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Jerusalem, around 30 A.D. or so, to see Jesus work some of his miracles - preferably not his death, though. The Passion of the Christ made that all too real. (Moderators, if that is in any way against the no-religion rule, I'll put in my second favorite period, but please don't make me - it's merely what I would choose.)

Do you - in full honesty - worry about what other people may or may not think of you and why or why not ?
to be honest i wud mind slightly if people kept trashing me again and again , but not too much. i believe people are THERE only to talk and its quite useless to give a damn about them. i only care for people who provide me with useful constructive criticism coz that helps me to grow and become better.

If your friend is doing something wrong or evil then wud u correct him and risk breaking your friendship with him or wud u just watch him do it without giving a fig. explain ?
No , i would step in and tell him that he is wrong.

Did you ever see a episode of Smurfs?
Ah yes, I remember those little blue and white freaks of nature, I think I saw an episode or two, never cared for it much

What about Battle of the Planets? Remember that? Along with Thundercats!

Hmmm, um No? I don't think I know those shows.

How about Lost in Space?

How old are you?
Twenty, if you must know...

What's your favourite season and why?
Autumn, because my birthdays happens during it, and it's the start of football season! yay! OMG, i can't believe i like football, my dad must be rubbin' off on me...

If you could meet any person in the world, from any time in history, or now... who would it be and what would you tell them?
It would be King Richard Lionheart. I would say > Can i get a tour of your castle? < (coudnt come up with anything better, sorry)

What kind of cake do you like best?
Ooo, now this is a difficult one!!

Hmmm... Let me think...

Weeeeeell - I think it would be a...

Chocolate fudge cake!

No, wait...

Strawberry cheesecake!

Er.. Hold it...

Hmmm... Carrot cake!

Oh this is just too much !! I've read through the thread & there are some very good, quirky & 'deep' questions & answers, but this just takes the biscuit!! How on earth do you expect me to choose between my preciousssss cakesssess then !?!

Moving on, as I drool a wee bit... Pixie Smilie

What colour are the socks you are wearing today?
Guess what i was just sayign to my friend, Wolverinewab? I said "This is a cool threac! The question could be somethign silly likel what colour are your socks? And I loigged in; and it was! White. uniform regulatilon. I'm in schooll.
You may not believe this, or knowing me, maybe you wil, but just not the reason for it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Black on the right foot and speckled grey with a red top on the left.

(Under a black boot on the right and a dirty cream felt foot protector on the left to keep from wearing holes in the side of my left foot.)

Do you end up with an odd number or an even number if you divide the number of your keyboard function keys by the number of your mouse buttons Question Smilie (Don't include the wheel if you have one.)
As much as I would love to, I am not about to count the keys on my keyboard!

Ok, maybe I will....................................................................Odd?

Are you wearing glasses?
Yes, sunglasses

What has been your most embarrassing moment?
Ooo, thers a lott of them. But right now i cant remember any special ones.

In what kind of house do you live?
In a very normal, brick house. I don't know what else to say about it! It has one floor, it's not small but not too large either, and it has big garden around it.

What are you wearing?
Clothes, you see I am partial to clothes, I threw away my barrel several years back.

Where do you keep your keys?
Depends which keys. One i keep in a flower pot, one in the hall, ...well all of them in the hall.

Color of your eyes?
Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue! Big Smile Smilie I'm very partial to my eyes. Wink Smilie

Can you swim ?
Yes, and I have my own built in water-wings.

What's your favourite breakfast?
My sister's homemade cinnamon rolls.

How tall are you?
5' 5" Smile Smilie

How much do you weigh???? Angel Smilie
187 lbs.

Have you seen Mutant X Question Smilie Who's your fave? What type would you want to be?
{my fave's in order are adam, emma, shal, lexa, jesse, brennan; i'm a feral baby! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie }
Haven't seem it.

Do you wear boots?
yes, i wear boots!

what books, besides the LOTR trilogy and all others written by Tolkien, are your favorite?
The five volume Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Are you wearing a digital watch Question Smilie
No, I don't have a watch but if I did it would be a digital watch because telling time takes too long for me. Seriously.

Can you tell time?
I rather belive I can.

Are you male?
No, Im female

How many languages can you speak?
i can speak finnish and english

Whats the best thing about being the age you are?
you don't have to make too many serious decisions!!

Why did you pick that avatar(if you have one)?
Cause i cant use my D&D ones so this is the next best.

Do you have a love in your life?
No, but I wish I did...

What's your hair color?
Blonde Wink Smilie

What kind of books do you read?
Fantasy and Horror, the real world is too...real.

Who's your favorite author?
jrr tolkien/ jk rowling
Favorite place to vacation?

What size shoe do you wear?
UK size 8 - big feet for a woman lol

Who's the person you most look up to?
My brother (he's sooooooo tall). Very Big Grin Smilie
Really, my mum. She's a saint. She has so much patience and has put up with a lot of nasty stuff without giving up. If I'm a tenth as good a mother as she is I'll be pleased.

What would you request as your last meal ever?
Some great chicken, potatoes and corn, and for desert some nice cake, pie and icecream.(a big meal , eh?)
And what question would you like to ask the next person to post?
What is your phobia?
I'm afraid of big, hairy spiders. Even seeing them in movies freaks me out. Even thinking of them does. Super Scared Smilie

What was the best day of your life so far?
I don't think I have a best day. I have best days though. they would be mostly when I'm on snow and snowboarding when the snow is fresh and the air is crisp and clear. Ahhhhh the thought of it!!! Juggling Smilie

Who are your best friends in PT?
hobbithomie(some numbers) and gandalfthegrey
u guys are awesome friends

Do u play baseball or fast pitch or slow pitch?
When asked how he came to grow so old without any big health problems, Winston Churchill cheerily replied: "No sports." And I'll stick to that too.
Elk Grinning Smilie

Do you have a beard or another type of hairgrowth on your face?
Nope, no facial fluff of any kind

Worst song youve ever heard?
Come Clean, by Hillary Duff. I think she has no talent whatsoever and that her voice is whiny. Also, the song makes NO SENSE!!! (sorry if this offends anybody) BTW... If you ppl think that i hate her because im a jealous 15-year-old-girl, you're only partially right, my brother and his friends love her, so hearing about her and seeing her face just made me sick, and h=now i cant stand her.
Orc Going Huh Smilie << ok

Who is the one person on your mind right now and why?
(and i hate that Hilarry Duff too)

What kind of pets do you like?

Where do you keep your computer?
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