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Photo albums and DVDs of my family
Whats your favourite song ever?
Wow. Favorite song ever? That's hard... Well, recently my favorite song is Into the West, performed by Annie Lennox. It makes me want to cry every time! Sad Smilie

If your opinion, what is the most fascinating culture in the world, where is it, and why?
Most of the traditional tribes in Africa that haven't been corrupted by modern western culture. They're pretty cool and I like the way they look on life. Some of the things they do is weird, but I like their philosophies. They're so interesting!

What is your all time favorite movie quote? Where is it from, and what does it mean to you?

Moderator Smilie Grondy merely edited the above to remove the sting, hopefully without changing the intent of the author.
"one must always choose the lesser of two weevils." from master and commander. My friend and i always tease each other with that when the other is trying to make a decision.

What's your favorite vacation spot that's at a body of water?
I love any vacation spot that is at a body of water...well, as long as it is warm! The Red Sea is one of the best places I have been to though. Oh, Nevis is very nice as well.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? (Past or present.)
I would change my location, and although I love my county, it does not offer the best choices and it is pretty hard to live here wanting to become something greater.

If a genie could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?
I would wish for... "World Peace." (like on Ms. Congeniality) Smile Smilie That's be a good one, but... No, actually. I would make a wish to stop world hunger and starvation. It's just terrible to think about and makes me want to cry... Sad Smilie

What is your desktop wallpaper on your computer?
Rigth now its a Lovely picture taking in portugal of our 4 children
Whats your favourite outfit?
black capri's, black tank and a black sweater with a pirate-costumed skull.

What's your fav. disney movie?
Wow. That really is a tough one... I've seen them all about 20 times. My favorite would have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's not done directly through Disney, but by Touchstone Pictures, a branch from Disney. I've seen it about a million times! Big Smile Smilie

Do you have a county fair in your area? Tell about it. (ex. what to do, eat, or ride there) (The reason I'm asking is because the Warren County Fair is here this week and it is so much fun!)
Yes, we do have a county fair (many of them in fact)...mainly in the fall after school starts up again. There are lots of rides like the Zipper (best ride in couty fair history!!!), the Octopus, the Scrambler, Salt and Pepper Shakers, and some that i don't normally ride. Those are the most thrill-seeking-ish rides, and I don't ride many of the others. There are lots of games...the Strongman game, Fishing, Darts, pop the balloon, balancing games, the one where you get the ring over the bottle neck, the basketball in the peach basket one....lots of fun, money wasting events. There's lots of vedors where you can get nice "brand" name clothing, paintings, lots of things like that. I like to go to the fairs, but i like going to amusement parks better. The roller-coasters are just so much more fun at Paramount Canada's Wonderland (if you're ever in Ontario it is THE place to go, SOoooOOO much fun!!! Smile Smilie )

if you were a talented artist, what would your first famous artwork? and what would you name it?
Probably, it would follow a patriotic theme. I am bad at names. So it would be untitled.

If you could be on one reality tv show or game show what would it be, and please explain the show in case people are not familiar with it.
probably survivor....because i'd be amazing at it...Smile Smilie (it's where they desert people on an island/empty place and you have to compete and then get voted off...view the website if you're confused!)

If there were two things in the world that you wanted the most, but could only get one, why wouldn't you chose the other? (don't ask....i'm VERY tired! Smile Smilie )
because I shouldn't choose the first one, either. I don't easily make decisions, I would stand for years trying to decide which one to take and then probably take none...

why should men have three hands instead of only two? hey, that really bothers me...
Well, I think if we truly needed three hands, we would have evolved them by now (or maybe we will...even though I think evolution in humans is being greatly affected by science and surgeries right now, so I'm sure if we ever even started evolving a third arm, it would be removed faster than you could say, octopus man! Along those lines though, if we had more than two arms, do you really think our brain could cope with it? I think we have a difficult time handling even two arms!) I read something though that said all mammals only have four appendages (inc. legs and arms, or fore and aft-flippers). When all mammals have the same number of appendages, then it would seem that there has to be a reason, and that that number is appropriate for all...blah, blah, blah. Wait a minute, aren't we playing The Person Below Game? This seems like How Random Can You Be?

Do you want children? (or do you already have children?)
I will want some eventually. But not now no way. I still have many years.

How many journal entries do you have?
Oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of one.

Do you have enough hair to part; if so, do you part it in the middle, on the left, or the right?

I think I have. =) at most times in the middle, sometimes (f.i. today) left.

do you like operas?
Depends on the opera; I'm not a huge fan though.

What do you think is your best feature?
When it is time for Elmer to sing Kill da Wabbit. Though I enjoy the two operas about Figaro by Rossini and Mozart.

Oops I misread the question. The real answer is, "For a fat man, I don't sweat a lot." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you get to sleep in on weekends?
I get to sleep in all the time....but I also can't sleep at night, so it balances itself out. (i.e. I'll go to sleep around 3 am and wake up around 11:30 am ish...Smile Smilie )

If you could have one thing and one thing only out of everything in the whole world, what would it be?
More Time

Have you ever broken any bones? if so which ones?
not yet, at least I haven't noticed it. though some of my bones have got a strange shape...

do you like salads?
Yup unless they have tuna in them...but i like putting eggs, chicken, turkey, bacon, and lots of other stuff on my salad! Smile Smilie

If you could choose only one song to listen over and over again which one would you choose?
May it be ; ENYA .I still love that song so..
Whats your favourite dish/meal?
That's tough! It just depends on my mood; I like salad, steak, pasta, enchiladas, falafel...many, many things! I would love to eat dessert as an appetizer though before any meal, so maybe I'll say chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on top!!! YUM!!!

Would you ever get plastic surgery?
Nope. I am happy with the way God made me!

If you could only keep one book which one would you choose and why?
Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson... and why, uh because it's good...

What average number of books do you read a year?
maybe thirty, forty, some of them are rereads of favorites.

Do you sometimes turn off the television and computer in the early evening and just get comfy with a good book?
Yup, but that is only when I cant wait to finish a certain book.

Do you have your own website?
No. I am busy enough running my church's.

What is your favorite sport to play or watch and why?
SOCCER! or football or whatever you want to call it...did you know it came from the word socca which somehow was abreiveated for assotiation I LOVE SOCCER its the sport i'm best at.

what is youre favorite forum?
this one?? Elk Grinning Smilie

when you were a child, did you read fairy tales (or do you still read them), and what was your favourite one?
yup, i read fairy tales and i still fav. was always the orginal little mermaid by hans christian andersen, and snow white...b4 the grimm bro's edited it.

Have u ever heard of funeral potatoes?
No!!! Is that like, a certain food of respect to eat there? You'll have to give me the info on that one... Smile Smilie

What is your worst fear? (If you're not too afraid to tell... Moo-hoo-ha-ha...)
(I am not answering Celebrian's question on worst fear, so the next person can answer that... Funeral potatoes are usually known as cheesy potatoes, it's shredded potatoes and cream of mushroom soup with colby jack cheese and crushed cornflakes on top...they're reallllllly good.)
Scorpions....and being alone....with scorpions...they're creepy....all....slimy looking and stingy....EW! creepy! Wary Smilie

If you could stop time, what would you do with your ability?
sleep. and do whatever i didn't normally have time for.

Do you play any musical instruments?
the guitar... the recorder, too... Orc Smiling Smilie

have you got any plants in your room?
nope, all the plants i have had have died Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Sad Smilie

If you could have 3 wishes, but they had to be for other people, what would you wish for?
1) For my friends to be happy
2) For my mom to be happy and not sad all the time
3) for people to realize that exterior beauty isn't everything, a woman's mind is more beautiful than any body.

If you discovered a leaping chicken frog, what would you name it, and how would you endorse it's survival?
I'd call it "Lunch!"

and i wouldnt endorse its survival... 'Belch'

Bad King Smilie

If had to choose between a can of worms or Pandora's Box, which would you open and why?
The worms. They taste better than whatever is in P's box.

What are the colours of your life?

(Yaaaaaaaaaay! Lord Aelric is back!)
(Yaaaaay! ...but he still didn't remember me! :P)

The colours of my life are red and black...or grey and black if u ask my mum.

can u curl ur toungue?
Yes, I can.

Yey, Lord Earlick!!! Wohoo!! Big Smile Smilie

Does anyone, except Vee and I, know this Aelric fellow? Wink Smilie
nope, i dont think so. (well at least i dont)

If you could choose between elementary, middle, or high school which would you choose and why?
(I know him, Amie.)

elementary school, such a carefree period of time....tho high school isn't that bad.

Do you prefer pepsi or coke?
Coke, Pepsi tastes like it has more sugar.

Do you like Spanish, English, Sindarian, or Quenya more? Why?
English because I speak it Big Smile Smilie

Jam, jelly or preserves?
Jam because it has more sugar! (altough i dont need any more sugar)

Which would you rather do: eat, sleep, mess around on the computer, or go to school/work?
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