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unfortunately no. Noone nearby to teach me.

How many books a month do you read?
depends on the month and the kinda book. during the summer months I read about 10 books (including lotr! - counting as 1) in two months, I think. at the moment it's only about 3 or even 2 a month... very bad... no time for nothing. Very Sad Smilie

when do you have to get up tomorrow?
7 am.

What's your worst fear?
Being alone, but I think more in the sense of not having anyone to count on and not having anyone to count on me.

What was the name of your first pet? And what kind of animal was it?
A great cat Tikhon with a character many men would have envied.

Do you wear glasses?
no. I had to, but that's over.

do you like to sing while having a shower?
I do, but my roommate doesn't, however I do this very often... ha-ha-ha, I'm a good singer, it's just that she's a book-worm and prefers silence... stupid girl, but very kind and naive... Girl Smilie

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Just the one: soft foam chucka-boots. Having not walked since the early eighties I find shoes aren't a great necessity in my life. Orc Grinning Smilie

How many hours do you sleep at night? [
Having not walked since the early eighties I find shoes aren't a great necessity in my life.

well, an average of 5-6 hours, I think. Dead Smilie

what was your dream job when you were about 5?
I wanted to be a princess and sit in a tower all day waiting for my dream prince to rescue me... Angel Smilie

Do you like solitude?
Nope. I'm the talkative kind of guy.

What has been your most horrible moment till date?
Nope. I'm the talkative kind of guy.

What has been your most horrible moment till date?
maybe that was not the most horrible moment, but it's the worst I can recall at the moment: when my dear cat ran into a car right in front of my eyes.

when was the last time you cried?
In my Grandmas funeral ( last week)
What did you do 5 hours ago?
I think I was sitting on the terrace together with my dog... or I was reading... I'm not sure.

have you ever had a broken leg?
Yes , my firend ( he still is ) broke my toe when he fell upon me
Have you ever been to ISLAND ?
Yes, I've been to italian island Elba, where Napoleon was in the exile, and also I've been to some greec islands, but I don't remember their names, they were so little...

Do you have a penpal? Or maybe several?
oh yes, one from Ghana, two from Germany and one from Austria. I used to have so many more, but they stopped writing some time. Very Sad Smilie actually I've written a letter only about 2 hours ago. I love writing letters... anyone wanna be my penpal? Orc Smiling Smilie

have you ever eaten snails?
No never but everyone say their very tasty
How to you spend your christmas holiday?
not really special. at home with my family... like other holidays, only I eat more sweets and enjoy the snowy weather. and I can play with my cool presents... Smile Smilie

do you often watch tv?

What's your favourite topic of discussion with friends?
Lord of the Rings...*crazy* ^_^

Do you like pickles... and if 'yes' what kind?
erm, do pickled eggs count if so i like em if not no...

tv or book...??
depends on the kind... mostly book.

do you know how to play the bagpipes?
nope...cant say that i do

Are you annoyed by control freaks?
Oh yes if they are like my boss....she gets everyones back up Mad Smilie I've been back to work after 14 weeks off and no-one seems to be talking to her...

Can you make peace between others?
Yes,it's my destiny,I always have to do that because noone else seems to be longing for doing that hard work and still it has to be done. And as a Libra by zodiac I'm always in search for balance.

What colour is your car?
hmmm...i dont have a car yet...cant drive

Have you ever worn Elf ears in public? (not to a halloween party or as a part of a costum)
And as a Libra by zodiac I'm always in search for balance.

Me to is Libra and I hate disputes.

As to the ears not not yet...... but I do hide my fairy wings under my clothes Very Mad Smilie Very Mad Smilie

Do you ever reply to a thread then have to go back and check what thread your replying to (maybe I'm just losing the plot....)
all the time

do u ever think that ur posting for three word game when it really is RE:letter game and so it goes Ringil, and then he took his kettle Wink Smilie
Erm................ nope!

What's the best dream you've ever had?
I was at the bottom of a hill next to a lake made of milk, and there were donuts falling down the hill lol i went to sleep very hungry

Have you ever played the naked game? it actually is a game, and you are not naked while you are playing it.
I don't think so... what kinda game is that??

do you like balloons?
I suppose, but they aren't something I go out of my way to get.

How long have you been a member of PT?
Less than half a year. I think I joined sometime in May.

Have you ever seen really wierdly dressed people walking in the streets?
oh, of course... but I don't want to describe any now...

have you ever accidentally poisoned yourself?
I don't remember anything that would suit here, but being a child I was a specialist in accidental injuries Jumping Flame Smilie

When was the last time you've been to cinema and which movie was it?
about 3 weeks ago...i saw The Brothers Grim

What is your favorite genre of music?
I like different kinds of music from rap to classic and from rock to jazz... I love opera...)

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a popsinger?

Do you like to lay on none or one or two pillows?
I've got one very-very flat.

Do you ever talk while sleeping? ..and on what language? Big Laugh Smilie
nope but if i did it would either be in or English

Have you ever sleep-walked?
Nope. though I've once fallen off my bed.

Have you ever taken part in a theatre production?
You mean taking part in plays?
Well, not professionally, of course, but being at school I did and adored that. Cat Smilie
I remember our last performance which was based on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz",where I was playing Dorothy (in russian variant called Ellie for some reason).That was great and very funny Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Have you ever won some competition?
Yup! I've recently won a silver for a fencing competition. And I've also won some math competitions before... went to a chess competition once, utter failure at chess...

Do you like looking up at the sky just to see what it looks like every day?
only to see what the weather will be like... i do like looking at the stars though, especially from the top of a large hill nearby in the summer...

has the next person ever been in a war zone...?
I suppose you mean active war zone? Well, not technically, but I have been to Israel and one could cut the tension in the air with a knife! I guess it's more of a conflicted area than a war zone though.

Have you ever taken dance lessons?
Yes - I took ballroom dancing lessons when I was younger and I have some medals

Do you have any pets
Yes, if goldfish count.

What do you think is the hardest language on earth?
Well, I think Japanese or Chinese are the most difficult ones, however some people believe Russian is quite uneasy and Arabic...

Who's the most attractive actress and actor, to your mind?
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