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over thanksgiving break.
French or Italian?
mostly italian, but a little french

favorite movie
"favorite movies" would have been more helpful. I don't know, I like Braveheart a lot, and Hidalgo, among quite a few others...

Favorite book/s
mists of avalon, GRRM's books, LOTR, Trilogy of Zimnavia, Terry Goodkind's books, and Dean Koontz.

Why do papercuts hurt so bad?
I'd guess because the paper contains a slight amount of acid that burns the skin at the cut. This same acid is what causes most paper to turn yellow with the passage of time. Expensive hardbound books are made with acid free paper, while paperback books aren't, which is why elderly paperbacks, like my 1973 edition of The Tolkien Reader has yellow pages.

Can we see any stars other than our Sun in the daylight?
no... we can barley see them at night because of all the city lights.

light or dark chocolate?
neither...chocolate doesn't sit well with me...which sucks cause all my girlfriends go and buy chocolate all the time, and I can't have any cause it makes me sick!

Do you like Chinese Food?
Oh yes.....Crispy Duck......mmmmmmmmmm

What food do you detest
cabbage patch soup and eggplants, bleeeehh!

Have you been to a H.I.M concert?
Nope, sadly we don't often get concerts/performances all the way down here - one day I'm gonna fly to Europe to see a U2 concert! one day... and Coldplay, that would be great.

Why do so many money hungry corporations & politicians not care about destroying our planet - don't they at least care about what will happen to their children or grandchildren as a result of their greed? - sorry about the totally serious question, I watched "The Day After Tomorrow" again the other day and it made me think of it.
Because some people have really truly never been taught to look to the future. They work and live as if all that exists is today.

Your watching "Day After Tomorrow" reminded me of this perplexity...WHY, when the eye of the storm somehow pulled the upper atmosphere down to the surface, did everything freeze???
I don't know - is it because the air is colder the higher up and because there's no wind in the eye of the storm?? Would freezing that quick be right though??????

Have you ever had an 'Ice Cream Headache' (not when someone puts ice cream on your head...l o l Big Laugh Smilie )??
Not an ice-cream headache but an Ice-cooler headache ,you know lemonade with crushed ice ?
Do you own a costume especially made from your country ?
lots of emm... wait are sari's costumes???

what type of music do u listen to??
That is rather a complicated question. It depends upon my mood really. If I am feeling elven for instance I would listen to any of the LOTR's CD's or some sort of great work by a classical composer or perhaps something new age.
I until a couple of years ago sang in a band and we did everything from grunge to rock opera's to pop to swing, whatever. I like most musical styles IF done very well.

Let me see:
Did anything you read in a book, saw on teli or at the cinema or heard on a CD or I suppose tape or live so impact you as a child that it sort of changed the course of your life or the way you now see the world and people?
Mists of Avalon when I was in the fifth grade. It was the first time that I actually realised there were other religions than the one I was raised in and started me thinking about what my beliefs were.

If you could be a character in any book, who would it be and why?
Oh, I don't know, that's a pretty hard question to answer. I think I might want to be Taran from the Prydain Chronicles. The growth he makes through the five books, from a rash and impetuous boy, to a wise, mature young man, a leader of men, is amazing and important.

If there were any period of history that you would rather have been in, what is it, or to put it differently, what period, and where, of history would you like to be in the most?
It's not a period of time I would like....I'd love to be in a mythological time - I was born to be a fairy - still waiting for my wings ( and a fairy smilie Grep)!

What are you going to do tomorrow - Sunday??
I going to rest all day,reading books and watching tv!land or water?
Water, land is to hard to drink. Elk Grinning Smilie

Do you keep your folding money in a money clip. I do; it is hinged leather and has two magnets that attract each other trapping the money between them. One time I had an MRI of my back and they told me to remove all my metal from my pockets, but forgot to mention ceramic magnets. Afterwards the polarity of one of the magnets reversed and the magnets repelled each other floating about a half-inch apart, which made the money clip useless. I had to cut the stitching, remove, and then flip one of them in order to return the clip's utilitarian function.
Grondy is always full of anecdotes .. but i guess if youve been around as long as he has ( Wink Smilie ) i guess you do accumulate such stuff. Anyway to answer the question .. No, i do not. Primarily because i dont carry money with me anyway and what i do carry, i carry in my wallet. By the way, i am assuming this money clippy thingy is not a wallet (seeing as i have never seen one).

Have you ever cried after watching a movie, any movie ?? I just saw Schindlers List and ended up shedding a tear ot two .. so it got me wondering !!
Yeah, Braveheart among many others.

What movie do you hate the most?
There was this movie called 'Thin Red Line' ... i had to think hard .. coz it was an entirely forgettable movie !!

Have you ever been in a life threatening situation ??
Nope, not yet. I say not yet because most people will at some time in their life find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

How many siblings do you have?

I'd love to be in a mythological time

What mythology, Greek, Norse, Roman, Medieval, some other one?
I have 3 sisters and I'm the youngest of 4 ..poor RafaelHappy Elf Smilie
What do you want for X-mas ?
Peace on Earth; good will towards all persons, but again this year I think Santa Claus will be unable to fulfil my wishes. Sadly we each can only do our own part towards this.

What is your favorite Christmas decoration; do you have a favorite Christmas tree ornament?
Favourite X-mas decoration: hollies in any shape
Favourite tree ornament: Candycanes (Because you can just pick them off and eat them like apples!)

Do you prefer an angel on the top of a Christmas tree, or a star?
An angel, with a bouquet of flowers and wings that light up.

What is your favorite pastime during the Christmas Season?
watching my christian friends enjoy !! i dont even get a leave on christmas .. sigh !! Got The Blues Smilie

Was there ever a moment of revelation or enlightenment in your life ??
i dont even get a leave on christmas .. sigh !!

A leave from what?
Was there ever a moment of revelation or enlightenment in your life ??
Yes, yesterday morning at 5:05 when my lights came back on, meaning I could have heat and my first hot meal since Thursday night when a powerful storm knocked the power out in most of the Pacific Northwest of USA and British Columbia.

Have you been naughty or nice? Because Santa Claus is coming to town.
When my lights came back on ,meaning I could have my first heat and my first hot meal since Thursday night

I'm so glad you finally had your hot meal and that you are back Grondmaster Smile Smilie You've been missed Happy Elf Smilie
I hope that most of the time I have been nice though is actually my youngest that are waiting for SANTAChristmas Smilie
What is the best gift you have ever got for X-mas ?
hmmm, my Wii!!!!!!!!!!!! (which is a totally kick butt game system if you were wondering =P)

skiing or snowboarding?
ummm .. dunno .. skiing maybe !! and fionwe .. leave from work !!

Are/were you scared of monsters under the bed ??
The only monster thaat I used to be scared of were Gremlins.

Who has to go over the river and through the woods to get to grandma's house for Christmas?
i gotta go down a canyon and through a city, does that count?
Why not. The Grand Canyon?

What is your favorite Christmas experience?
Just walking in the snow makes me elated.

If you or your family have a particular Christmas tradition you do every year, what is it?
We decorate a tree,and make melomakarona a traditional sweet fillled with nuts!describe one of your country's tradional xmas customs
Many of us in Norway, are going to church in the afternoon; afterwards we gather part of our family home for a very traditional dinner and all are waiting for Santa to bring us gifts. One can of course only have gifts if one has behaved since last Christmast. Smiling Santa Smilie Angel Smilie Waving Santa Smilie

Why is it that girls and women always tend to have behaved better than men and boys??
Question Smilie That's is pretty obvious ain't it ?
When was the last time you did something that made another person happy ?
Five minutes ago .. when i called my fiancee !! Smile Smilie

Flip side : When was the last that you did something that made someone cry ??
A few months ago, when I accidentally said something I shouldn't have...

Have you ever been on TV before?
Unfortunately, yes.

What will you be having for dinner on Christmas?
hopefully mashed potatoes and ice cream....i'm sick right now, so i'm just praying i can eat.

have you ever taken an online school course?
i'm sick right now, so i'm just praying i can eat.

Poor Arwen Smile Smilie I hope you'll soon feel betterWaving Hello Smilie
Do you consider yourself a good Chief ?
well that depends of which group i will be chief of !! if it is chief of geniuses .. then yes !! Big Smile Smilie

and get well soon Arwen Got The Blues Smilie

Do you think the discovery of fission (nuclear weapons) was good or bad for mankind ??
That's the way it is! Something which can be very good, turns out rather bad. There will always be someone to make dreadful things out of anything really. Hopefully there are also many people willing and able to turn bad things into good. What is done can seldom be undone.

Is the half glass of something good, almost full or almost empty?
I'm an optimist, hence half empty!

Where the heck did I leave my ballpoint?
As the good optimist you are, you will find your ballpoint where you are looking last; so why don't you start looking there??

Are there maybe a third part in that game; optimist, pessimist and realist?
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