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I can't remember her name and i barely remember what she looked like but I do remember running around her and a group of her friends when I was about 5 yrs old pretending to be an airoplane, trying to impress her, I seem to remember her not being overly impressed at all and *go away!!* was about the nicest thing she ever said to me, my effects on the fairer sex don't seem to have gotten much better over the years!!!

Did you laugh at the story I just told or did you feel sorry for me?
I laughed, so cute! And you have charmed us girls at #tolkien so now you are just fishing for sympathy.

Would you have been impressed by Airplane-Rhodry a that age? I might Smile Smilie
Being a guy I most likely would have joined him and tried to shoot him down with twin vickers machine guns.

What do you live for?
Trust me, I'm still finding out the reason why I live. Quite frankly, I'm not sure anyone has.

What would be the last thing you do before you die?
Take a deep breath... hehe
Seriously... I'd probably remember the good times I had!

Where will you choose to live, if you were given the chance? (any real or imaginary place will do)
I'd wanna be at Helm's Deep, fighting a war and if applicable, dying with honor.

What would make you feel that your life's been a successful and meaningful one?
To be remembered... or to have been loved! *still not sure, though leaning to the latter*

Who's the most important person for you?
Alas! That person has caused me more pain than anyone else....

Where would we all be if there were no JRRT and his works?
I'd still be enjoying Maths, anything French, while considering Shakespeare and any other English writer over-rated!

What do u think happens to Dwarves when they die?
Intersting question, and this has actually come up between my friends where I live, and we came to the somewhat odd conclusion that when Dwarves die they are reincarnated back into their own family line.

If you had to stay at one age for the remainder of your life, how old would you be?
C'mon, even Elves age! But if I were to pick, I'd say anywhere between 18-25!

What's the most important thing u've done so far in your life?
I got up this morning and the world was still here. That may not seem important, but just consider the alternative. Nuff said!

Can you read music?
yes, I sing, and play the piano and flute.

Do you like to cook?

Are you a member of the human race?
No, I'm a Kiwi. We're snobby and better then everyone else, we'd never stoop so low and say we're human.

If given the choice between being a lighthouse keeper or a multmillionaire, which would you choose?
Well, I would like to be a multilillionaire. Then I would use the money to build my own lighthouse and then spend the rest of my days being a lighthouse keeper.

Would you rather have cats or dogs as pets?

How long have you been online?
Ummmmmm I dont know I think maybe 6 months????

Who do you like better
Vee Or Amarie????????

Tiger_Eyes :Wolf:
Both are great and equally love'd in my eyes.

What has been your longest lasting hobbie/interest so far?
Guitar and music has been my longest lasting hobby/interest for my life thus far.

If you could talk to only one person (living or dead) for the rest of your life, who would it be?
The person whom I love Happy Elf Smilie
I shall donate a question for Arco....

How old are you?
twenty nine yrs 6 months

How old do you wish you were?
22 Life was less complicated then.

Name one terrific thing about the place where you live.
the 02 Winter Olympic Park, stadium, etc. are only about 15 min. drive from my house. The park is just across the junction from me.

If you could be any character in any book, who would you be and why?
Well, well, well. Shall we guess what book Loni's gonna choose. TLOTR!!!!! (Why did I join this site?) And let's see. What character? Process of elimination. I think I wouldn't like to be Merry, cause he get's all bumped about in a bag on a horse. And Pippin gets sat on by a troll. And Frodo - don't exactly like the idea of the pain and exhaustion and hunger in Mordor. Which rules Sam out too. Elrond! Perfect! Get to stay home and do nothing but still have recognition cause once I DIDN'T stay home. And I have Vilya.

Are you a wab, a wabwab, or a wab-ti-wab?
That is none of your bees-wax, young lady! Wink Smilie

How are you today?
I've got a day off, so I am fine thank you very much.

What do you have as a background on your PC?
Whoa, Val, it's really a surprise to see you posting here! Anyways, speaking of my backgrounds, mine change everytime i restart the pc. I've got a pretty good collection btw, ranging from LOTR, Pink Floyd, Nirvana to football (The football collection is awesome I must say!!), Formula 1 and some nice nature photoes as well!

Right now, I've got Johan Cruyff resting on my desktop. He was one of those gods!!

Which one of these will you have on YOUR desktop?

What company made your computer?
Packard bell

what was the last really good book you read?
The Saga of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin.

What's your fav. type of music?
Progressive Rock

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Well, I managed to jump up and down, singing the Kenyan national anthem with a rubbish bin on my head. Three times in a row. Every day for three years, two months, and sixty seven and a quarter days, three minutes, ten million seconds, and I forget how long for after that.

But seriously, folks.....

No, m'dear, I value my sanity. Wink Smilie

What is the longest trip you have ever taken?

From lil ole NZ to big bad an ugly U.S of A, 12 hrs form Auckland to LA, nother 6 or 7 hrs including waiting at the airports, to Rochester. I couldn't sleep a wink on the plane cause of the aircon, and I hardly slept at all the night before I left and the plane left at 2pm so I'd had most of a day awake too, so I was rather tired when I finally made it, me and Mellie went shopping on the way home and the very first thing I did was drop 4Ltrs(1gln) of milk in the middle of the super market, thank god it was like 2 am in the morning and there was no one else but mel around to see it, which was bad enogh, talk about first impressions Sleeping Smilie Ignore Smilie

where in the world would you like to go for a holliday?

Japan...for New Years. My family celebrates Japanese New Year, but I think it would be cool to actually be in Japan for New Year's.

What's your favorite type of material? (eg. silk. velvet, etc.)
Well, you've got me there. Not cotton. Hmmmmm.................................................... Not silk.............................................................................................. Not polyester...................................................
.........................VELVET!!!!! It's so soft and fluffily non-fluffy. Well, now I have a favourite material. nyahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Can YOU speak a different language?
Why yes loni I can!...Spanish, a little Japanese, and as you know, I'm learning Quenya!

If you could communicate with one certain race of animal, which animal would you chose?
Cows ...........of course.....something like *please stop pooing on me, please stop standing on my foot, please don't go over there, please go in the milking shed, please stop pooing in the milking shed, please get out of the milking shed*..............Arhhh, if only life was so easy....sigh
*Wanders off to clean cow poo off self*

baked beans or spagetti?

(ps, I'd like to introduce Goober the Jersy cow, who has kindy agreed to stand there in the corner and be my Avatar for an infinite period time, and look cute and cuddly. She has even agreed not to poo in the forums as long as I let her out for grass and toilet breaks, Thanx Amarie for helping me get her here Smile Smilie )
If you mean that horrible tinned spagetti in tomato sauce I 'd have to say baked beans. But if you mean real spagetti, it would win hands down.

Which possession would you miss most if you were to lose it?
I would have to say the silver and opal necklace my dad gave me for my 18th birthday, my sister has a matching one. There are only two of them in the world as they were made for us. It means a great deal to me. However if you could call friends a possession and i lost them, then i would be truely heart broken.

On a happier note:

Name a quality within yourself that you admire.
Resolve, I know what I believe and I stand by it.

What kind of car do you drive?
1999 Chevrolet Tahoe. Not really my choice, but I can't complain. It runs.

How many inches long are your arms(please actually measure)?

Great avatar, Rhodry. She's purrty.Smile Smilie
That depends on where you measure from; however, from finger-tip to finger-tip measures 70 inches (179 cm) which exceeds my height by about three inches.

Which leg do you place into your trousers/pants/slacks first Question Smilie
Strange question, however, usually my left.

If you could be another person for 24 hours, who would you be and why?
If I could be a different person for 24 hrs, I would definitely forgo the oppurtunity because I like the way my life is going and I'm thoroughly contented with it. I'm doing everything I want to do and what more could I actually want?

What kind of musical instrument do u like the sound of?
Piano, cello, oildrums.

Which musical instruments do you play?
I can play the guitar, but I can also bang out a few tunes on the panio...or I used to be able to. Big Smile Smilie

Do you live in a town, a city, or out in the country?
I live in a city, but I really want to live in the country. . .

Do you play any sports?
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