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A nice run where I can reflect upon myself and relaxe.

what is you're proffession?
I am a free lance writer and illustrator, but I also work with battered, at risk and harmed children.And I am painfully slowly working my way into law, I want to help those with no means to help themselves or prove their innocence because they cannot afford DNA tests.

What is the tallest building you have ever been in and how did you feel once you reached the top?

I'm enjoying gardening right now, mowing the lawn, fertilizer and planting things. I used to walk a lot, especially at night and wish I could get back into doing that but its hard to find time and energy together.

Do you like to decorate your house or apartment?

( 9-20-07 Rereading this - don't know how I managed to completely not answer the question!Apologies! The tallest building I remember is the St Louis Arch and it was pretty neat.)
I love decorating and painting and using all manner of techniques, mostly ancient ones to get the look of ancient Jerusalem or Africa or England. As a matter of fact I used to continually change things so much people teased me and said it was a good thing they weren't blind, they would be killed trying to get around!

Do you like fresh mountain air or air from the seaside ?
I love the smell of pine and hate the smell of the beach; though not enough to refrain from also vacationing at the latter. There is a Douglas Fir tree outside my window and it really looks ratty the poor thing; about a quarter of its branches have red needles that are gently falling in the light breeze of this blue skied summer day. There is a shorter vine maple behind it and just behind that are two magnificent tall yellow cedars.

Do you get cabin fever during the grey days of winter?
No not really, the time goes by so quickly for me. And if I just have to get out I can open the door and in the very back yard is a mini forest of pines and a steep walk to the top , carefully though, to the top of the pine ridge so very very high up.That's enough excitment for me and I gladly go back into the cozy house.
You have a cedar tree, oh I love them.

Have you ever found a pearl in an oyster?
Alas, that has not been my fortune yet, though I hope it may be someday.

Have you started school yet?
No, I'm not in school. Our son is in university and his classes have started so we don't see much of him for awhile.

Is there anything in your life that leaves you with feelings of bitterness? ( I hope the answer is no!
No, I'm a cheerful person and try not to harbor resentment for any slights whether actual or perceived.

What have you done trying to improve the environment?
I've stayed inside for long periods, just to improve the outside world and to save neighbours from my snappy answers!

Is it possible for you to harvest anything from mother Nature this fall; for example berries, nuts or mushroom?

No, this year's winter wheat crop has already been harvested and sold (for a goodly price too). I suppose I could go into the woods and and pick filberts (hazel nuts), but I'm not about to, nor various the greens that could be turned into salads if one was versed in which were edible, which were tasty, and which were non-toxic.

Have you eaten the prescribed amount of fruits and vegetables today?
Today is still young so I have to say no, not yet; I'm making an effort to dring V-8 juice though since health is a concern for me. I've been under the weather this week.

Do you enjoy hot wings? I can't say I do!
No . I don't either Smile Smilie
Are you travelling this Autumn ?
No, for our family autumn is so busy. we begin making presents and saving our pennies for our street ministry.Sometimes we are only just done two nights before Christmas though we start in September.

What is your absolute favorite vegetable and fruit, the one you simply don't want to go without?
Broccoli and apples; though grapefruit is pushing a strong second.

Who's your daddy?
Rafael Angel Smilie He is a wonderful dad and human being He has tought my much about life .
The pleasure in reading and debating any intresting topics ..He knows his history and he share it with friends and family He introduceded me to Tolkiens world and therefor you guys though I told him about PTSmile Smilie
What is your best memory of this summer ?
The couple of days when we had some heat; though I don't like temperatures over 85’F, We had very few of those this Summer and thus it didn't seem like much of a Summer. Not much too to remember during the cool greyness of our three or four months of November.

How often do you do laundry?
At least every week. It takes me a day or two and if the dog wets on something there's extra.

Do you like shopping?
For books YES !!
I really like yor new avatar Sian
Do you see nature outside your window ?
Posted Friday 13th July 2007 (12:53am)
Flowers, though at the moment my indoor two African violets and Christmas Amaryllis are just green. From my window I see a lot of green junipers and Rhodys, as well as cedar, fir, and maple trees. Oh, I think I see the blackberries are in bloom on the far bank.

Were you spanked as a child or did your parents spare the rod and spoil you?
My dad never smacked me but my mum could leave a pretty good impression of her hand on my bottom. Super Scared Smilie

Have you ever taken a break - for one reason or another - from PT
I guess I take short breaks of a few days at a time when I get over busy or over-tired.

Do you like motorcycles?

Thank you, Mellon, I'm glad you like my avatar Smile Smilie Its not exaactly what I was looking for so it may change eventually.
Yes I do Smile Smilie
Do you often go sailing ?
Its not exaactly what I was looking for so it may change eventually.

I was wondering if it was a picture outside where you like ? I looks calm and peaceful
No, I have only been sailing twice; once by my self in a twelve footer and and another time as crew on an eighteen foot racer. Great fun, but by the time I could afford it I lost the use of my legs and the inclination.

Have you ever flown in a single engine plane or soared in a glider?
No , I haven't ..I'm afraid of heights so I don't think I dare try it
Did you have a wish when you was a child that did come true?
Well I got a few things I had wanted on a few Christmas mornings; but I can't remember anything I had by wishing upon a star.

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?
No, my mother said don't chew it so I swallowed it in spite. Aah, memories!

Do you like bedtime snacks?
Wiggle Smilie Well I like a glass of milk and a bikkie.

Do you paint your toe-nails
Nor my fingernails even. Wiggle Smilie

Do you care that Halo 3 came out yesterday, (other than being inundated with the the plethora of advertisements for it?
Not Really... never was much of a Halo fan...

have you ever randomly gone up to a person and randomly start a conversation
Yes , I have done that several times because I'm curios of nature and love meeting new people
Do you often sing in the shower or while walking alone ?
No, I don't want my on the other side of the wall neighbor calling 911 assuming I'm in pain or some other trouble. I have been know to sing while walking in the past; I felt it scared away the "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

In which house/village/town/city is the longest place you have ever lived?
I've lived in the house we built back in 1980. And in this nice little town since -76.

It reminds me of the elderly lady's answer when asked if she had lived in the same town all here life: "No, not yet, I hope!"Big Laugh Smilie

Thanks Grondy:
Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?
long time; no Lonnie Donegan.

Do you enjoy music from the last century?
I like that from the previous two (18th and 19th) better; of course ther is a lot from the 20th that is memorable, but I would rather give it up rather than the earlier stuff.

Where is your heart?
In a peaceful stone cottage in a remote oak forest...

Person below, where is your heart?
Lumped up in my throat after hang-gliding or landing in an airplane? No it is upon my sleeve. Elf Winking Smilie

When they say that 'a chicken has flown the coup', was it an open cockpit two seater biplane or an enclosed cockpit Aerocoupe (Ercoupe, Aircoupe) monoplane with those ubiquitous twin rudders?
cockpit. the Aercoupe's a bit too sophisticated for a chicken.

Have you ever wondered why ancient Chinese poems had such excessively long titles?
No, I've never read any ancient Chinese poems. I like Haiku, though.

Person below, have you ever had an experience of the paranormal sort - seen a ghost or something like that?
I've woke up a time or two and shouted Super Scared Smilie at a shadow that I thought was approaching or leaning over me. Obviously there wasn't anything there after I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, but they could have slipped back to their normal plane of existence after my shout; but who knows?

Have you ever pulled a carrot or radish, rubbed off the soil, and taken a bite of it while still in the garden?
Yes I have , we harvested carrots and potatoes some years ago (in our garden ) and specially the carrots look like little people . We bit "their head" of. Tasted real good Smile Smilie I'm not to fond of boiled vegetables
What kind of vegetables do you prefer ?

Do you deplore the fact that teens spend most of their free time in front of their computers?
I guess I can't complain about it too much when the adults here (me included) do the same! One can learn a lot surfing the 'net at least!

Person below, do you have many magazine subscriptions?
Nay, not many subscriptions. But I do collect magazines. Guess I have about 3500 comic books and magazines. I have been collecting from 1980 I guess. You'll find Mad, Cracked and lots of other.

Do the person below really try to move around for more than half an hour every day to keep in shape?
I work in a hospital so never sit for very long- always having to get up to find patients notes, paperwork or even the patients when they wander off - no-one has wandered so far that we've lost them - well not yet....l..o..l
Person below, have you ever had an experience of the paranormal sort - seen a ghost or something like that?
You should speak to the people in my work - the hospital is very old so there are loads of stories the most talked about is this little girl in the burns department - so many people have seen her, Consultants, Patients, Visitors....One Consultant even told the staff off for letting a child out of bed to play by herslef so late at night...the staff informed him there were no children on the ward that night....scary but very sad Very Sad Smilie

Does the person below think that there are ghosts?
Absolutely!!!!! Have had too many experiences not to believe. Elf Smilie Do you believe in the possibility of reincarnation?
I think.....Yes. Angel Smilie

Do you bite your finger nails (or toenails Wink Smilie
I must admit that some of my fingernails get bitten once or twice , specially if I'm reading an exciting book or watching a film or football/handball match live
If you could be a historical person , who would it be ?
Cleopatra or Boudicca - the thought of being Queen over my men Very Big Grin Smilie

What's the nicest thing you've ever done?
That's rather an embarassing question, shouldn't it be someone else telling the nicest thing we h ave done ? But the thing that meant the most to me I suppose is when we were very poor and had a guest come to dinner who desperately needed to get to Jerusalem. He was a gentle quiet sort and as we were all practising for a concert, he was asked about his guitar playing. He mentioned he would not be doing t hat any more as he was going to see his totally awesome one to help get him there. I felt an interior voice tell me to give most of what I had left in my savings and write out a cheque for it so he could keep his guitar.
That was y ears ago. Just a couple of weeks ago one of my sons who is on one of those chatty online things found this boy's name and they were delighted to talk once more He has been in Jerusalem a long time now, is active in temple and told my son how he still remembers what I did for him and h ow it helped change h is life. It makes me a little misty.

Did you ever, dear person below,have a sudden attack of some illness in a public place and was unable to communicate what was wrong and were down right frightened?
Fortunately, Leelee, that has never happened to me. One of my friends once inhaled a pill she was trying to swallow; she could hardly talk to tell her husband what happened and had to go to the emergency room. It sounded really scary and I've been careful when taking pills ever since.

What do you daydream about?
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