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Last night to see Grindhouse for the third time!!! i adore tarantino and rodriguez.

How is it possible to have hayfever even though there's a foot of snow outside?
can't remember. i watch most of the films on dvd at home.

when was the last time you stuffed yourself with food more without worrying about yourself?
Probably Easter dinner, we had a good beef roast. I can't say I eat healthy but i don't like feeling stuffed so i don't do this often.

Do you feel that you trust other people readily or do you tend to be suspicious of strangers?
i think i dont trust people easily. when you least expect it a knife will be deep in your back.

what book are you reading now or have you just finished (if you got the children of hurin already dont count it!)?
About three and a half years ago, that is because I have been working with an abused and detached child that came to me as an infant and through hard work she came to trust me so I have not been able to leave her for anything except to pop to the store; she was abandoned and that would frighten her. However next week as a matter of fact I am planning on taking her to a movie. That should be interesting since she interacts with the teli by talking back and dancing. hmmm. I am already starting to feel nervous!

When is the last time you made some popcorn and sat with the fam, whatever that is to you and just talked or watched a great movie?
I seldom do that. most of the time its either a conversation or a movie with my brother or my mother but not both at the same time. For one my mother seldom watches tv except her 6.30pm programs. Wink Smilie

When was the last time you got completely drunk?
Because I have a street, well for lack of better word, ministry, therefore I don't drink in order to be an example to them.
However, several years ago, my brother Nelson came breezing into town from way way way up north where he has to take a plane, then h elicopter to get to his camp. He wanted to go to a very beautiful pub and he made me come. Once there he asked me what I wanted to drink and would not take no for an answer.(He is Irish to the core, I am adopted and Jewish but with Celtic -Jewish ancestry). He ordered an entire pitcher of Strawberry daquiri's for me. The first tasted so lovely and I chugged them down. After about five minutes I ran to the people at the next table whom I did not know and told them to be calm. I said that the doors were all missing but for them not to panic, my brother would do something. I was totally bombed.
My brother was talking to someone and looked over and noticed me sitting on the table of the poor couple who he said had their hands over their mouths to keep from screaming in laughter.
He slung me right over h is shoulder and as we headed for the exit I shouted "it's a miracle, the doors are back.' The room exploded into shouts of hysterical laughter. Much more than that I don't remember. I never drank after that. blush blush blush

Do you prefer quiet dinners for just a couple or loud boisterous dinners with a kazillion people?
Well, that depends on who would be there.

Have you been to a dance recently? Last night, my family went to a barn dance hosted by some friends. I have to say, honestly, that I have never had so much fun before. Nor have I ever met a person before that I like so much as the girl I met there and danced with. In Love Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
Nope. Hop you don't leave us for her fionwe Wink Smilie but wish you best of luck Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Do you like going to discos?
When I was still teaching modern interpretive dance, every now and then the classes would go to a disco and it was hilariously good fun. People are so much fun to watch and study and the varied ways people have of interpreting the music they hear into dance is the best ever. I love love love those discos!

Thorin by your questions you sound more intriguing every post.

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator, if so , were you frightened?
No, but I got stuck in the non-people area of a surfaced submarine's sail once. Super Scared Smilie I was trying to measure the space available towards designing and installing the snorkel mast's air hoses and their protective sheet-metal dip-loop guard. I was stuck half-way up and half-way down with my bent knees hard up against a coaming above and a stiffener in front, with my rear-end tight against a bulkhead, and my feet bearing all my weight with nothing in reach above me to gain any more leverage. After panicking for a bit, I calmed down and figured out that by using my hands to move my knees sideways, I could un-jam them and climb the rest of the way up or back down. I was never in any danger and my final design was a success. Happy Elf Smilie

What was the most exciting event that you have ever witnessed?
There aren't really any exciting events that I can think of right now that I could have seen, that I wasn't a part of.

What in the world is interpretive dance, really?

Hop you don't leave us for her fionwe but wish you best of luck

I won't, unfortunately, chances are I won't see her again Very Sad Smilie , though I'm hoping I will. But thanks, it means a lot to me!
I cannot really answer that...

Do you like to wear silk?
Nope mostly cotton because i sweat a lot considering the football matches i usually plat.

Do prefer vegetables or meat?
Veggies mostly. Especially artichokes served with drawn butter. So delicious. However, I would not turn down a nice, juicy, medium-well steak with bearnaise sauce on the side...maybe a nice ribeye or New York or filet mignon...topped with sauteed mushrooms and capers...with rice pilaf and a garden salad with bleu cheese dressing...a nice glass of peach iced tea...sourdough dinner rolls with butter...a slice of chocolate silk pie with dark Belgian chocolate shavings on top...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oink Smilie

What are you truly most afraid of?
Tight, close, uncomfortable spaces

what's the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

fish cooked with mandarines. That caused a nasty little feeling at the back of my throat. And the smell was horrid. I mean, how can you stew citrus fruits??

Do you enjoy painting your bedroom walls?
yup, i enjoy painting in general but i keep trying to convince mum to let me rip off that horrid flower wallpaper she plastered in my room and let me paint a mural or something less revoltingly pink/purple!

Would you rather drive or fly?
Interpretive dance is the family of dance that is preoccupied with seeking to interpret the 'meaning' of the music rather than just doing a series of choreographed moves. I combined that with traditional ballet and Celtic dance to have our own unique blend of movement. It was hard, fun and could be visually very beautiful. We also did rock dance, in otherwords preformed currently hot moves in the background to current rock songs.

I would rather fly as I cannot stand taking a lot of time to get from here to there unless it is on a train. The man that raised me was both a passenger and freight conductor and I spent many many hundreds of enjoyable times on the train going all over Canada. I would like to be a pilot though, that would be the u ltimate flying.

If you only could go to one country, just one, where would that be and why?
I would like to make a fourth trip to Espa’a and be able to spend more than a couple of weeks there. During my previous visits I had to work weekdays, so was only able to tour two weekends per trip. I can still only speak a few words of the language. I love flamenco dance and music.

What is the next book you plan to read?
Actually, it's one I've already read. The Scarlet Letter. I haven't read it for about fifteen years, so I thought I'd refresh my memory and ordered it off of Amazon. Should be here any day!

Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at once?

What's the highest you've ever gotten on a hacky-sack?
i'm lucky if i can hit it!

Beatles or beach boys?
That is rather hard for me to decide. One is so very English which is a huge part of my life, the other has certain images that I find rather fascinating. I shall go with the Beatles then.

Do you prefer the deck of a cruise ship or the quiet of a kayak?
The deck of a cruise ship.

What do you prefer an apple mp4 player or microsoft's zune?
I prefer an 8-track or a victrola! Big Laugh Smilie
(I'll bet not even a quarter of all of you even know what they heck I'm talking about anyway.)

Do you like hot or cold weather most?
WARM weather. I HATE the cold.

Would you rather go to then fair or the carnival?
The fair, there is something so dark and sad about carnivals to me.

Lauralindhe, that is hilarious. I can see you seated in a beautiful parlour, ferns tastefully arranged on tall well polished tables, the smell of lavender. And you singing along to an old victorola. How dear. Smile Smilie But aren't you like twenty five or something, must be an antique.!

Would you rather eat one dish you love above anything else, as much as you please and done to perfection, or eat from a huge buffet a bunch of stuff that is okay but nothing to die for?
Hmmmm...that's a toughie...let's go with one dish.

Would you rather have a room full of books...or a room full of movies?
A room full of books

What would you prefer; the whole tolkien colection or a meeting with christopher tolkien?
The whole Tolkien book collection.

This isn't The Dual Chain Game so why are people allowing a choice of two answers? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I thought this was a good idea because it might help in getting to know some of the newbies (or simply other members), or allow lurkers to get others acquainted with them.

I guess that's because of the idea of the thread.

Did anyone already know these codes, before I'm posting them I mean?

alt+1 = ☺
alt+2 = ☻
alt+3 = ♥
alt+4 = ♦
alt+5 = ♣
alt+6 = ♠


What would you like for your birthday?
someone to pay for all my schooling, a new laptop and someone to pay my phone bill!

Why are red stillettos so fun to wear?
Because they length your legs...and catch people's attention.

Why did the post office raise the stamp price again?
Well, they are saving money to plant asparagus all over the world, so that eventually, all that will remain is the asparagus. You see, the postal people are really asparagus people and detest all other life forms, so their plot to slowly raise the postage rate is really very sinister! You all must write your local congressional representatives or parliamentary officials and protest this awful asparagus fate! Forget the war in Iraq, let's make war on the asparagus people! They will consume us all!

(Leelee, you're close. I'm twenty-nine, but I have a huge affinity for all things old-fashioned! I tend to not identify too much with modern times and feel I have been born too late..but c'est la vie, that's life and oh well! What can you do?)

Is spring in full bloom where you are?
Well, I can see blooming Pacific Dogwoods, early Rhododendrons, and Yellow Dandelions from my window.

Where do/did you go to school?
I went to Lambton College...woot!

Do you write reminders on your hand?
Laurelindhe, I just knew you were about that age, probably with big blue eyes and very pretty.
Yes I have written things on my hand from time to time. Only I should have written on the other hand concerning the first hand what it was originally about because it did me no good and I just washed them!

Would you like to travel in outer space?
I'm not too sure if I would or not. I would dearly love to see the earth from space to gain perspective on how small we really are and to see how peaceful it looks from afar. I'd also like to see nebulas and asteroid belts from a good distance, but on the other hand, I'd be terrified of the unknown and the enormity of the universe. Great, interesting question. I've never actually thought of it before. (And my eyes are brown-thanks for the sweet comment!)

Is there a part of you that wishes to be a child again?
Because I work with children and write for them and about them, I must confess I never have really stopped being a child. So it's always here with me.

If you saw someone in dire straits on the street, what is the first thing you would do for him/her?
it depends in what situation he is, and i'll act accordingly. I can manage cause i have some experience being a prefect in my college.

What would you do if a stranger followed you on the streets
Acted normal ..It happens all the time ..I do not know everyone..Big Laugh Smilie
Do you often give your flowers/plants enough/little water ?
I have two African Violets and an ancient Christmas Amaryllis (which has only bloomed once) that I keep beside my computer so that I can monitor them for dryness and offer them a drink once in a while.

Wuzzup and how's your old wazoo? (A few years back, the president my alma mater, Washington State University requested the students stop using Wazoo for the name of the university.
I dunno if my wazoo is that old....but I'm fine, so I'm assuming its fine as well!

did you go shopping today?
Yes!!! I did!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnd...I bought a few is good. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you prefer stand alone novels or books in series?
Standalone. At least you won't die of impatience waiting for the other to be released or to buy them.
ummmm Thorin? you didn't type the next question...
Why doesn't someone add the next question?
Because we were waiting for ThorinSmile Smilie
What are your plans today ?
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