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Because they have found full plate mail to be way too heavy and cumbersome for fish to swim in; it isn't flexible enough for proper tail undulation necessary for optimum propulsion.

How many times a week do you wash your hair?
7 on average....i have to put a lot of product in my hair to make it go good and i have really bad bed head in the morning so i have to shower to make it manageable....

Why is it that fry sauce tastes good on everything?
well you put it on stuff that you know that is bad for you, as everything that tastes good is bad for you, the human psyche tells you to have what is bad Sad Smilie *shrugs shoulders*

What sport do you think is the most dead???
Atlantean football.

How do you release your stress?
With a good book Read Smilie
When did you last ate an ice-cream ?
Eight days ago for my grandpa's birthday Birthday Smile Smilie Vanilla ice cream with Angel-food cake; a very good combination!

What Jedi do you think has the best lightsaber?
Feel foolish but Im not into those filmsHappy Elf Smilie
How are you going to spend your weekend ?
doing absolutely nothing.

why is my jaw swollen?! Sad Smilie
You were grinding your teeth in your sleep? or maybe your glands below your jaw are swollen due to some kind of throat infection?? or maybe, and hopefully most true: it happened for some weird unexplainable reason, and you'll be fine in a couple of hours.

Why do most people believe that there were dinosaurs, but not dragons, I mean come on, they look so similar?.. they didn't necessarily have to be fire-breathing dragons.
maybe its because the evidence pointing to dinosaurs is so....well, evident. there has been no fossil findings pointing to some kind of dragon...and I believe there are still dragons among us....Check It Out!

Are you amphibian? or reptilian?
ohhh, i'm gonna go w/ reptile...they're much cooler. And i totally agree, dragons did exist even if ppl can't find evidence.

Do you like moshing? (as in the mosh pit at concerts kind..)
Never done or seen that.

On on our family dry land farm in eastern Washington, we had horned-toad lizards that looked exactly like those 'Flamin'Tiger' dragons pictured in the link of Lemaly Orangeflower's above post; they were about three inches long. I used to find, catch, and release them while hoeing weeds in the 10 acre plot of Registered Witmar Beardless Wheatgrass that I grew to pay for my college expenses in the late fifties and early sixties.

Have you ever mowed the lawn with a manual lawnmower?
Actually, yes I have! Although it was during a moment of curiousity about bygone days and not because it was my only option. I found out the key to successfully using such an implement is to keep your momentum going!

Are you a morning person, or a night owl?
Absolutely a night owl! love night's mystical charm more than the shining sun of the day.Are you interested in history or in maths?
History, because there is a lot I've never known and it is fun to learn the lessons that those in power never take to heart. Besides that, I had to study maths (through diferential equations) at UNI in order to get my BS is Mechanical Engineering and I've probably forgotten more in recent years than I ever knew, due to non-usage. "I taught him everything I know and he still knows nothing."

How fast do you read?
Usually very fast I think ..I often read a book per day but of coz that is often paper back 250 pages per book those I spend a couple of hours on..if the book is interesting I usually cant put it aside before its finished..But yeah I do read a lot Read Smilie
Do you often clean your house /room ?
Oh yes.....

Do you prefer the white or dark meat on a chicken sorry if you don't eat meat :o/
I only eat the white meat...yummy
Have you ever thrown a suprise party for your friend/family ?
No, but my wife threw one for me on my thirtieth birthday. I hadn't had the merest glimmer that any party was in the works. When my wife called me in from the garage, I was all dirty and smelly and then they hit me with the "SURPRISE!!!" Oh how how embarrassing! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie After the initial greetings, I decided to shower and put on a clean change of clothes towards enabling my friends and co-workers to enjoy my company.

About how many books do read in a month, on average?
3 or 4...depending on what I've been doing. if its doing the school year, its normally a lot more because of text books. but, I'm done school now...FOREVER!!! YAY COLLEGE GRADUATE! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How often do you turn your computer on/off during the day?
I 've stopped counting Big Laugh Smilie
Do you often cut you hair ?
Not as often as I'm told (of my wife) I would like, but my woman arranges my meetings with her hairdresser!!

Do you really prefer the autumn ?
Oh. yes .I do!! Much more than winterSnowman Smilie I specially love the colours during autumn
What is the best thing about PT ?
the fact that everyone treats everyone like an extended family member and are always willing to help out no matter what. some ppl on here are more like a family than my one here.

Have you heard of the music group Aiden?

When was the last time you had a cookie?
A long time ago ,I'm on a diet.Have you ever been to china?
no but i hear its got lots of people there, around about 1 billion???

What, in your oppinion, is the correct way to say envelope???

Envelope or Onvelope???
I for once go for your Envelope way; but that might be the foreigner road to say it. Snowman Smilie
Umm...Rafael, you have to post a question for us!
I'm sorry, humilated ! hereby apologise to everyone! And thanks for reminding me, Lemaly! But to be honest what is worst, I can not swear it never to happen again, but I'll try.

Jumping Flame Smilie

Why don't everone enjoy soccer-games?
i will only answer for myself since I'm the person below :funnylaugh : I love to see a good soccer game !! Specially live's much more fun than seeing it on the tellyHappy Elf Smilie
Do you often spend money on books ?
The bonny lass I'm "gifted to"; tells my I'm spending much too many dollars and dimes on magazines and books, so there we are not completely in harmony. That's life.

Why will someone always complain about the weather?
Because people are never satisfied unless they have something to complain about. One person, the weather, the other person work, and another their family...everyone complains about something.

Singing? or Dancing?
I think both are so much fun that I cannot chooseWiggle Smilie
Do often decorate your home with flowers ?
All the womenfolk in my familie do! And I do enjoy it to. Happy Elf Smilie

Writing snail mail anymore, anyone?
Only when I don't have an email address.

Do you chew your fingernails?
Nope, never have, but they grow really quickly, thereby inhibiting me from becoming a world class pianist Wink Smilie. he, he.

If we had a PT get-together, do you think you would be able to place people with their PT names?
Oh THAT would have been so much fun!! But no Eruwen maybe two or three but thats because I know them in" real "life and know what they look likeSmile Smilie
Do you like costume parties ?
perhaps....on some occasions!

Have you ever been stung by a hornet or wasp?
No : I have been lucky so far Happy Elf Smilie
What's your favourite language ?
Good old English!

Do you like Elton John?
Can't really say I like Sir Elton, I don't even know him! He has made a lot of great music I enjoy.
forgot a question again Rafael :P
Can't really say I like Sir Elton, I don't even know him! He has made a lot of great music I enjoy.

I'm sorry, humilated ! hereby apologise to everyone! And thanks for reminding me, Arwen! But to be honest what is worst, I can not swear it never to happen again, but I'll try.

Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie

Why do I get so stupid that I forget the point (the question)??
You are not stupid but maybe in a bit of hurry ? :funnylaugh :
What's the best country you have ever visited ?
Germany! oh yes, though the mountains of China and the beaches of the Netherlands weren't bad either... but Germany is the BEST!!!!

Are you happy to see me back again?
No comment.

Have you ever thrown up during a wedding?
nope...throwing up in public is something I try to avoid!

Do you eat croissants?
Whenever I have a chance Orc Smiling Smilie

Do you Halo?
if u mean the video game then yup but i'm absolutely horrid at it.

Would you rather listen to country music or rap?
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