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Sorry folks, i must be having some memory loss. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

My plan is go to college, get back home, visit Pt, do some homework, and watch the man uts vs milan game.

What's your favorite hypermarket.
Hypermarket?!?! *cocks head to one side in confusion*

What is a hypermarket?
A grande surface or something that's actually much much bigger than a supermarket. Safeway for e.g

What your favourite fruit

What is your ultimate goal in life?
To allieviate as much suffering and pain from children as I can, which I have been doing for a long time; and to alleviate as much suffering and pain as I am able on the street as well as educating and helping young mothers and fathers and single parents to live in dignity and in a healthy manner on a limited budget.

Which would you rather do, ride an ancient merry go round, or go on a sleighride, with a real old fashioned sleigh and horses?
merry go round, as it is that i hate snow.

Would you rather go for a hike in the mountains, run on a beach or go on an Artic expedition?
Go for a hike in the mountains.. don't like running and I hate coldSmile Smilie
What is your favourite colour and how often do you wear it ?
Red, and occasionally, mostly for special occasions. I love the color red because it is so full of life, so vibrant, so passionate.

Are you a Virgo in the astrological charts?
Nope. I'm an Aries, and proud of it! OUr school mascot is a ram, too, so that's just another happy coincidence for me.

Do you know the meaning of your real-life name?
YesSmile SmilieMy real name is : LIV (pronounced LEAVE)and it means shield/protection or even LIFE .it's Norse/scandinavian
The name is common in Norway but aren't used so much these days ..maybe some of you have heard about Liv Ullmann/Liv Tyler ?
When did you last take a picture ?
Can't remember but last sunday my friends took my picture at a birthday.

Are you photogenic??
i assume so since i sometimes model at work but i am still not very fond of having my picture taken...evil soul-sucking devices those cameras are. =p
Next has still forgotten to post her question Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And so did you, silly Thorin! Aren't we all just a bunch of nuts?

Have you ever done anything really daring, like bungee jump or parachute out of an airplane, or run for public office?
Yes, I was stationed in a small city deep in the mountains of BC and was women's editor at that time.Being only nineteen going on twenty I was, although very shy, still full of ideas about justice and saving the world. So the main company there had broken so many laws and resulted in many many workers becoming leaded. They were pensioned off and died not very nice deaths. Then we heard other things, but you couldn't get in there and there was a lot of secrecy at the time. So I and one of the photographers decided we would find someone who was against what was going on(hard to find anyone to talk and worth our lives believe me) who could let us in after hours and we could sneak through the plant and see for ourselves.
We got in but the lighting was all red for after hours, don't know why, and we could not see well. To our horror there were these open vats of some kind of acid , they had no protective barriers around them, and it smelled just awful, not foul but sort of metally and it made me sick on the spot. We were terrified to hear someone coming, the guy hadn't told us about anything and we were too stupid to ask. We took off and I slipped but the photographer grabbed me and we got out and kept going and after about half an hour we went to a nice park sort of going out of the city and just sat there and shook. We never talked about it after and I had no story either since I had not gotten down details and our lawyers wouldn't back me since we trespassed .

Have you ever been smitten in your heart instantly by someone you just happened to look up and see in a crowd?
Ummm..yeah, I guess you could say that...I mean...I've developed an instant crush?

Have you worked out so hard that you threw up/almost threw up?

What type of music is your preferred genre. (only one allowed)
ancient Celtic.

Do you like to be a leader and in the foreground, if so, why?
Sometimes....I guess it gives me a feeling of significance...that doesn't happen often.

Would you rather be famous, even if it meant giving up your ideals?
Nope, i prefer my simple life as it is.

Who's your all time favourite actor?
Tom Hanks.

If there was a war that sprouted up right in your backyard, would you have the courage to stand up for what you love and believe in?
I really don't know.

What is your favourite war movie?
PlatoonSmile Smilie
How many Tolkien books do you own ?
3.5 - LOTR single volume, the Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and soon Children of Hurin.

Would you like to life in utopia if it existed?
Only if everyone else on earth was welcome and allowed to be there, else I stay where I am and fight for their rights too.

What is the farthest you have walked in a single day and why?
About ten miles because my three-speed bicycle gear-shift cable broke and left me in neutral or sometimes high gear, ten miles from home on an uphill gravel road. Push'em up, push'em up.

Have you had your Wheaties, the 'Breakfast of Champions' today?

What was the last thing you ate before reading this
Fried potatoes and eggs
Do you have any costumes from LOTR ?
no, not really....i visited the local second hand store at halloween and made myself a hobbit costume, but that's about it!

What is the circumference of a moose?
yes I made myself a velvet elven cloak, like the one Arwen wears when she is off to the grey havens at first.

If you had to be a circus performer, what would you be or do?
I'd be a Moose Measuring Clown; and then I'd be able to know the answer to the above question, if the moose didn't step on my long flappy feet while I was trying to use my yard-(meter)-stick around it's middle to measure its girth. Elk Grinning Smilie

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
a chocolate yoplait whips! (and sorry about forgetting a question again...i think i suffer from short term memory loss.

Would u rather play texas hold'em or black jack?
I love Texas hold'em..I've played poker several years but nowadays play Texas
Have ever played dart , how much was your score ?
This is going to sound very "white trash", but my mom used to take me to the bar with her when I was pretty young and I used to pass the time by playing pool (billiards) and darts. I don't think I ever played darts properly because I don't ever keep score as I usually don't play against anyone, but I do have very good aim, being half Hungarian (we were known for being superior archers back in the day) and so I am able to get the bullseye quite a lot of the time. Watch out for me when I'm playing pool, though...I'm somewhat of a shark and I like to play like I'm not very good. I hardly ever get to play either anymore, though, because my bar-frequenting days are lonnnng over, being that I have kids and prefer not to be like my mom and actually give a damn.

Do you have a song that if you hear it, it will take you back to a good memory instantly, as if you were still there?
Sure have ..I often listen to Angel by Sarah McLachlan and It brings me back to a happy moment with my husband
Have you ever tried making a flute out of wood
Hi Mellon !

A flute ? ... no ... but there was a time when I was proud of the fake stratocaster-like guitar I made. (btw I was lucky enough to get a real one later).

Did you ever had a full 24 hours awake and for what reason ?
Yup, studying for a Thermodynamics test; I got a B out of the course the second time through; which was much more better than the previous D. 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What was the first nightmare that you remember having?
Being abroad in a submarine that was lost in the waves .scary and dreadful.since I was a little girl I have often dreamt about boats going down and disappearing into the blue and drowning ...awful nightmares..and i don't know why I have these dreams ..I have always been fascinated with ocean and waves...
What is your most joyful memory from childhood ?
When i killed my first orc.

Why do people take pleasure in annoying you?
Because they are jealous with your personality and don't give you the credit you deservesSmile Smilie
Do you often remember your dreams ?
If it was a nightmare-then yes...I do. An the occasional good dream. Hmmmm...actually I tend to remember a lot of my dreams. At least long enough to bore my family with them.

Have you ever been in love?
Five times. Once with my husband of eleven years, and four times with my beautiful children, all of which I fell in love with at first sight. In Love Smilie

If your life was a screenplay for a film, would it be a comedy, drama, fantasy, tragedy, horror, historical, action, period peice, foreign, romantic comedy or martial arts movie?
it would definately be a

Short pants, or shantz?
If by that you mean pants and a skirt over, then yes shantz.

If you could talk to just one person that was not in your circle of friends, just one that you have been longing to, and not for a romantic reason, just because that person fascinates you, who would it be and why?
Paul Scholes. I think he is the best footballer in the world and i like his character very much.

If you had to live in a capital of any country which one would it be?
Tokyo, Japan. I'm half japanese and a realllly big shopping freak so Tokyo is perfect.

Would you rather watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or the Biggest Loser?
American Idol with Dancing with the Stars being a very close second!!

What's your biggest fear?
Dying. Not because I don't want to lose my life, but because I am not sure if I would ever see the ones I love ever again, and if I didn't, that would be just too sad for me. I guess I'll need to make peace with the idea sooner or(hopefully not) later, being that regardless of how I feel about it, I will indeed die someday.

What is your favorite time of day, and what about it makes it so?
Kidnapping of my children
What is the worst job ever? (your opinion )
Well, I'll share the worst job I've ever had. When I was in my last year of highschool I worked at an onion processing plant nearby. They basically got huge shipments of pickling onions, and me and about 20 other girls had to stand by conveyor belts for 8 straight hours picking out the onions that were rotten or other things that got into the shipment (rocks, potatos, etc.). After you quit (And EVERYONE quit, that's how it went) your hands smelled like onions for about 3 weeks after you stopped working there. NO matter how hard you tried, the smell would NOT come out. And that's my worst job ever....i'm sure there are worse! lol

Coffee or Tea or some fancy drink like a cuppacino?!
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