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Never been the sporting type, I guess-the closest thing I ever do to playing sports is occasionally whipping my husband's sorry bottom at poker(Texas Hold 'Em) or chess. My family and I also enjoy catch&release bass fishing once in a while, and it is nice to go hiking sometimes, but I don't know if those qualify as sports, really...

Who is your favorite person in the whole world?
I'd have to say my mom because she's always there for me, no matter what and has put up with a lot of bull- um poo from me the past 15 years.

What is/ was your favorite subject in school and why? Do you intend on taking this subject further (ex: History - curator/ historian)
SCience!!!!! I'm going to be a brain surgeon. Oh yeah!!! Thirteen years training, though. Oh well! My Dad's paying, anyway.

How old are you? (oooooh, bad Loni!)
Hehe, not so bad!! I'm 19 and I don't mind saying that out loud, because above 18 makes me an adult!! :P

Hmm. I seem to have run out of questions. OK. Found one!!! A question about questions Wink Smilie

What is your favourite question?
what's ur ASL? Mainly b/c it seems to annoy u so much Floyd. Big Smile Smilie

What's your fav musical instrument?
I think my favorite instrument is the cello, with piano as a close second. I love how expressive a cello can be due to its low tones.

Were you one of those children who wouldn't eat their vegetables?

Were you one of those vegetables who were eaten by those children?
Ah, no.

Were you a child that was eaten by a vegetable?

Do you have a web camera?

Are you at home or away?
I'm away....far, far, a distant galaxy. Well actually I'm at work but my mind has long since left the planet. Only one more hour to go here at work...yippee!!

Next is someone who already has some of their holiday shopping done!
(I don't...I'm not that desperate for something to do.)
I wish-I generally don't start my holiday shopping until December, mostly because I'm always broke!

Can you count past twenty in another language?
I certainly can. German. And Maori. I WOULd demonstrate but I'm not allowed. STink. WAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever heard of the Maori language?
of course, and why arn't you in school young lady????!!!!

who is the greatest rock band of all time?
I AM in school! you silly male. It was interval when I posted that. And now it's computers, and I've FINISHED. Cause i can type, and the others can't. Heehee. The greatest rock band? The BEATLES, of course!

Cna you type?
Cna you type?
Sometimes almost better than yuo. Elk Grinning Smilie

Why is the sky blue? Has it suffered a broken relationship?
No, it is mirroring its greatest love, the sea. The sea, you see, does not love the sky in return, so it's not quite a broken relationship, it is more of an unrequited love...poor sky.

Do you think Elvis Presley is really dead?
Yup, stone cold dead and six feet under.

Do you feel the same?

What do you have in your wallet?
Eh, let me think....drivers license, $15.00, voters card, library card, a check for $35.00 I haven't cashed yet...I think that's about it.

What about you?
6 twenty pound notes, Debit card, Link card,Tesco Club card, Game Reward card, Warrent card, Easern Sea Fisheries card warning that I work in an area where I might contract Weils Disease, a list of telephone numbers, 3 more pieces of paper with more telephone numbers, a receipt for my wedding venue, an appointment card for the dentist, and something which I didn't realise was in there which has now been thrown in the bin because its way past its sell-by date.

What's your current favourite PC game?
MAFIA!!! The best game of all time. You should just give it a try. It's worth every penny!!! Alas!! Can't play Doom 3 now because I had to remove 256 MB of my RAM, so now I'm down to 256 MB RAM. But I must say, the game "looks" absolutely awesome and take my word, it's pretty scary. I also like Rise of Nations and love Counter-Strike!!!

Would you be able to beat me Counter-Strike? Wink Smilie

P.S. Mhmm. I'm really practicing Chess right now. Mil beat me yesterday in 6 moves!! Yes. You read it right, it IS 6 moves!! Oh well. I bet he won't be able to beat me in either Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA. I never concede goals!!
I seriously doubt it, considering that:A. I don't play video games, and B. I would probably be terrible at it if I tried.

Why do people feel it's necessary to wear sunglasses on a cloudy day?
Because their future is so bright they need shades to see where they're headed?

What's your favorite kind of pie and why? Who makes the best kind of this pie?
Mince and cheese. Cause it's cheesy. Um.... the microwave makes them?

How many messages have you got in your PT inbox at the moment?
Zero or as it says on my homepage, ' You currently have 0 new message(s) and 0 read message(s). '

What would you rather do or go fishing Question Smilie
Fishing all the way.

What is the exact meaning of supercalifragilisticexpealadocious?
I doubt I have clearance to reveal such valuable information.

Where are you from?
My husband will tell you that I escaped from the loony bin, but really I'm from here.

I reside in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, Mesa, Arizona, to be exact, in the U.S. The thirty-fourth block of Ellsworth Road, to be totally honest.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Oooooh.... If I have to choose: Star Wars. But I love mr Data and Spock too. Without them... Well just look at Star Trek Voyager. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Who do you look like, your mother or you father?
Character my father, but outwards a mix of the two of them and a lot of myself.

Next question: are you a coffee or a tea person?
Nassssty flavored water, precioussss. Stinks it doesss, drinks coffee we do. keep nassssty leavesessss!

Do you have hobbit feet?
Ha ha ha-okay, this is going to be super honest of me, and it is revealing something that I have always been uncomfortable with, but, well-yes, I do. They are:

1.very wide
2.very tough on the heels(I have had pretty bad problems with cracking and dryness and the skin is very thick-sorry-ew, I know. I have tried everything, though, even a small metallic cheese grater, as my doctor suggested to exfoliate the dead skin, and Eucerin cream lotion to penetrate through to the new skin, but nothing works)
3.very flat-footed

They are not hairy in anyway, though, so in that respect they are not very Hobbit-like by most standards. My husband, also a Tolkien fan, has often told me that I have Hobbit feet! At first it was funny, but now I'm totally self-conscious about it.

You had to ask, Stoney!(I'm not going to lie to you)

How about you? Do you have Hobbit feet? Let it out, people, if you do!
Beauty is only skin-deep Laurelindhe, plus it starts from the ankles up! And no, I don't think I have Hobbit feet, but that is my opinion on the subject and could be easily refuted by someone else.

On a chilly day, would you rather sit by a warm bonfire (outside enjoying nature) or by a warm fireplace (inside enjoying nature through the window)?
That depends a lot on whether it's raining. Provided it's dry, I think outside, as long as it's in a nice place.... in a wood, at the foot of a mountain, by a stream.

On holiday, would you rather sun yourself by the beach or do some hill walking?
As for the hobbit feet, Laure, you have to speak from personal experiance to ask that question. I have the hairy feet.

Hill walking would be what I would choose.

Are you an Elf?
Nope, Dunedain Wink Smilie

Elladan or Elrohir?

What brand of toothpaste do you use?


What do you mean with neither?
Not the former and likewise not the latter.

What color are your eyebrows?
Whatever color I draw them on to be!
No, brown, like my natural haircolor.

When you first learned how to drive an auto, did you ever crash or hit anything?
Nope, my instructor was really nice and patient. *thinks* I never actually hit anything while driving a car. I have my licence for a couple of years now.. Here in this country the exams are really tough, it is not like: you round a block, do some simple manoeuvres and you pass. It is an hour of driving, in traffic, highways and such.

What is the first thing you do when you climbed out of your bed?
Change my mind and go back to bed.

Wiggle Smilie

If you found a wallet in the street with lots of money in, would you take it to the Police Station or would you keep the money...?
I'd take it to the police, or I would see if there was any ID in the wallet so I could just call the owner.

What color is your hair?

Black. But they look brown in the sun. Mhmmm. I've been trying to make em brown without a hair colour for years. Finally it's paying off!


I'm so messed up!! I've bearly got any hair on my head now. *sigh* I cut my hair some days ago. Sad Smilie

Do you like Bright Eyes?
Not if they are bright and red, especially if it is looking at me from the top of a tower.

Which is your favourite drink?
Cold water, fresh out of the fridge.

Where was the last place you went on holiday?
A serious holiday? Well, I'd say Coronado Island (basically San Diego) last 4th of July. I love to hang out at the Hotel del Coronado -- it has a wonderful beach and great pina coladas! (The sand honestly shimmers like gold, and no, it's not because I had too many pina coladas. Smile Smilie) Saturday I'm leaving to Germany and England. I plan on doing a lot of hiking in Bavaria and the Lake and Peak Districts in England. I am soooo excited! I want to leave now!!! Even though I heard it's snowing in both Germany and England right now, ugh!

Do you have freckles?
Loads of them - good job the UK doesn't get that much sun - Still it's suppose to be a sign of beauty - OK whos bright idea was that. Bet it was a man trying to please a woman!!

No really I'm happy with mine Wink Smilie

Do you have any tattoos, if yes what and if no what would you have if you wanted one
NO AND NO!!! I despise tatoos Angry Elf Smilie no offense to those who like them...

What is you favorite CD
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