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Both Irish and Scottish Smile Smilie
What's your favourite place on earth?
Anywhere with my friends.

Do you think you can sing?
yeah...and if I can't sing after 8 years of private lessons and performing constantly even still then i really wish someone would slap me upside the head and point it out.... =P

Do you enjoy going to rodeos or even know what a rodeo is?
I've attended a few in my time. I remember back in High School I went to one in Lind, Washington with a couple buddies and it was cold, windy, and rainy. The best thing about it was the hot dogs that only cost 50 cents each and really warmed us up. I ate three of them that gloomy afternoon. We always went to the rodeo at our county fair each year too, but never made it to the Pendleton Roundup or the Omak Stampede.

I like watching the bull-riding best, though the calf-roping and bull doging and barebackriding are also exciting. Barrel-riding is rather ho-hum as far as I'm concerned.

Do you ever watch NASCAR on TV or in person; or even care or know what it is?

I know what it is but it's not my favourite thing to watchSmile SmilieWhen I was young I went to Sweden with friends and watch my friends father in DRAGRACING That's the closest I've seen cars in puplicSmile Smilie
Do you visit Zoos'?
Not often, I don't like seeing animals in cages and most zoos aren't up to standard.

If, for no particular reason, you start to think of an old friend, you wonder how they're doing, but you haven't spoken to them in ages, do you call them?
Sometimes I do ..but the funny thing is that old friends never seem to disappear
What's is your favourite animal ?
Ooo, it's a hard question... but I think I like thrushes most. But it is rather ironic that my second favourite animal just so happens to be the cat.

Can you give me any inspiration for a paper on politics and cultural changes and continuities in the Gupta India?
i dont think i can give you inspiration, but the culture of the place is interesting to some but try this Gupta Empire (you probably know this anyway Orc Smiling Smilie

Is it possible to cry under water???
Not really, for as soon as you snort, you get a snoot full of chlorinated water that sets off the sinuses and you have to come up for air and relief from the pain.

Where did you get that hat? Not wearing one, then where did you put that hat? Didn't have one, then what have you got against hats?
Well, I put it in some dark musty corner of my closet, of course...

Ever felt like jumping out the window and FLYING?
yes and no! Sometimes I'm jumping out of the window, but flying is hard living on ground floor; it's been difficult to get a flying start until now.

Is it possible to cry under water without shedding any tears?
Yes, but you will make a bubble. You can cry without shedding tears if you aren't sad. For instance, 'Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war!' Town criers seldom shed any tears during their rounds.
What are your plans for the next week ?
My plans for next week are to pay my monthly bills, visit my foot doctor, work the PT website, play computer games, and do a little cooking, eating, and sleeping.

I see I forgot to leave a question last time; that seems to be typical for me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you listen to college football on the radio, either European or American? I'm currently listening to my Alma Mata, Washington State whump Idaho 49 to 2 at the start of the fourth quarter. We only have to win two games for it to be a successful season for me; we have to beat both Washington and Idaho. Idaho just scored a touch down and extra point with about twelve minutes to go.
nope, i go the american football games in person instead and my sister's football games 3x a wk as well. I only go to the a. football games to see the cute army guys do push-ups when our team scores which is something my father doesn't understand but i think its a good reason. =)

Have you seen the movie "the gridiron gang"?
Never heard of it either.

What do you do when you're nervous?
bite my lip...I've been learning to drive lately, and I have a nice big sore on the inside of my lip from me biting it so often! lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What is something you always do when you feel sick/down?
Snuggle up under my duvet and listen to music. Enya, if I'm feeling sick cos it's soft and soothing; Third Day or Delirious? or other such uplifting music if I'm feeling down.

What/where's the most fun place you've been to?
Mazatlan, Mexico. I adore it there, definitely one of my fav. vacation spots, and there's lots of cute native boys too, which is always a plus.

Did you see "Snakes on a Plane?"
Nope I haven't seen itSmile Smilie
When did you last dress up for a party ?
I loved Snakes on a Plane, was so freaky but funny as well Orc Smiling Smilie

The last time i dressed up for a party was a family get-together where i dressed up as a dark magician, the kids loved it anyway

Why are people scared of spiders??? They cant even harm you Orc Going Huh Smilie well apart from the dangerous ones Orc Smiling Smilie
Because spiders are so small you don't know where they might be hiding. In this neck of the woods, we have the Black Widow (shiny black with a red hourglass on abdomen) and the Brown Recluse (dusty grey-brown color) both of whose bites are deadly. The furry Tarantula is much larger and looks scary, even if it isn't dangerous. However almost all spider bites will raise a welt and burn or itch for a few hours or days.

I had my hand about two inches away from a black widow one day as a teenager. I was hoeing weeds in a pasture on my fathers farm and there was this old tire laying on the ground which was in the way of some weeds growing out of its center. I put my bare hand into it and and picked it up to move it out of the way. Needless to say, when out of the corner of my eye I caught the glimpse of something shiny black. Super Scared Smilie I dropped the tire like a hot potato and shook for about ten minutes. After that I investigated and seeing its definitive red hourglass, I killed the poor critter. From that day on, I used a hoe or a stick instead of my bare or gloved hands to poke around in dark places.
good explanation, but you forgot to post your question
No, this was the second time I wrote this and lost it the first time so rather than editing the original I decided to save it, even before spell checking.

What are you most afraid of?
Losing my memory, if i lost it, i think i would go mad, i have so much i want to remember

I know this has been a repetitive question but i just have post it again but slightly modified Orc Smiling Smilie

Can you shed tears under water???
Yes, they just merge with the rest of the water

Can you chew gum and walk down the street at the same time?
hmmm i think women are more effective in this, they are the gender that betters at multi-tasking, but i think i could do it Orc Smiling Smilie

Has anyone ever egged or toilet papered your house???
No Smile Smilie but on my wedding day some friends of ours took toiletpaper all over inside our appatement..I was not happySad Smilie
Do you watch LOST on the telly ?
Never have, never will.

How many eggs do you eat per week?
none, i don't eat eggs. Those things are disgusting.

Have you read the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer or seen the movie version?
Unfortunately, no, I want to though, but I don't have the patience for the 'old english'.

Who is your favorite television character (and from what show?)?
My favorite character from a t.v. show has got to be "Hawkeye" Pierce from the show "M*A*S*H*". Don't ask me why, because as I sit here and think about it, at first I didn't even have a favorite, but he came to mind, though which qualities of his make him my fav, I don't know...odd.

Do you find the concept of pregnancy completely mind-boggling, that a female creature can grow life inside of her and wholly sustain it, then deliver it into the world and have you ever marvelled at this?
Yeah, I think it's quite amazing. Something that starts out as a tiny little speck, having all the necessary "blue-prints", grows into a fully functioning, complex life form... complete with body, soul & spirit... personality & purpose. It's totally boggling to think that for that period of time, the mother is not one person, but two: a life within a life.

I pondered all this a couple of years ago when a friend of mine became pregnant. I have absolutely no maternal instincts myself though and plan on passing up this experience.

How do you view the concept of forgiveness, what's your opinion on the matter? - and I'm not just talking about the little things that are easy to forgive.
Deep question Smile Smilie Forgive ? That are many things that can be forgiven but never forgotten ..First break up with your boyfriend coz he kissed or was unfaithful with your girlfriend? Hard to forgive and forget but when time passes by it's long gone..But when it comes to a deeper matter ..say:abusing children/innocent people ..Who can forgive something like that ..Murder ? I won't even go there..
Do have many friends that know you or few who really know you ?
Can't answer that considering even I don't really know myself Smile Smilie

probrably, this following question has been asked many times but I'll ask it again
WHats your favourite place in Middle-earth?
Today it is probably Hobbiton, or any place in the Shire, for I'm tired of all the troubles going on in the real world and I'd like a little more peace and quiet of hobbit normality.

Where would you rather be in the real world today or tomorrow?
hmm....I"d like to be in Ireland...just me and my fianc’e...we've never vacationed anywhere, and that's where we'd like to go.

What is your favorite food?
Unroasted Marshmallows!

Are you in the habit of biting your nails?
yes, *puts head in shame* Very Sad Smilie i dont know why but whenever i try to stop i find myself doing it. I slap my hand but it dont work Orc Grinning Smilie

Does anyone listen to its a great site for listening to all sorts of fantasy music.
have u listened to za frumi yet loss? i do believe it is the first station my parents havent' yelled at me for....which is a miracle cuz i didn't think metal was that bad, but oh well. And i bite my nails too, well not anymore since i have braces which make it impossible...that can only be a plus.

What is your favorite work of davinci? (mine is virtruvian man.)
no it hasnt come up in the playlists!!! i really would like to listen to it, ARG soon it might, if i listen to it long enough. The suspense!!! Yay, well why should they yell about it, its a great station, all gentle music with occasional harsh instumentals tis all Orc Smiling Smilie

The Vitruvian Man is my favourite too, i like his Mona Lisa, i would love to go and stare into the originals for hours and see all the different strokes and shades of colour, as probably none of us are even allowed to even be 7 meters away and even then there is bullet-proof glass and alarms about Orc Smiling Smilie but my favourite is Vitruvian Man

What is your favourite classical music instument??? (mine is violin along with cello and piano)
As Antonio Vivaldi is my favorite classical composer, I'll have to of for the violin; though Johann Sebastian Bach's harpsichord renditions make that instrument a close second. Mozart's music is all excellent, but I can't choose a single instrument that is better than the rest for his instrument, well maybe the piano. I also love the classical guitar and its music, so that might be tied for second or maybe slightly ahead of the harpsichord. Okay, in this order: violin, piano, guitar, and harpsichord.

So how do you like school (or what ever you are doing if you're not in school) this year?
i hate school. that about sums it up. they are remodeling the high school so the halls/classrooms all flooded when it rained this week which was really gross and the teachers seem to enjoy handing out ridiculous porjects 5 days before the due date over a stinky break and grrrrrr. yeah, i prefered homeschooling much more.

what's your favorite pizza topping?
MUSHROOMS!!!!! I love the little fungi! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What did you have for your last meal?
Mashed potato, gravy and a meat pie, yum, although im not a great lover of pie........or potato.......... but mmmmmmmmm i loooooooove gravy Orc Smiling Smilie

Have you ever spun yourself round and round and round until you cant take it anymore and go flying across the room or field???
Yeah! That's so much fun! I used to do that a lot with my cousin when she was smaller - I would take her by the arms and swing her round and round until we almost fell over. Wooohooo!

Can you see mountains from your window?
No the cedar and fir trees are blocking their view. If I go a mile south to the Warren Avenue Bridge, I can see: to the southeast, Mount Rainer (in the Cascade Mountain Range) and in the west, the Olympic Mountain Range. If I go a mile east to the top of a hill, I can see the Cascade Mountain Range far to the east on the other side of Seattle.

How many hats do you own?
Only 1 that I bought in Portugal last summer ..but I have a lot of caps thoughHappy Elf Smilie
Have you ever been on a trip with your school ?
If school camps and day excursions count, then yes, I've been on quite a few, but none in particular really stand out enough for me to bother mentioning them.

If there was an oscar for the best home video director/editor - do you think you might have a chance at winning it? And why?
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