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Sounds good to me.

Is that game played similarly to rock-scissors-paper?
Wouldn't really be surprised; but I have to admit that I usually mix up the rules also in that game!

Is life just a game in which we participate, where some have more lucky parts than other?
Only to those who think of it so.

Does lying on your belly with your chin upon your hands and your feet in the air make you feel like a child again?
Havn't thought about that...hummm...yes, it does but,...when your 41,getting back on your feet as easily as back then is abit trickier,,,,lol.
Will you take in a new movie or stay in with a classic?
I do not necessarily find the replaying of a movie better than the original. I usually prefer the book.

How many times have you seen your favourite movie.
i lost count must be around a 100 times

what your favourute film not including lotr?
Must be one of the Bond-movies!

i lost count must be around a 100 times
In a theatre or on DVD?

Is it necessary to watch movies in a theatre?
not if you've got a home theatre system .. i think !!

Is it reaaaallly necessary for people to get married ??
on vcd rafael

no finrod. i myself don't believe in marriage.

Which soccer team you like best?
The Reds of course; Man U from England and in Norwegian national legaue my team also is Red namely Brann! Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie

How do you celebrate the coming of 2007?
I turn on the TV and watch the midnight fireworks at the Space Needle and I might even have a hot buttered rum while I'm waiting for it. New Years Day I'll probably watch all by myself, at least most of one American football game; usually the Rose or Orange Bowl, sometimes both.

Did Santa bring you anything you really wanted this year, or just a maroon jumper (sweater), a toothpick, a fifty pence piece, and a hand-me-down pair of socks?

He sure did (or my hubbie did) I got two books that I wanted for X-MAS : The Letters by Tolkien and STALIN Smile Smilie I just loooooooooove to readRead Smilie
What is your best dance moves ?

If you could in which period of history you could live which would you choose?

(to raffy - long live the red devils, hip, hip, hip hooray!)
Pary Smilie
I would more than likely choose to live in the time of knights and nobility, I'd like to speak the ye ole english too Orc Smiling Smilie

What's your oppinion on cake???

Thorin: Please remember to close your italics like this [ /i ]Orc Smiling Smilie
Cake is good, though a lot of frosting will ruin it.

How about ice cream?

I would more than likely choose to live in the time of knights and nobility, I'd like to speak the ye ole english too

Same here, but I'd want to be a knight. Chivalry is almost dead now, but back then it was being made.
Not my favourite
Have you ever given any speech ?
Occasional I have done so.

Have you ever used brand new skis or sledge (Chrhistmas gifts) in the snow before the New Year?
Yes, I received a Flexible Flyer sled one year and we had enough snow that winter that we could make short runs in the street (very little traffic there) down the hill near my house. A few years later I was able to go a mile across town and there was a long hilled street that was blocked off from traffic and we could really sled in safety to aour hearts' content.

Do you spend too much time posting to the top of the forum and have too little time left to do so in these games at the bottom?
No Smile Smilie I don't think so ..I always read the latest post if I don't know exactly what I were I want to go in the threads Smile Smilie
Did you have a pleasant New Years Eve?

If you had a chance to change one thing in 2006 what would it be?
My birthdays, and maybe if I'd dropped the parties I would still be 25.

If you were reborn, would you live without mistakes you have made up to now, then?
Well, had I not made some of those mistakes, I may have made others that wouldn't allow me to be where I am today. That is to say, in another universe I might not still be alive or maybe I'd still be a concert pianist had I not given up the lessons in the fourth grade.

What is or what was for dinner?
Sausages, burgers and Baguettes.

What's your best memory of 2006?
My best memory of '06, hmm, let's see here. Probably in the summer when I got to ride one of those water tubes that get pulled by a boat. My oldest sister brought a friend down to my grandparents' trailer on Lake Pepin, and Grandpa pulled us two at a time in the tube, myself and the friend were the pair who stayed on longest. That was tons of fun!

Someone else's best memory of 2006?
OMg..there is like way too many

whats your favourite movie and why?
Braveheart is one of my favorites, I've watched it, with my dad turning off the immoral parts, more than ten times, and still like it just as much as when I first saw it, even more, as I am now able to fully understand and appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into such a large-scale movie.

Would you rather be a knight/princess in the historical medieval world, or a knight/princess in the world of fantasy?
Ladies, a princess; men, a knight.
I believe we can all be knights and persons in our own fantasy world. I am told there is some problems being a knight in a the past.

Which mythology of our world is best known?
(yeah toy had to be a nobleman to be a knight.

probably Norse (due to a game called SAGA: RAge ofthe Viking), followed by Greek. But i've bought a book on Celtic mythology today and once i've finished it (soon!) i may change my idea.

DO you know what parthian tactics mean?
no not really
( ithink greek is best known, followed by roman since they so similar)

perfers writing fan fics over reading them
Uh, I not really much of a writer, though I am trying.

Do you prefer to get up early(like myself), or get up late?
Usually earlySmile Smiliecoz I like to get most out of the day :angel.
Do you often change music on your MP3 ?
I recently started being a MP3-fan, so till now it's no changing!

From where do you download your music?
I have a Music-Match subscription, but i hardly ever use it. I usually listen to National Public Radio broadcasts live or online. I don't even have a portable player; I have no need for one.

Did you have a nice sunny day today? (I had sunshine this morning, tiny hail right now, with an Arctic snowstorm scheduled for tonight.)
It has been another windy, almost stormy day with lots of rain. 2 miles from my house it was snowing today. I have only seen snow on cars today. The snow is on it's way!!

Is Christmas packed away this time?
Nope, until my daughter comes back in a week or so, I still get to watch my tree lights blink on and off. (Obviously it is a fake tree.)

What's for dinner?
hm...wish I knew. I'm hungry... *browses shelf...* looks like graham crackers for me!

what's the weather like? (it's snowing here)
a complete blizzard and reallllllllllllllllly cold...i have on 4 layers and i'm still cold.

Have you ever broken a bone?
OMGSHHHH thank god no. im not a pain bearer

have you ever bothered to pick up garbage that was lying on the ground????

WHY was it even on the ground anyway i mean havn't people heard of a TRASH CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have and I will! You are ever so right! How come some people just drop papers,plastic, yes anything wherever they are. It disgusts me!

How any anyone be happy with a fake Christmas tree? Christmas Tree Smilie
I always have a fake christman tree for christmas. Not that i pay any attention to it whether it be real or fake. Well you should have some consideration for the poor trees mellon. Very Big Grin Smilie

Next is a great fan of alcoholic beverages
No, I had a glass of wine a couple weeks ago and had a hot buttered rum last month, but hardly ever sample the wares in by liquor cupboard; I don't require booze to remain happy with my life.

Have you gone sledding or skiing this winter or if you live on the bottom of the world, outdoor swimming?
Neither yet, here in my home town, we have not seen snow yet. One can find snow within 2 h car-trip or more, but I haven't bothered.

Have extreme weather-conditions done harm to you and your family?
Does this count the time that I banged my hand while scraping ice from my windshield??

If not, then no.

What kind of cell phone do you have?

My cellphone is a Nokia, not one of the very advanced one, but it has a phone function!!

Are you using gadgets as a GPS these days?
Naw, using the sun, stars, and local mcdonalds sign I can navigate fairly well.Wink Smilie

How many computers do you have?
Two: an almost seven year old 700 MHz Dell PC, which I'm using now; and a twenty-two year old Commodore 128, which I also use almost daily in Commodore 64 mode, where I'm playing 'Gateway of the Savage Frontier' currently yet once again. I love to play those old AD&D games while I watch TV.

Are you going to start the planning for your spring garden soon; are you going to wait a month or two; or lacking a green thumb, do you choose not to garden?
Well Grondy, I'm already looking through the seed catalogues and dreaming for spring. Its what gets me through the winter months. And since I plant a rather large garden each year, it takes awhile to get things organized.

Who is your favorite musical group?
Wow! There's just so many to choose from... it's between U2, Anberlin, Mae or Jars of Clay - depending on my mood. The thing I like about U2 is that they're more than just a band (well at least Bono is big on the Humanitarian scale), but then Jars of Clay also started BloodWater Mission to help out aid's victims.

But today - based on musical talent/creativity and lyrical content - I'lll go with Mae. Or maybe it's just cos I'm listening to them right now.

Why does a DNA strand/ladder make a spiral instead of going straight?
You'd better ask the one who created them cause i don't know as i'm an economics student. If you asked me why the demand curve was downward sloping i could have answered.

What film made you cried (if any)?
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