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umm to avoid that, SCience fiction/fantasy because that is how it is labeled in bookstores. Tongue Smilie

what is your favourite sport to play and watch
fencing, I love the action Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

What's your favourite Shakespeare drama?
by now I've only read one, as you like it, which was brilliant. I'm planning to read mcbeth soon.

are you a blood donor?
Never done that before, but I think I need to be eighteen to do it...

What kind of weather would be favourable to you?
a really foggy evening is great.....

have you got any pets?
Yupp , A black CAT named BATMAN
What kind of musoc do you like ?
I love classic orchestra, although I also have something for piano (since I play it myself) and jazz

Which is better, awake or dreaming?
dreaming when awake Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

what's your favourite PT smilieee?
It's got to be the Wiggle Smilie . It just makes me smile

What's your favourite TV sit-com?
A Scottish comedy called 'Still Game'

What animal/insect etc... do you fear the most?
spiders Super Scared Smilie urghhh... only today I found one in my room when I got up... Pixie Smilie *arghhhhhhh*

who's your most favourite person in the world?
My dear old ma Angel Smilie

How many languages can you speak fluently?
Well, since the word "fluently" is in there, I would have to say one. I can speak broken German though, and read it even better. My Spanish is incredibly rusty, but I could make due in a desperate situation.

Are you organized?
pffffff suuureeee.... jk not at all!!!! I'm a mess

Are you alergic to something that you could see on a regular day? eg. milk, cats, dust...
Yeah, I'm allergic to the icing on cakes and since my mother frequently makes them I do see them all the time. Also allergic to hamsters and rodents and that kind of thing, but don't see them enough...

What was the greatest thing ever invented?
The wheel.

If you wrote a book, what would it be titled?

arghhh... too slow!!!!!!

so, maybe: my book
or something like that... I'm not that creative... depends on what it would be about, too.....

what would be the one thing you uninvented if you could?

What do you most like about yourself?
My job

How many games have you currently got installed on your PC?
above ten below fifty.

Do you sleep with a teddy bear?

Do you own any reproductions of LotR swords?
Yes three, two different sized versions of 'Sting' and and the beautiful sabre Arwen carried on her rescue ride in PJ's movie. Because it wasn't in the book, I've forgotten its name. It is a very gracefull weapon though unweildly in practice, else my wrist is too weak to twill it.

Do you eat peanut butter sandwiches with jam, jelly, preserves, honey, mayo, or chocolate?

I have yet to try the chocolate, not having any Hersey's syrup on hand; though it might be good adding chocolate chips to the peanut butter.
Nope. I like peanut butter plain.

Do you like rocking chairs?
yes I find them rare and old looking , not to many of them nowadays
Do you like wathing videos or photoalbums ?
depends on what kind of video. But on the whole I'd say videos still. I like action...

Do you like sunrise or sunset?
sunset. i also like death better than birth....not that i like dead people....i prefer life over death but i think death is beutiful.

do you like typing?
I'm not very good at it, quite slow... making maaany mistakes... I prefer a pen whenever possible.

have you got penfriends?
Yes, she's just moved from England to NZ...lucky her...

Do you like playing with animals?
yeah, especially with my dog. she's sweet. sometimes.

would you like to go on a trip to some other planet?
Ummmm...not really.

Have you ever tried writing with a quill (with real ink)?
Nope, Ive never gotten my hands on a quill and real ink

Do you know how to rollerskate?
Yes, I learned when I was little...

What was on your letter to Santa last Christmas?
Sorry, I didn't send any letters to Santa. I did receive a couple though.

If there was one thing you could change about your town/city, what would it be?
there would be a station. almost the only possibility go get away from here is by car, and if you haven't got one...

have you ever been in a jungle?
not a real one, but a cleverly made fake one, yes.

Do you wear glasses?
do you often read newspapers ?

have you had braces
do you enjoy to cook ?

do you enjoy reading?
YES indeed !!!
Whats the most booring thing you have ever done ?
Gone to chemistry class.

what is the most thrilling experience you have had
roller coasters---Top Thrill Dragster in the front car at 125 mph

What is your favorite school subject?
English or AP Literature, tho Ap spanish wasn't so bad.

Do you prefer beef or pork tamales?
pork tamales, I never liked beef...

Do you write on your calendar?
I haven't got one.

Can you ice skate?
not well enough to compete, but I spend a majority of the time on my feet instead of my arse.

Are the leaves changing yet by you?
Yes! I love fall!

Do you like scary movies?
Umm....sometimes. It depends what kinda mood I'm in. I normally end up laughing at some of them....I laughed really hard while watching "The Grudge" SO not scary! Smile Smilie

What is your favorite kind of potato chips?
Cheesy ones

Are you schizophrenic?

Thats not the question i wanted to ask
Well i wanted to ask it preciousssss
We will only serve master, master never did anything to hurt us.
Gollum. Gollum. Gollum.
(Ha Ha Ha Smilie )
noooooo, though I do have an aunt who is... she's creepy at times, but I still visit her a lot.

Do you like ice and snow and frost?
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