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Tommie, I (humbly) believe that I am quite proficient at the great game of chess-though I don't think I can become a protege or anything...

Melian, the World Poker Tour is great, but isn't Celebrity Poker Showdown a little better? Not only do you get to see great poker players in action, but you also get the added pleasure of seeing a celebrity make an *ss out of themselves-that makes for great TV. Also, if you haven't found it yet, try going to Texas Hold 'Em-great site, good action.

Do you have any amazing abilities?
Yes, in fact many... so many I can't name them all Wink Smilie

Can you describe your life in ten years from now?

(by the way, this is my 900th post!)
Old, wrinkley, bald. Hopefully I'll still be going to sea, surveying shellfish beds, but I think by then, I'll be avoiding the muddy bits.

If you could visit one place for a day, where would it be?
Depends if its real or imaginary. In the first case it would be either Stonehenge or the Easter islands. In the second case it would be either .....Valinor(hehe) or maybe...Moria.

What is/was your favourite cartoon?
Either the old Speed Racer or Family Guy. Big Laugh Smilie

What are you doing tomorrow?(I am not asking anyone out on a date, hehehe...)
Hopefully finishing unpacking the last of the boxes my girlfriend brought with her. I'll then be packing my bags ready to go on holiday. Come the evening I'll be driving overnight to Cornwall.

Do you have any tattoos?
No, not a one! I like them, but I would never get one.

Do you have any phobias?
Don't laugh, it's a strange one..... soggy tea-bags. I hate the smell of tea, cringe at the thought of cold tea touching me, and cannot stand being near wet tea-bags that people seem to insist on laying around near the edges of sinks.

Kill Bill vol I or Kill Bill vol II?
Volume One, because of the scene at the Blue...what was it? The scene where Uma's character kills O-ren Iishi and about a million of her Yakuza thugs. That is the singlemost graphic, bloody scene in all of cinema. Hooray! Bad! Smilie

Beer (ale) or wine?
Beer, especially the dark ones!

PS2 or Xbox?
Neither. They're both EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black or Yellow?

Yellow. A color of life and vitality.

What is the origin of your ancestors?
Crossopterygian lewisi, a primitive fish that once upon a time crawled out of the ocean to spawn life on land.

Formula One or Nascar?
Formula 1

McLaren or Williams?

Who do you most admire?
Ooooh let me see...
My dad for being such a great man. My granddad for being the same. (Must run in the family since I am such a great person too Wink Smilie ) I admire the late king Haakon 7 what he and his family ment for the Norwegians during the German occupation in WW2. I admire the people who risked their lives over and over again hiding people, given them food and shelter from the nazis. The Shetland gang (not sure of their english name) and others who transported people across the dangerous sea from Norway, again and again and agian. The salvation army for giving help to the needy without showing religion down their throats. Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and the vala Nienna Wink Smilie and probably more I can't remember now.

What did you eat the last time you had dinner?
Spinach, potatoes and schnitzel. Yummy and tasty.

What do you like most of yourself?
Tough question. Maybe, if anything, it would be my undying need to never give up-I am a stoic to the tea. I suppose that can also be my downfall...I am pretty stubborn! Bad! Smilie

What is the color of the first house you recall living in?
Brown-reddish on the outside and mostly white and brown on the inside, with a hint of green. My parents' house. Never lived anywhere else. Big Smile Smilie

What are your plans for tonight?
Tonight, I will make my daughter's lunch for tomorrow, clean up the dinner mess, read to my kids and tuck them in and retuck them in several times. Most likely, I will play poker with my husband, or watch a movie, then I will either take a bubble bath or read the book I'm working on. Then I will go to sleep. Exciting stuff, eh?

What historical period do you most identify with?
10,000 years ago when magic was still heavy on the air.

What do you do for work?
Well right now i'm not old enough to "work" but i do babysit my brother and along with that comes some chores. If thats what you call work and I do them all by meself. Elf Confused Smilie

What is your favorite event in the Olympics?
Probably the 3 day eventing, but even that gets boring.

Whats your favourite animal?
My favorite animal is a Sugar Glider-they are so cuddly and strange-looking!

What single event has helped to shape your life or personality most?
Becoming a Fishery Officer four years ago. Kind of changed a lot when I had to start being responsible.

What would your message be to the world if every TV camera were pointed at you?
Be afraid, be very afraid.

What was the last movie you saw?
Wonderland, about the murders that happened in Hollywood in the early eighties, where John Holmes was implicated as a suspect. Great movie, very raw. Great cast-Val Kilmer, Lisa Kudrow, Dylan McDermott, Kate Boswell, and tons of others. A little seedy, but great.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
My goals aren't that optimistic; I consider life a success when I can get up in the morning. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What is in the bottom drawer of your dresser?
I just looked, Two pairs of missmatched socks, a pair of trackpants, a sweater and 1 flat AA battery.

What is your dream car?
My dream car is an automatic moving vehicle that wouldn't get stuck up often and especially when it is most needed and whose maintainance cost will never ezxceed its buying price.

What's ur ambition in life?
I think just to finish everything that I have started. I've got the job I always wanted, and I've seen LotR on the big screen (which I didn't realise was an ambition until I had seen the first one and realised an urge had been satisfied). If I can keep this job for another 24 years I'll be happy.

Who is your real life hero and why?
My real-life hero is my dear grandfather, who is now 81, and the most ethical and common-sense filled person I have ever met in my life. He has been a success at everything he's attempted, but only due to personal sacrifice and perserverance. He is genuine and caring, but also tough-spirited and focused at all times, which combined make him the one person that I draw inspiration from most. He is like a surrogate father to me, as my own father all but abandoned me at a tender age, and I truly feel I owe my life to him for always being there for me. He is more heroic than any superhero, in my mind. Smile Smilie

What do you think could be the one thing you could do to help change the world for the better?
I've been thinking about this one, but I cannot think of anything I can do do to effect the world on a global scale. The best I can do at the moment is to encourage my kids not to drop litter in the countryside (anywhere actually, but particularly in the countryside). It's only a small step, but my ambitions have never ran very high.

What is the biggest hurdle in your life that you are currently trying to overcome?
I just graduated from college. My degree is in music and I am begining to think it is impossible to get a job in that field. Very frustrating! Yet there is nothing else I would rather do.Elf Confused Smilie

What is your main goal in life?
My main goal in this life is to be happy and make other people happy.

What's the colour of your socks?

What is you job?
My only job is to do the best I can at raising my children, to insure that when they look back at their childhoods, it shall be pleasant memories that come to mind for them. I will always do everything in my power to help them on their own magical journeys through life...

What one word best sums up your personality?
Willowy. Like the willow tree I try very much to bend and sway with the punches that life throws me. I strive to be serene and gentle with others, although I tend to be very hard on myself. And like the willow tree I'm drawn to seek quiet places to plant myself. My roots run deep so I usually withstand the storms life offers without getting blown down. My outward expression sometimes seems sad, although I'm simply feeling quiet and reflective on the inside.

What is your favorite time of the year or favorite season?
Late Spring, like in May, between the rains of April and June, when it is warm without being too hot, when the grass is green, and the flowers (especially the Rhododendrons) are in bloom.

How far away does the nearest of your extended family live: like the nearest that doesn't live with you?
On he other side of the river. I should explain that Hamilton is a bit like london: it's on two sides of a river. Except Waikato is a lot deeper and narrower than the thames. We live on the West side, and Auntie Wendy lives on the East side.

What is your dream job?
My dream job, which I am going to make a reality someday, is to go back to college, major in historical science, with a minor in mythology or folklore, eventually get a PhD, move to a remote part of the northern hemisphere and study ancient cultures or some related field, and above all else, continue to be the best mom I can be.

I suppose that is actually a "ten-year plan", as apposed to a dream job, but that is the reality of my dreams.Smile Smilie

What time do you usually eat the first meal of your day?
Usually around halfpast nine or ten oclock, all depending on what time I get back from milking.

What was your favorate childhood TV programe?

(Loni, you live in Hamilton?, snap I live in Te Awamutu, ain't it a small world)
Hmmm... I loved the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, but that was on video. My dad taped them for me at the platform since we didn't have the channals at home. With Swedish voices. Go Raphael!! (It was called hero instead of ninja, because it sounded less violant). Oh the endless hours playing Turtles... well.... animal-things that could have been friends with the turtles. Wink Smilie And Fraggle rock comes to mind of things that really were on TV. Smile Smilie

Favorite candy?
Mmmm. "Drop" as we call it here. It's something typically Dutch, usually black candy in different shapes. It can taste sweet or salty. Very good. Don't know if there's an English word for it, other than "drop". Animated Wink Smilie

Give me your top 5 of the best books you've ever read.
I love to read! There's so many to choose from, but I will try and narrow it down...
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
A Christamas Carol by Charles Dickens
A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry
Sphere by Michael Crichton
Forrest Gump by Winston Groom

Those are my favorite from bestest to not so bestest.
(And of course the LoTR's series, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion are in my top ten)

What are your top 5 favorite movies?
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Rob Roy
Last of the Mohicans

Which fictional hero would you most like to trade places with?
Hm. Toughy. Probably....WonderWoman! I have no clue why. I just always thought she was cool. Heh.

What you're most favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world?
Well my most favorate meal is roast beef with all the trimings, but my most favorate thing is a toss up between oysters and chocolate...................hmmm, oysters and chocolate, now theres and interesting thought......

Which would you pick if you had to choose bewteen TV, Music or Books?
You! On toast. Alright, be serious, Loni. Apple crumble! Waffles! Gluten free beehive ham! It's a tie between those three. I had apple crumble yesterday, and i decided it was the best hting in the whole world to eat. but last week, when I ate waffles, I decided THEY were the best thign to eat. But when my gluten-allergic friend gives me bits of her gluten-free beehive ham, I decide THAT'S the best thign toe at in the whole world. Oh, wabwab, choices, choices.

(Loni, you live in Hamilton?, snap I live in Te Awamutu, ain't it a small world)

yeah, and we must be the only NZers in this site! Except 42, but 42 hasn't logged on for months and months and months.
As Loni did not leave a question herself I'll answer Rhodry's....

It would be a toss up between music and books. The TV can definetly go, but I'd struggle to choose between the other two. If it really came down to it, I think I'd keep books.

Which website do you spend the most time on? If it's this one, which do you spend the second most time on?
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