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It is a toss up between eat and sleep.

If you had $1,500,000 to buy/build a dwelling. How would you spend it and where would you live?
well....i'd buy a reasonably priced house, probably two or three bedrooms, one that suits my taste and my fianc’e's tastes as well, probably in the country somewhere. I'd buy a dog, and a new car or two, depending on what kinds I got, then, if there's any money left, I'd save it, and work on paying back school loans! Smile Smilie

what is your dream vacation? Where and with who?
My dream vacation would be to New Zealand with my best friends Kara, Kaitlyn, Hayley and my mom.

If you could have one dying wish what would it be and why?
To wake up from this horrible dream in perfect health. Me thinks the why is quite obvious. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you ever put the postage stamp in the wrong (other than upper right) corner of an envelope Question Smilie
Wow, I do that all the time. I don't know why. And actually I put it on the wrong side once too.

What do you prefer LCD or Plasma. In reference to TV's?
Plasma because it has a crisper pictures

Do you like flip-flops, sandals, or tennis shoes more? Why?
Tennis Shoes...I have ugly feet

What color is your hair?
Dark Brown

If you could choose between Miami or New York for a vacation which would you choose
Miami. I've already been to New York. I can't sleep there at night!

Do you think that students at a public high school should have to pay $200 per year to park in a parking lot at the school, when the teachers don't have to? (it's happening at my school, and it's a big issue right now...)
I think that's unfair... same rights for all (yeah, living in my dream world...). I should say teachers should pay, too, or else the students shouldn't have to pay. but as I guess the money is needed, everyone should pay. my opinion.

do you like cookies?
why yes I do...

have you read any work by Stephen King?
nope, but i want to.

Do you like the author Dan Brown?
got to confess that I haven't read anything by him yet, don't quite care about him... but my sister is just reading the da vinci code.

do you like black and white movies??
depends on if it is a good movie...i would watch a black and white movie if i liked the plot or actor/ actress

Do you like Aerosmith?
Yeah, but nothing after Pump. Why do bands always go to pot when they get clean? It's just not right.

I'm chiming in my agreement on the "equal rights" thing; I've never believed in double standards. Thus, the teachers should be provided free transport to school everyday, and I'm sure they'll happily give up their parking spots, especially with gas prices the way they are. BTW, if driving is a right, how come I had to get a license? :P

Are you a nightowl, like me?
very much yes... I barely sleep, I hate the sun sometimes...insomnia took over a few years ago

what's your favorite animal?
Hi new and lion definitely there sooooo brave.

Whats your favorite kind of dog???
Welcome!!!! and that would be, the Akita, or the Husky, or the Alaskan Malabut or hte pomeranian hehe love those...

Are you an artist?
Well yes I draw manga and anime drawings but I also do some realistic stuff too

do you read the harry potter series??
I've only read the first one, but I would like to read the others when I get the chance.

How do you like your eggs cooked?
scrambled, or omelet....something about the whites and the yolk being separated that makes my stomach queezy. I don't know what it is exactly.

What was the worst thing about your education?
Well, I didn't quite like my 1st grade teacher very much... she was mean. Sad Smilie

Anyway... What is your most favorite birthday memory, and how old were you?
I was turnin twelve and all my friends and family pied me in the face and every where and then we had a pie fight.

If you could pick any career what would it be???
I'd really like to be a writer, I think.

What's the weather like where you are?
Boiling hot and its starting to be night.

If you were a creature in lotr what would you be??

Not really sure.

Do you know someone from PT in real life? (Not for you Iess, that's cheating....)

What is your favorite Tolkien/LotR website (besides planet-tolkien)?
what do you mean besides planet-tolkien? hehe this is the best, there is no beside..!!

What's the farthest away from your own city that you have ever been? (state your city)

what is your favorite Sindarian word?
Dont have one.

Do you wear glasses?????

What color is your hair?
Blond right now but im gonna put reddish purpleish foils in it

What is your favorite kind of pet????

What sort of music do you like?
Christian and Alternative

Do/did you like school when you went?
Uhh its ok ya know

Whos your favorite comedian???
Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy

Who is your favorite artist?
I don't know...I have never thought about it, but I will pick Van Gogh for now.

Do you like seafood? and why or why not?
well, no. not at all. my brother and dad are crazy about it, but me... no. I can't even stand the smell, and I don't like the looks of it... kinda slimy and... um... doesn't matter.

do you listen to music while surfing through the net?
yup i listen to Aol Radio, either All Green Day or Classic Rock

Have you ever been to MIddle-earth?
Only in my dreams.

Do you like lemon meringue pie?
Ive never tasted it
Are you a good listener ?
I think so, yes. (and I hope so.)

why did you choose to take your very nickname?
Coz I love Mellon , and I hope to be everyones friend...
Do you often go to parties ?
no, only seldom. there are not that many parties in my area... at least I'm not invited. :p

what's your craziest hobby?
hmm.....craziest hobby eh? I don't know....i like to get tattoos...but not like, all the time...just every once in a while! Smile Smilie

what was the last CD you bought, and why did you buy it?
movie nights, a cd with old movie songs, such as I wanna be loved by you performed by marilyn monroe and similar things. because I love old songs and the cd features over the rainbow which I've been looking for for some time... *sigh*

do you like coke?
I think it's ok. I rarely drink it, and I cannot drink a whole can. Sometimes I crave the fizziness though.

Do you like to be around crowds?
Sure , I Smile Smilie am a LION
Do you often sing KARAOKE ?
at least not when I'm in public... that would be baaaad.

do you like fashion magazines?
Nope, tomboy...

What types of books besides fantasy do you like?
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