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alto. ...or soprano, if it's not too high.

do you own many cds?
No, about 150, and that aint much these days I think
Do you collect DVDs?
No. I buy videocassetes instead. Old fashioned, eh?

Do you enjoy singing?
yesss. which doesn't mean I'm good at it. Paranoid Smilie

will you go to see harry potter IV in the theatres?
Of course
Do you like strawberries ?
*yummy* yes!

do you believe in extraterrestial (spelling?!) life? [let's say life on other planets]
I must admit i dont believe in 'aliens' because if they were real then it would show how unintelligent we are to 'little green men' who have mastered space flight!!

What is your 'security blanket' from when you were little... or now if you still have to have it?
Hmmm...I never had one actually or anything like it. Now, let's see,'s probably my chapstick. I can't go anywhere without my chapstick. I'm an addict. Kiss Smilie

What's your favorite song at the moment?
There is this song that comes on my new favorite radio station, and i am affraid i dont know the name of it and it drives me crazy that i dont, but i really like the song.

What is your favorite thing to cook? and i mean actually cook, not cereal or pop tarts.
the only thing i can cook is, well, potatoes. potatoes boiled, stewed, backed, flambe...anything Wink Smilie

wot is youre favorite colour?
at the moment it's this kinda petrolic blue (not quite sure if this is the right english name for the colour...) I like a lot...

have you ever written a threatening letter to anyone?
i must admit i have never written anything nasty to anyone, although many deserve it i would rather say it to them because i dont want to waste time by writing it!!

Have you ever been sick after you went on a roller coaster?
no, don't think so.....

what kind of book are you reading at the moment? (genre)
I'm reading Lieutenant Hornblower by C.S. Forester -- I suppose it's fiction/action-adventure.

Have you ever won an award?

What was the last movie you watched, and what is your review of sed movie?
ummmm...Kicking and screaming with will ferrel
it wasa ok...kinda funny, kinda stupid...

next is the culprit of not closing the tags in this thread!
Not me, I hope. I have noticed the last few that I've had to correct today had the [ b ] at the end, but were missing the /.

Next can't whistle while drinking a glass of water.

Oops, wrong game, so:

Can you whistle while drinking a glass of water Question Smilie
No. I can't whistle at all.

are you a computer whiz?

do you often lose track of wot game you are playing?
yea, always working on at least 3 sites at once...

do you like to have strange hairstyles? hair doesnt "do" goes wherever it want no matter how much i brush it.

are you obsessed with weight and wot you look like?
not really i dont put on weight i just burn everything i eat

Have you ever had symptoms of OCD? (obsessive compulsive disorder)
Only if I knew what the symptoms were, I would have told you.

If there was one thing that you could kill for, would you really kill someone for it?
there's nothing in this world worth ruining someone's life for....and i have really bad luck, so if i were to kill someone for it, i probably still wouldn't get it! Smile Smilie

If someone you loved were in danger, would you go to their rescue? or rely on the "authorities" in your area to save them?
yes i would save them myself

what would you do if youre favorite band had a concert that you could go to but it meant ummmm....taking a nasty bus...
maybe walking there would be an option?

Have you ever loved and hated a person of the opposite sex at the same time? And if you have, would you marry him/her?
Oh yes indeed. That was a very complex relationship I had. Oh well, I don't think I would have married her.

Do you miss anyone at this very moment?
Not really. I'm at home with everyone who I am really close to within one day's drive away. So, not really bad... I'm comfortable.

Is it cloudy wherever you are now?
Yes, it's cloudy. We had the first snow yesterday.

what would you first do if found yourself alone in the country where they speak a language you don't understand?
start laughing hysterically and then speak italian. no matter where I'd be... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

do you like lying down in the snow watching the stars on a cold winter evening?
Nope. I really don't like the snow. Good thing we don't get it here in San Francisco.

I do like looking at stars though.

If a movie was going to be filmed about your life, who would you want to play you?
Especially on a mild winter evening while making snow angels. I live in a rural area and the stars shine very brightly.

If you were out of work, would you consider being a volunteer at your local library?
Nope. I'm not much into volunteer work.

And...just to restate my previous question:
If a movie was going to be filmed about your life, who would you want to play you?
Nicole Kidman, she and I are the same age, although she is a bit slimmer than I am and she tends to change her hair as often as I do. I think she is a terrific actress.

Ummm, a question, since I have not read through the entire thread, I hope I don't repeat one.

If you suddenly came in to a lot of money, how would it change your life?
lets see, my parents would buy a house that doesnt have any leaks ect. and idk, we'd probably need a new car cuz ours is almost dead (its a mercedes from 1981)

next posts things that say next in threads besides whos next
I haven't really paid attention but I can't recall saying "next", so I guess not.

Have you joined any other tolkien realted sites other than PT?
Ive looked around but ive come to a conclusion PT is the best one, therez no other site like it, who came up with the idea rite at the beginning?? just wondering??

OCD is a thing that makes you unable to make decisions or you have to do things a certsin way(look at one of the previous posts) and some ppl with OCD have to count
everytime they touch something they have to touch it a certain amount of times so ill ask again:

Have you ever had symptoms of OCD? (obsessive compulsive disorder)
None that I remember...

What do you do when you're bored?
Meditate. It helps to calm you, and if you do it whenever you're bored you won't feel really bored anymore, nor will you ever be afraid of feeling bored or cranky ever. Great method.

What's your favourite thread in PT?
Ive got to say i think that the roleplay sections are good especially the weddin g one because apparently i have an evil twin!!!!!

Who here has the best Avatar?
Hard to say, coz there are so many nice ones, but actually I think yours is very nice !!Love the The Ring and its colour
What is the most booring book you have ever read ?
emma. by jane austen. I think I stopped after... say... 70 pages. not sure if I got that far.

what is the funniest word you know?
I like neekerbreekers Happy Elf Smilie

Have you had flu yet cough cough

Is it really bad luck to listen to christmas carols when it's not christmas?
Nope its not bad luck, im liistening to one right now or im whistling to one now?? not sure???

What do you think of aeroplanes??
Well, I think they are a really good invention and very expensive to own and ride.

If you were in the place of Isaac Newton (the guy who "discovered" gravity) and an apple fell on your head, what would you think?
If it were just me I'd think "stupid apple!" of course, but if you insist on being in the place of Isaac Newton, I'd think "The Earth draws things!
Gravitational acceleration! F=m*g*h forever!"
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you beleive a person is able to change his destiny or is it maybe written somewhere already?
I believe that even if it is already written, but we don't know what it says, then we can still change it. And even if we know what it says, we still can endevour to change it, for we do have free will; however, we must live or die with the consequences of our action or inaction. Besides, it probably isn't already written, so we're free to make our own mistakes without being hindered by someone having already programed our strings.

What is your opinion about spam, how much do you get each day, and is there any that you ever actually open?
As a huge amount seems to get directed to me via the council@PT address, I imagine I get as much as you Grondy. If I go to sea for a few days I can expect to find 40-50 spam emails in my inbox. My spam filter managed to detect its very first piece today, but when I checked the junk box it had put it in, it turned out to be a proper mail from one of my friends.

Fortunately, not a lot gets delivered to my house as we tend to live a bit too far from town for people to deliver junk mail by hand. I do however, receive a lot for a previous occupant of this address, from mail order companies they were obviously members of.

What is your usual response to those annoying tele-sales people who insist on ringing you up during meal times or while you are watching your favourite TV program?
My usual answer is that Im not interested and goodbye , I say this very quick because the y keep on talking...
Do you have plans for Xmas ?
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