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I am known as a teaoholic...but I do like a really good frappucino!!! Smile Smilie

What is your take on the actual convenience on "modern conveniences"?

I wrote a long disertation in answer to the preceding question dissing cell phones (more timewasting bells and whistles to make you buy the newer models), copy machines (that make extra work), and computers (that crash or eat your work at the most inopertune times). Just before I finished it up, the darned computer backed out of the input box losing all my previous answer, making me write this synopsis. So Angry Smilie Computers also require you to make a minimum of two paper copies of each text file for posterity as paper lasts longer than will magnetic media.
How come Grondy forgot to ask another question ?
( I think I know Grondy dear ..I often forget myself)
cuz he suffers from temporary memory loss like me????

Why are high heels so fun to wear?!
Big Laugh Smilie I don't think so ..I seldom wear them
What have you done lately ? (besides being on PT )
Whoa! Okay...I took care of my kids, helped them with homework, vacuumed the house, went to Girl Scouts with my nine-year-old daughter, as I am a co-leader, helped clean up dinner (it was hubby's turn to cook), fed the birds and cat, did laundry, played online Texas Hold 'Em poker for a bit while the baby napped, read to my four-year-old for a long time, talked to my grandparents on the phone, made plans for the summer while the kids are out of school, went through my millions of coupons, made a big shopping list, helped my son clean up his room, watered the indoor plants, went to the honors awards assembly for my daughter at school, read some of my book, talked to my girl friend on the phone for a bit and all of the kajillion other things a mom and wife does throughout each day! So basically, not much.

Are you ever going to do that thing that you've been putting off forever?
How did you know that there was something that I've been putting off?!!! Wink Smilie

Who would you say is the smartest member of PT?
Sounds like a trick question to me.

Who is your favorite character in Middle Earth and why?
On the top of my head I will say Aragorn ,because of his struggle to accept his destiny
Who would you say is the smartest member of PT?

Every one who chose PT is smartSmile Smilie
What was the last film you saw ?
Flyboys...LOVED IT!!!! That Franco guy... In Love Smilie

What gaming thread here on PT is your fave?
psychological wording.

What is the best LOTR site after this one, of course.
i dunno i don't go to any other Tolkien/LOTR site other than this one.

Carnivore? Herbivore? or Omnivore?
None of the above: Jamivore. Orc Grinning Smilie

Your favorite plans for this summer?
Our condo rests against a small mountain filled with aromatic pine trees, wild flowers, birds of all sorts, some wild life and for some odd reason a couple of cows show up now and then(we are nowhere near any farm). I want to FINALLY take a week and , in my spare time go out and set up for painting. Iwant to capture all I see from different angles in water color and perhaps some acrylic. All that beauty and we hardly pay attention to it in the hustle bustle of daily living.
Sounds really nice LeeleeSmile Smilie You forgot to put the next question below though
What would you rather do than nothing?
Sleep Grondy, sleep.

Do you like crowds?

Oh Mellon you are right. Do you see why I need sleep Smile Smilie
I don't mind 'em
What is your favourite thing ? (that you own )
My photo albums.

Where is the farthest away from home you have ever travelled?

In which foriegn country would you like to take a holiday?

Are you the height you want to be?
No, about 1 or 2cm shorter. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What is your body mass index?
Not sure tho' I'm rather short and somewhat stout; more like Barliman Butterbur than one of my Ranger heroes! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What grows in your garden, large or small?
Sticks and stones and aardvark bones. NOT
'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.' Maybe

What's that you've got in that there box under your arm?

chocolate covered cherries

What is your favorite animal?
It would have to be the tiger, particularly the white siberian ones, but I've recently learned things about the wolf that make me like it quite a bit as well.

Do you know that the dove, while the symbol of peace, is really a ferocious killer, because if you cage two doves together, particularly male and female, with the female being the larger, she'll kill the male by mauling him. But if you put two wolves together and they start fighting, if one submits to the other, and bares it's throat to the other's jaws, nothing will happen?
I did not know that about doves, but I am fairly familiar with wolves.

What color is your vehicle?
Black Dodge Durango

Where in Middle Earth would you most like to live, and why?
Beleriand included? That is an extrememly difficult question to answer. Gondolin would be very nice, but for the wrack, within the barriers of Melian's Girdle would also be very nice, but I couldn't stand the dwarves destroying it, Rivendell and Lothlorien are both beautiful. Oh boy, decisions, decisions, which to choose. I would rather be a wanderer, traveling to all those places, and seeing each one.

How many think that the major drug companies and pharmecies are all lying to us concerning medicines?Just out of curiousity.
I don't believe in the drug companies at all. All those medicines actually wear down your immune system in the long run. They just mask the symptoms...not actually treat or cure them. The drug companies only care about the money....not the patients. Have you ever actually really paid attention to the side effects that come with all those medicines?!?!?!?! Your hayfever may be gone...but now you need to go take an aspirin for your new headache and try to ignore your dry mouth and go drink your coffee so you can actually stay awake.

Take homeopathics. That's what saved my mom's life. And so that is what I'll put my faith in.

(I probably should have let someone else answer this... Big Laugh Smilie )

What is your fave pair of shoes?
My sandals...My feet need to be free!

how often do you cut your hair?
I never cut my hair; I let my barber do it and trim my beard. Next week I hope to get my quarterly ear-lowering; though this time it is more of a semi-annual afair. I do hack my beard when it gets too long between visits to the barber.
ACK! You forgot to ask a question Grondy! Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Quarterly ear-lowering? After a few years wouldn't your ears end up somewhere around your waist?? (rimshot) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

For the person below: What are your plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend?
Relax...enjoy the fact that I am not working on Monday and oh, yes...go see Shrek the 3rd of Sunday!!!

Do you like black and white photos or sepia tone photos better?
Oh that is SO funny, Grondy dear's ears around waist high. hilarious.

Sepia tones have their place, but personally they don't do that much for me, they seem too muddied and if a portrait it almost appears to me as if they just have sallow looking skin.I much prefer black and whites, sharper, to me much more effective and mysterious, exotic even at times.

How high in stories is the tallest building you have ever been in and what building was it?
Empire State Building, New York City - 102 stories

What's the furthest you've ever been from home?
I live in Norway and visiting Madeira is for me far far away..I don't know how far though..
Have you seen the latest film of Captain Jack Sparrow ?
You might be interested to know it's approx. 3648 km from Oslo to Funchal, Madeira. I never even HEARD of Madeira until you mentioned it. Elf Winking Smilie You have me beat by a wide margin, I'm from New Jersey (USA) and my furthest ever was Nassau, Bahamas (1790 km) last summer.

(Back to your question) -- No I haven't gotten to see the new one OR the last one yet! I've seen Curse of the Black Pearl a couple of times, but that's it. As a rule I don't go to the theater, I prefer to watch movies in the comfort (and peace & quiet) of my own living room.
Oops, forgot to ask a question for The Person Below. Elf Confused Smilie

What was the last movie you saw, and when? What did you think of it?
I had been longing for several years to be able to get a copy of dial M for Murder, a Hitchcock movie with Grace Kelly and Ray Miland. I don't actually care for Hitchcock that much but this one was so brilliant and complicated and nerve wracking that I had always fancied it. To my great surprise there was actually a copy to purchase at a drugstore. Couldn't believe it. I loved it, the elegance, the intrigue, the way it was shot, it was originally in 3D and all the layering is just fabulous and rather stage like in many ways. Honestly I didn't want to move th rough the whole thing so as not to miss a line.

What season means the most to you and why is that, if you don't mind sharing.
I like all the seasons, but I think I would have to say that my favorite is Winter. I am one of those wierdos that actually likes cold weather and snow. At least I do when I know that it only lasts for three months. Christmas is my favorite holiday and my birthday is in January.

What is your favorite movie?
Thats such a hard question! But my favourite movie would prabably be one of the musicals I've seen. Maybe the Sound of Music. Yes, in fact, the more I think about it, the more the Sound of Music appeals to me. The story's nicec and simple and romantic, but in a classical way, not in a sappy chick flick way. And the songs are cute and singable.

Do you like drama in your life?
No, I've had enough of it that I could honestly do without it for the rest of my life. I'm not gonna get into it, but I could survive just having things stay the way they are right now!

Favorite cake?
It used to be Angel Food with a thin coating of vanila icing, but now my preference is Devil's Food with a semi-sweet chocolate icing.

Where would you rather be than where you will be after you finish reading and writing to the P-T Forum today?
Where I WILL be, is here in my house, the same place I've lived for the past 7 years, the place which has been FOR SALE FOR SIX MONTHS and still no buyers.

Where I would RATHER be, is in my father-in-law's house, which will be OUR house if/when we ever manage to sell this one!

How long have you lived at your current residence? What made you decide to move there in the first place?
About a year. The last place I lived was way too small. It had no laundry facilities and there was no bathroom sink. I'm actually getting ready to move again.

What do you think of The Dead Poets Society?
Not much really Smile Smilie
If you buy things on sale do you usually get what you want or do you buy everything else ?
I'm normally pretty good at buying what I want when I buy sale things. If its something I don't want/need then I'm pretty good at ignoring it!

Barefoot? Sandals? Runners? Or other?
stilletos alll the way!!!! flat shoes hurt my feet

Blackberry or Razr??
Blackberry, though I personally own neither. My husband is the techie. I am more impressed by simple things these days, like how beautiful sunlight can be when it filters through a cloud and shoots its rays to one small, lonely patch of ground not far across the desert. I am really trying to appreciate the natural gifts we have before they are a thing of the past, as everything will be.

As for Dead Poets' Society...Carpe Diem!!!! I wish more people would seize the day at hand, or that I could remember that, when I wish that any given day would end sooner...

Is there a historical figure that you would like to travel back in time to meet, so that you could slap them silly and convince them not to do what they did that messed up the world, and why?
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