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Try to figure it out by myself Smile Smilie
What's your favourite jewellery ?
probably my necklace that i friend bought me, its a red stone with a rune on it, then it would be my preciousssssssssssssss ring

What do you think of Adam Sandler and his films??? i love them
I think some of them are good , specially 50 first dates with Drew Barrymore
What kind of salad do you like`?
The kind that is still green.

Do you think it is good to fear?
Yes, otherwise the human race would not have lasted long against all the 'lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!.' Let alone the sabre tooth tigers or dinosaurs (I know, I know they didn't coexist). The fearless would have picked-up a fallen branch and said, "Shoo!" and been mauled to death and probably eaten, Instead the fearful cried out, "Run away! Run away!" and lived yet another day to give the critturs a second chance on the morrow.

Have you ever caught a fish? Expound on the subject.
nope i haven't, which is really pathetic when u consider i've been fishing w/ my fam since before i can remember. They always either get away or i'm not there and someone else pulls it in, which doesn't really count. I was once so determined to catch a fish i spent almost 8 hours sitting with my pole and still managed to not get a single bite. =P Its always been a bit of a sore spot and i've since retired fishing for sunbathing in a boat and letting the poor fish live.

have you seen the new Pirates movie?
Sure have Smile Smilie I love the costumes and the special effects they've made for this one !! And of course Johnny Depp is doing such a great job as CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
What are your plans for today ?
It's already about 5pm over here, so here's what I've done today - I have three morning classes, so I got up early to go to uni. After class, I had lunch with my friends and had some group discussions for assignments. Then I went to the comp lab to complete my part for my assignment and also come online (right now). After this, I'm going to my dorm to take a shower and rest. Then I'm cooking for dinner, do my homework for tomorrow, go online for a while, read a few more chapters of the book I'm currently reading and then sleep.

My life is so boring, lol.

Have you ever thought about changing your career? Or have you changed jobs before?
Well...that's a tricky little question. I'm fresh out of college, and still trying to find a job that doesn't include saying "would you like to supersize that?". I have changed 'jobs' before, but I still have to find a 'career' then, I'll let you know! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

do you sometimes feel lonely, even though there are a lot of people around you?
Oh, yes. Sometimes I feel so lonely, even when I'm in my room and my family is at home talking, laughing, etc. And there are the moments when I feel extremely lonely (with my feelings, moods, thoughts) however I know, that I have friends and a loving family.

Do you like poetry? Who is your favourite poet?
Yes, I love poetry - though I don't read it often enough. William Blake would have to be my favourite... I also like a lot of Tolkien's poems/songs in LotR, etc.

What's your greatest accomplishment thus far?
Not fading.
I believe this is a great thing; opportunities for my existence to cease surround me every day. Thus far, my soul and body are still intact. Pretty cool thing, no? I don't know if I coherently said what I mean, but I did say what I meant Orc Smiling Smilie

Have you ever been peer-pressured in to doing something? How did it go?
Hmm....ya...many times...I'm normally a pretty good person, and I only hang out with people who, you know, don't smoke, drink or do i was normally getting pressured to do silly things. I remember one time, there was a jukebox in our school cafeteria, and they had the Moffats in there, and this was WELL after they were no longer i was pressured into going over there and playing the CD...I ended up making like $5 though, so it wasn't a complete waste! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie lol lmao

Don't you hate it when you have an itch, and just as you go to itch it, another one starts, and it just keeps going!??!?!?
Yes I do it;'s the worst think in the world you feel awful when you can't stop it.where would you like to be at the moment?.Explain.
i would like to be back on the top of my childhood home, The Malvern Hills, i loved running around those hills, miles and miles they went on for, see the whole of Malvern and beyond, legend has it you can see Russia, of course its only a legend. I love it there, i would love to return one day......

If life was a square, which part of it would you be on???
The flat part between all those peaks and valleys that differentiate our daily lives.

What time of day do you have your evening meal and what do you call that meal?
I have my evening meals at around 8pm and I call it dinner. But if I go out for late-night drinks then it's supper. But the word 'supper' is hardly used here.

Have you taken any form of martial arts?
I took one class, but it was with my brother's cub scout troop. The teacher said that I kicked like a blackbelt.....o^_^o

What's your favorite book?
Umm...I have a lot. I read a lot...I really liked Memoirs of a Geisha, and of course, LotR...including the Hobbit, Sil, and Unfinished Tales...umm...and a bunch more books! I can't many words!

Who will eat the last piece of pizza?!?
If it doesn't have anchovies, I will. I seldom eat fish and I dislike salty hair. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Are your jeans distressed?
Yes, strangely enough, the pair I bought a couple weeks ago had a little tag on them that said they were distressed... so I decided to rescue them from the store and take them home with me to live a sheltered life in my closet (except of course when I'm wearing them).

Next would agree that when a clothing label says it's 'made to fade' the manufacturers were just to cheap to finish off the dying process properly and so came up with those labels to make it sound cool.
Yes, the same way as, 'For your convenience, this garment was not sanferized.', which allowed you the honor of finding out it had shrunk two sizes the first and only time you got it back from the wash.

Why does time pass so slowly when we are young and so swiftly when we get old?
Hard to say really.Maybe the time is concentrated upon yourself when you are young "you are in the moment" and when you got kids or married you share your time with others ? But really when we get older we should also BE in the moment ..Don't know ..Time passes by to fast Smile Smilie
What is the best history book you've read ?
European History: 1939-1945. It was in my course at school.

What's your greatest amibition at he moment? the moment?! I don't really know. I guess I just want to be happy, and find something that I like doing.

What was your favourite year in school?
1963-4, my final Senior year at Uni. I was newly married and didn't have to play the dating game. This meant I was able to study my rear-end off, resulting in some pretty good grades those final two semesters.

What has been the best thing about the first two-thirds of this Summer?
Playing Halo2, saying goodbye to friends, and anticipating moving into the dorms/starting college Orc Grinning Smilie

What is your favorite photograph?
hmmm....i don't know. I don't really have a favorite. I did see one a few years ago, that i later painted, of a family of elephants walking across the plains as the sun was rising behind them. I liked it. I like a lot of photos tho (as long as I'm not in them!).

What was your biggest acheivment of the summer?
managing to go an entire 4 hour concert without losing a single piece of clothing ^_^ i suppose it is a sort of stupid acheivement but it was big for me, and my parents were actually glad to see me for once, which is a complete miracle for those of you who don't know my parents. =P

Would you rather take a government course or psychology course?
Urg! Neither, but if I had to choose I'd go for Psychology, simply because it's less boring. My sister studied Psychology and from what she told me I get the feeling that most of the stuff they teach is absolute rubbish. Freud has to be the most messed up guy I've ever heard of.

Why does the earth turn anti-clockwise (when looking at it from above the North Pole) and not the other way around?
I believe I learned in Astronomy class about forty years ago, that everything in the Solar System rotates in the anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) direction when viewed from above the Sun's and Earth's North Pole, as that is the direction that the original primordial disk rotated before the Sun formed.

What is/was for dinner at your house tonight, it's my dinnertime and I'm hungry.
It's the day after our aniversery. My bonny wife were out on a "girlish" evening yesterday so we celebrate with a pepper beef tonight. - Would you care to join in Grondy?

Why do most of us prefer summer to fall? Or is it only me?
I had a wonderful diner today,imam baildi it a tourkish dish we cook in greece it means the priest fainted in tourkish.It is eg-plant filed with onions ,tomatoes and garlic.It is quite filling and delicious!What have you done in the past 3 hours?
I've spent them with my children visiting my parents and watched TV Smile Smilie
When did you last buy a CD and what was it ?
Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack...about 4 months ago!

What was the last thing you ate? was it good?
i think it was toast, 2 pieces, with butter, i say 'i think' as i have a very short memory span Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Look at the bottom right of your screen, whats the time???
6:42 pm

which is better? chocolate milk, white milk, or strawberry milk?! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Grape milk.

I never saw a Purple Cow,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I'd rather see than be one.

- A Purple Cow Cow Sleeping Smilie
- Mr. Gelett Burgess

Have you ever curdled milk on purpose using lemon juice or vinigar?
Yeah, to make cottage cheese.

Are you a good cook?
Kinda, but I'm much better at baking (probably cos I've got a real sweet tooth)

Why do most of us prefer summer to fall? Or is it only me?

I also prefer summer, Rafael, I think it's because the general warmth and brightness of summer creates a likeness of atmosphere/mood - everything's warm and alive and growing - it's wonderfully uplifting. Winter brings about an instinctive hibernation mode, which makes people feel more sleepy and therefore, more grumpy, because we can't sleep, we have to work just as hard in winter as we do in summer... but that's just my opinion.

Who's the most captivating person you know? (someone you know personally)
That would be my loving husbandHappy Elf Smilie
What are the colours in your living-room ?
taupe and beige with pink blinds because my father is a cheapskate and won't give mum and i the money to buy matching ones, grrrr.

City or country girl or guy?
City, though I'm a country boy at heart.

What color is your blouse/shirt?
It's a turquoise-ish green halter.

What did you have for dinner?
Spar Ribs with a green salad and potato-boats in the oven with salt and pepper ..very goodSmile SmilieSmile Smilie
Are you romantic ?
I'd like to think so...

Have you ever seen the anime "Trigun"?
No way...i cant stand anime's or anything like it...

Have had a nap somewhere outdoors, like a field or a forest?
Yeah a few times. But all in the local parks or lawns.

Would you rather cycle or rollerblade?
CycleSmile Smilie I often do that
When did you last invite friends/family over for a meal?
It was about 2 days ago, my gran stayed for a while as my gramps is ill in hospital so, to help her out, she had dinner with us

What is your favourite accent??? eg: Scottish, Aussie.........
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