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Thanks Sian. Smile Smilie
I certainly do; especially since he was supposed to return by the first week of March.

Next wants someone to try to contact Grondy in some way.
No. Because I know that the CM are in contact with Grondy's family. They will keep us up to date with any development, I'm certain.

Which thread is your favourite in PT?
It's a difficult choice between the KDI and ADTFTN (feeling really lazy today, couldn't be bothered to write them both out properly). But I like many other threads too.

Next wishes that the Hobbit movies could come out a couple of years sooner!
Aye I wish that it were so.

Next would be Sian.
How did you know ? Smile Smilie You all are such smarties! Orc Grinning Smilie

Person below is it easy for you to think up questions for these games or do you plan ahead and write down ideas ?
I make it up as I go along.

Do you also do this?

Next person: Who do you think should play Bilbo in The Hobbit?
Burn Gorman.

Who should play Bombur? (Excluding James Corden)
Jim Carter, easily. And I don't agree about Burn Gorman, I reckon it should (and might) be James McAvoy.

Continuing the theme, who should play as Saruman (as Christopher Lee may very unfortunately not be able to reprise the role)?
Saruman isn't in it. (Unless he might be in the second film)

If he is though, Michael Gambon, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton or Patrick Stewart.

Who should play Bard or Beorn?
Beorn: Ciaran Hinds.
Bard: Richard Armitage.

Hmmm... Who should play Thranduil?
Both of your ideas suit their roles IMO.

Orlando Bloom should play Thranduil. With a small bit of make-up on to make him look older. And fake eyebrows. OR Kai Owen.

Who should play Thorin Oakenshield?
Why, our own Thorin of course!
Not really... I have no idea for a good one, and as long as they can make a mask as they did for Gimli, it could be possibly anybody

Who do you think shoud play Thorin?
Brian Cox (not the physicist, the Scottish actor).

Who should voice Smaug?
John Hurt

Who should play Kili and Fili?
Well, I heard an absolutely awful rumour that the former The X Factor stars John and Edward would be taking the roles, but I think it has calmed down since.
As for my own opinion... I really don't know. Remember how PJ brought in completely unknown actors and made a brlliant film? That's what I think will happen in The Hobbit. As I don't know of any other famous twin actors (apart from the ones who play Fred and George Weasley... just no...), I can't really say.

Any other roles that people have particular ideas for?
Jimmy Vee as one of Thorins crew, and if Sauron/The Necromancer is in the second movie (They could make the second one about Gandalf and Thorins father being held captive by 'The Necromancer', which is what I think happened IIRC) he should have the same form as from the start of 'TFOTR' (my DP) and be played by the same person.

Who should play Radagast or the Necromancer?
Sauron shouldn't have that form, since the battle at the start of FOTR (which you assumed to be after the events of the Hobbit) was many thousands of years before, at the end of the Second Age. Afterwards, Sauron was a diminished spirit, though by the time of the Hobbit he was growing much in power. I can imagine him appearing in some kind of CGI shadowy form.
As to Radagast, I really don't know. Remember how PJ got completely unknown actors and made brilliant films? I'm sure the Hobbit will be similar.

Next has heard the rumour that the Hobbit might be shot in 3D.
I hope not.

Is 2D better than 3D, and how long do you think it will be until they invent Star Wars style 3D Holograms?
I prefer 2D, and I hope it takes a while for 3D to start invading our homes
As for the holograms, that would be awesome if they had them in the next decade

Do you prefer a movie/game/thing have its release date pushed back in order for better quality? Or should they have a deadline and stick to it?
With the Hobbit, I was happy about the deadline being pushed back. But when they announced they had moved the deadline for the 2 harry potter films, that was stupid. They should stick to one IMO. But possibly stick to 2 for the hobbit.

Should they split Movies of Books into 2, or keep them as long as they were?
If I understood your question correctly I would prefer The Hobbit as one single movie.

By the way, I don't like the Harry Potter movies. The first one was OK but the others went down in my opinion.

If you had to choose bertween The Chronicles of Narnia & Harry Potter, which one would you choose?
The Chronicles of Narnia, since I feel that they were always better movies (if a bit too Hollywood-ish at parts).

Next has climbed a mountain.
Yeah. Either a mountain or a big hill. It was near that mountain near Coniston in the lake district.

Next has been to the lake district.
No, but I have heard about it and would sure like to visit!

Person below: did you hear the rabbit stories of Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) when you were a child?
Why, of course. Is there anybody on this site that hasn't?

Have you read the Wheel of Time series

Do you find most of the April Fools jokes on teh web amusing.

Google Maps in 3D, Youtube in ASCII, Armor Games linking to Rick Astley. And another forum has tempo-banned all user accounts. Any others?
I only saw one joke this year and yes, it was funny Smile Smilie It was the Google=Topeka thing.

Person below, what are you planning for this weekend?
I have an assignment to complete which will probably take all my time.

Person below, when will you be on holidays?
School Holidays was this week and next week.

Are you in your holidays at the moment?
Yeah, on Easter hols.

Next loves Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Next loves Jelly Babies.
Yes, and how could you not like them? You're the first person I've ever heard say that!

Next has eaten haggis. (One of my favourites)
Yes! My son and I went to a big Scottish festival in Estes Park, Colorado,(we're members of Clan McBain) and watched the bands, drank Guinness (he did, anyway, I'm a lightweight), I twirled to the fiddle music and we ate haggis! It was great! It gets way too much bad press in my opinion. Smile Smilie

Person below, do you like spinach? Keeping on with the food thread..
No, it is absolutely repulsing to me

Do you like food (like junk food) that you know you're not supposed to eat?

Do you like Sprouts?!
It depends on what kind Big Smile Smilie

Do you ever get peckish, go to eat something, then decide you're not hungry after all?
No, I can always eat, unfortunately.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?
It depends. If I try to go to bed earlier than I normally do, then I toss and turn and then generally get to sleep much later than normal. This also happens when I'm feeling more excited or nervous than usual, but I don't suffer from insomnia or anything of the kind. Pary Smilie Sleeping Smilie Good Morning Smilie

Next watched the new episode of Doctor Who last night! (UK)
No, it's not a show that has captured my interest, I'm afraid.

Person below, do you like bright colored clothing?
No way, I'm not Xenophilius Lovegood.

Next hass read Will Adams.
Never heard of him. But I did watch DW Fornac. Matt Smith FTW.

Do you find it completely stupid that they are letting Rooney play against Munich tonight?
I have missed both of MUs goals so far because I was getting a drink and on the loo.
I can't say..I don't know who Rooney is. I hope your team won, though Smile Smilie

Person below, what famous person do you most admire?
It would be me I guess. I couldn't find any famous person that I like though I racked my mind.

Anyone else who has a satisfactory famous personality that one likes.
No one in particular but I'll gladly go with the Professor!

What season is it in your country?
It's spring here (Scotland), though still quite chilly.

Next has a fireplace in their house and lights it most nights.
Nope. Hardly any houses here have fireplaces (bar ornate) one and I doubt if it's legal to light one here. I would love to have one and light it though.

Next likess cold better than hot!

Very much. I'm enjoying spring but dreading the hot summer that's coming.

Person below, what do you think of the new ipad gizmo?
Nice, but too pricey, I'll wait a while prior to trading in my Kindle 2.

Person below: Have you planted a vegetable garden this spring (if in northern hemisphere) or have you finished harvesting the vegetables (if in southern hemisphere)?
No. My gardens too small.

Do you have a large garden?
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