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I water my flowers.

what do you like most about yourself?
My hair.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
hmmm I stretch and lay in my bed and think...

What is your favorite dessert?
mousse au chocolat (is that the correct spelling?)

have you got any scars?
Lots, on: face, fingers, back, abdomen, legs, and feet, not to mention my mind. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

When you cook only for your self, do you eat out of the pots and pans or dish it up with linen, crystal, and candles?
I prefer eating on plates and bowls and stuff using spons, forks and other such commodities.

What's your most used one-liner?
I love you

Have you ever started something you wished you hadn't
Yes. College.

What was your most embarrassing moment ever? (C'mon, let us know and embarrass yorself one more time)
Mmm...I dont know if its my worst moment but anyway..I was working in a restaurant , cleaning tables , when I was going out of the door ( made of glass )I bumpded straight into it !!! And lost everything into the floor , glasses and cups broke and I felt everyone were looking at me ..
What makes you laugh ?
Watching my toddler explore life. His abundant joy and unrestrained laughter is contagious!

What is your favorite movie so far?
that's difficult to say... I like the third man very much, and tim burton's nightmare before christmas is lovely, too. Big Smile Smilie there are so many more...

what do you like best about PT?
Its members.

What's the one thing you would want to change about yourself?
I'd like to be a little less good-natured - people like to take advantage of that.

3 things you would take with you if you were going to a lonely island (whatever reason):
1) A toothbrush.
2) A copy of LOTR.
3) A radio set.

What is the biggest turn-off for you? many...I'm a bit obsessive compulsive (just a teensie-weensie bit -- the virgo in me, I suppose), but I would have to say bad teeth...or lack of hygiene in general.

What is your biggest turn-on? (Remember to keep it family-friendly Wink Smilie )
A good sense of humour!

What's your most hated vegetable?
good humour and a nice smile (family-friendly enough? Wink Smilie )

arghhhh, I wasn't fast enough!!!!
so: aubergines
do you usually get what you want?
No...not normally. But...meh.

what is your favorite video/computer game?
I usually don't play computer games, but one I used to play with my elder cousin some time ago was the settlers.

are you a good painter?
No - unless you count the walls Wink Smilie

If you had 3 wishes what would they be
a giant library, being able to fly and some more wishes...

where do you buy most of your clothes?

If you could change into any animal (including fictional or made up ones) which one would you be?
a kangaroo. or something with wings...

which was your favourite fairy tale when you were a child?
Puss in Boots

Do you consider yourself tall or short for your age?
Perhaps a little bit too short for a human being, but normal size for a dwarf.

What is your all-time favourite song?
Private Andrew Malone, By David Ball.

What's your favorite sport?
Football (or soccer)

What time do you normally wake up?
5:30 a.m.

What time do you usually go to bed?
sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m..

do you like art galleries?

What's the biggest adventre you've ever had yet?
Biggest adventure...hmmm...another tough one...well, I guess I would say climbing Mt. Shasta; no, hiking through the Grand Canyon; nah, maybe running the Alaska Marathon; no, no, no, the biggest adventure of my life was going to school in Germany for two semesters -- I grew and learned more about myself than anytime in my life, yep, that's it.

If you found a million dollars on the side of the road, would you turn it in to authorities?
Um...well...considering I've been having MASSIVE money troubles right now...maybe? I don't know if I would or not....I mean, I wouldn't want people to think I stole it....but I would need the money....MAN THIS IS A HARD ONE! I'd probably keep it! Smile Smilie

what is the most expensive meal you have ever eaten/cooked?
Some dishes at a restaurant which resulted in a bill of about US$150. Considering that I was still on allowances that time, it sure felt expensive.

What type of humour do you like most?
laughing about oneself.

can you repair things or do they look worse after your attempt?
I can repair few things. The more complicated stuff is handed over to the professionals.

What's your favourite dessert?
Anything with chocolate in - think it's a girly thing Winking Smilie

Do you own any hats and if you do, do you wear them
Yes, I do. I have two caps - one my favorite that I wear very often. I have hat almost like J-Lo in "Jenny in the Block" and recently I bought black hat (I don't know how describe it, but it looks like man hat). Hat is a very useful thing, especially when u r too lazy to wash the hair...)))

What is your favorite pizza?
My favorite pizza? Pepperoni, ham, Mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. Smile Smilie

Do you have any pets, and if so, what are they're names?
I haven't got any, although I'd love to have a parrot, a dog, a turtle, a donkey, a goat,....
their names would be f.i. dr. zhivago and harry lime.

do you like milk?
I love milk! Best invention ever. Wink Smilie

Do you like barbequed foods?
Barbequed foods are okay once in a while, but I could easily live without them.

Have you ever visited Germany? (I just got back from Germany. Three and a half weeks of visiting relatives. Really makes me wish I could speak German.)
Nope, never, but I really wished to! Especially I want to visit Munich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf . Perhaps one day... Elf Smilie

What's your favorite modern artist?
that gut who put a coiled garden hose on display
who is youre second favorite author?
Brian Jaques, Terry Brooks, RA Salvatore, or Raymond E Feist. cant decide between them.

whats your favorite pastime?
Hiking to the beach!

Are you happy to be you?
Sure. Im a happy person that enjoys life!!!
Are you satisfied with your job?
ummm i am currently unemployed sooo... i am because i dont have to go to one but i am not because that means i have no I cant decide.

Have you ever been to a theme/amusment park?
Yes! I've been to a few. My favorite ride to check out is the rollercoaster. Big Smile Smilie

What is your favorite food to eat at a picnic?
Potatosalad, cold ham and some chicken maybe?
What is your favourite place on earth?
my home.

What is your favorite color.
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