to the theater?
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