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If you mean in the newspaper or on TV , I have to say NO
Do you often listen to gossip?
No. I didn't even realize our school's new "gossip code". One of my English classmates was talking about me right in front of my face and I didn't realize it.

Next knows when they are being gossiped about.
nope not really itz all good stuff about moi anyway im so loved!!!

Is maths a blah blah blah language, it kinda is for me?
uhhh, there's quite a lot of blah blah, you're probably right, but I love maths. really. think of all the things you can do with numbers!!! Merry Christmas Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie (but there you see what becomes of a mind too much concerned in maths... a sad story)

what do you most dread?
Public humiliation.

Which are your favourite colours?
Lime green, mixed with black, and cerulean blue by itself...

Have you find your "better half?"
as that Keith Urban song says...

Most certainly. He is my "better half" too, or at least we try to be that way for one another. It's probably because we are both so competitive, so anything he can do, I can do better, and vice versa, but it's all fun and games...really it is! Wink Smilie If he can climb a mountain, then I have to climb it too. If I can run a marathon, then he can do it too. And it keeps going and going...all of our friends tell us we need to join the Amazing Race...maybe one day.

Are you a competitive person?
Yes. My TaeKwonDo instructor is forever telling me to use control when we spar, but I just have one speed...GO! I was a competitive swimmer, runner, a musician, triathlete, and I do not like to lose at games. I do try very hard to be gracious in defeat...but it is hard sometimes. I have to be the best at what I do or I get mad and frustrated. THis summer my husband and I were taking sailing lessons. I got so mad that I could not tack. It was not my fault sine there was no wind while I was at the helm, but I didn't care! I was fit to be tied I was so mad. I cooled off and the wind picked up and away we went!

Question: Would you rather be in the mountains or at the beach?
I would rather be in the mountains...much colder.

Who is your favorite Rock Band?

by the might want to post questions like that in The Dual Chain Game.

Do you sometimes feel really mushy inside but find yourself too shy or unable to express it?
On occasion.

Do you sometimes leave one of the LOTR movies for background noise, but go about your business elsewhere in the house?
Of course. Who doesn't?

Do you like to read Wheel of Time?
So far it's a good read, but I'm only raely in The Great Hunt where everyone is getting on their horses: the boys to go after the horn and dagger and the girls to go to the White Tower to learn to control their power. I'm glad I started with A New Spring before reading Eye of the World.

What have you asked Santa for this Christmas?
It's in my journal Dunce Smilie

Have you been good enough for Santa to come to your house this year?
I guess he won't bother. I got what I wanted on my birthday itself. And besides, we don't have a chimney.

What's your height?
about 1,70 m.

do you also have a nasty little dog that doesn't do what you tell it to do?
No. I have an adorable, sweet, mild mannered cocker spaniel named Forrest who does what I tell him to. I also have a complex, and often stubborn but also mild mannered Weimaraner, Bailey. He listens most of the time.

DO you like summer or winter?
Do you sometimes leave one of the LOTR movies for background noise, but go about your business elsewhere in the house?

Phew... I'm so glad I'm not the only one.... Tongue Smilie

No, I don't have a dog. I've got 2 cats (Pepsi & Max) Max is soooo friendly - Pepsi would take your hand off, she doesn't like people, she just likes herself! Sometimes she lets us coast her but only when she says so!!!!!!!

Have you ever had an operation (you don't have to say what)
Woops....Sailisiro just got in before me.

I prefer winter - don't like it too hot.

Q is above.....
Once on my wrist.

Where do you usually go to hide?
in the corner of my room which is conveniently covered by curtains and my closet door. I'm trying to figure out a way to get on the roof.

Do you like dancing?
Yes, I do.

Are you afraid of heights?
surprisingly, NO! but, my boyfriend who is 6'3" is terrified of heights... weird eh?
(man...can you tell i'm canadian!?!?!?)

Do you read manga or watch anime?

Do you enjoy violence?
hmmm...lets not talk about my twisted fantasy's....

next you imagine me as a boy or a girl unless you didnt already know?
I knew you were a male from the start, because you had a Tolkien avatar then, and besides Elros was a man, right? But I thought you were someone as old as Grondy (as your avatar once more suggested) and I was quite shocked to find you about my age, actually. Still a boy.

Have you been eating a lot of sweets and chocolates you get for xmas?
no, not really.....chocolate tends to make me pretty sick...even if i'm only eating a few tiny pieces... Sad Smilie

do you believe that christmas time has lost its original intentions, and has become a materialistic holiday?

sorry, just these thoughts have been on my mind, and i wanna know where more people stand! Smile Smilie
Who cares? *looks around* Where are my presents??!!

Does it always rain on you?
Sometimes, but I think everyone gets rained on at some time - my daughter has had 4 mobile phones stolen from her - the 1st when she was in Malia and her room was ransacked by 2 men - the 2nd and 3rd were taken from her handbag and the 4th when she was in Barcelona in September and got mugged....the main this was she was not hurt.

What sort of films do you like
I'm a sucker for period pieces -- drama and comedy.

What fictional character would be your dream date?
ummm...I would probabally pick Matrim Cauthon. He is from Wheel of Time and sounds like he would be a fun date, althought he does cuss alot....oh well. But I'm not sure.

What is your favorite time period? (ex: Middle Ages, Roman, Greek)
ummmm........i like now fine.....sure id change it but.....idk....

wots youre weakness?
My weakness is that I keep on saying I don't have one.

Do you bite your lips a lot?

How many hours do you sleep on an average?
On average i'd have to say i sleep about 4 hours a night....sometimes a little more, but sometimes a little less...Big Smile Smilie

What level of school have you completed?
Well, in May I will have a Masters degree. Woo hoo!

Do you play a sport? If so, which one?
ummm....not anymore. i used to figure skate and i was on the badminton team in highschool...but i've been too busy with college and working to play any sports!

do you donate blood? how many times a year?
I've donated blood only once and that's because I turned 18 last year. Anyways, I might not repeat it since it was a horrible experience.

Do you like the nights or the days?
nights. although the sunrise part is the best part of a day in my opinion...

Are you under pressure?
Not at the moment because I'm on holiday, but at work I always seem to be chasing my tail to catch up with jobs as they come in. There never seems enough hours in a day at times... Which reminds me, I've got my annual research report to write before the end of February. As its in the region of 120 pages, I now feel under pressure again. Thanks.

What is the most expensive item you have ever bought?
My house -- California, actually, the San Francisco area, is WAAAAAYYYY too expensive. I wouldn't mind moving back to my home town of Phoenix. I always think of what I could get for the price I bought my house, but my husband, being English, keeps reminding me that we would have to live in Phoenix then. He doesn't like it (loves Arizona, but not the city of Phoenix.) Ah well.

If you could be doing anything at this moment, anywhere in the world, what would you be doing?
I would be riding the largest roller coaster in the world with a few 'select' friends!

If you could have one thing in the world, (regardless of the cost) what would it be?
one thing in the world... the earth's core Orc Smiling Smilie

what was the last thing you bought?
A pair of jeans and a shirt.

What do you want?
Peace on earth; good will towards men and women.

Are you keeping Christmas or some other holiday this season?
Not really.

What did you get?
I got the Evenstar in silver and a bag in leather ( like the one sam used in the movie ) my husband knows that Im a lotr fan so Im very happy
What did you ate for dinner ?

What's the next thing you're really looking forward to?
finding out my final mark in was suppose to be posted on the 22nd but it's still not there! Sad Smilie

do you read comic books? if so, which ones, and how often?!
I like comics very much, though I seldom read any. I'm looking forward to my friend - she's really crazy about comics - borrowing me some japanese series called something like nosekai (sorry, spelling difficulties), and an american one called strangers in paradise. the last one I read was the first sin city volume... the hard goodbye.

do you like running and jumping round crazily out in the snow?
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