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This is tougher than I thought...I'd say its a tie between 3 differant ones: bean & bacon,clam chowder,and split pea & ham. Elf Winking Smilie What is your favorite seasonal food served for Thanksgiving Day ?
Well I've never had a Thanksgiving Dinner but I love Turkey so........Turkey - but I don't know what else you would have at this meal. I'd have sausage meat stuffing, brussel sprouts, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes....oh it sounds like a Christmas dinner, my favourite.

Do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian - if a vegetarian what would you eat at the 2 celebration dinners mentioned above?
I'm not a vegetarian but if I was I think I'd try substituting macaroni and cheese for the turkey and finish off with our usual accompaniments of cranberry sauce (Aunt Martha's recipe) mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans or broccoli, rolls and pumpkin pie with heaps of whipped cream.

Next person, what's your favorite holiday meal?
Oh.................Christmas of course.....l..o..l.......... :wavingsanta;

What's you're favourite thread on PT
Currently it is Wheel of Tolkien.

Where do/did you go to school?
I went to St Pius X Catholic School then went to St John Payne Catholic Secondary School - now you know why I wanted to be a Nun Ha Ha Ha Smilie - both my daughters went to both these schools but they didn't want to be Nuns Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Were you or are you one of the popular kids in school (I think this peer thingy happens at ALL schools all over the world!
No, not me. I was always too shy and got picked on a lot in junior high. You're right, the peer stuff does happen pretty much all over.

If you could live in the past, where and when would it be?
Has to be Middle Earth way back in History - or when people could see the (us Ha Ha Ha Smilie ) fairies Very Mad Smilie

Do you take vitamins, pro-biotic drinks etc.... and/or alternative medicinal remedies
Yes, I do take a daily vitamin plus calcium. A natural remedy I use is Mullein leaves( crushed in a capsule), and drink lots of water, to relieve chest/lung congestion. Elf Smilie If you could buy anything in Middle Earth with mithril, what would it be?
Lothlorien hands down. sigh............

Have you any first or second edition books of authors like Tolkien, Daphne du Maurier, Tolstoy, or whomever. If so , how did you obtain it, them?
I have a first printing First American Edition Copyright ’ 1977 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd of The Silmarillion. I pre-ordered it from my local book shop when I heard young Chris had it ready for Houghton Mifflin Company of Boston to publish. It cost me $10.75 It has the red and black on white fold-out map of Beleriand.

What were you thinking?
That I have a copy of the Silmarillion like that too...

What would you do if _____?
I have no idea what I'd do ....l..o..l...... Big Smile Smilie

Do you have any hobbies - and what
Well once upon a time I handloaded ammunision for my rifle and then had to make a monthly trip to the firing range to espend it. Then I took up counted-cross-stitch; then HO scale model railroad where I built cars, engines, and structures; then I got my Commodore 128 computer and started inputing classical music from the scores. I've been doing that for the past ten years. I'm currently working on Vivaldi's Concerto in G Major for Flute and Strings, Opus 10, No 4, RV 435. Oh and I guess this forum is more of a hobby than a non-paid vocation. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I also used to bowl with an average in the low one-fifties and a high game of 258 in league play.

What is the first song you remember singing from memory? I'm not sure if mine was "I'm a Little Tea-pot" or "Home on the Range."
I think it was a Doris Day song, from Calamity Jane "Windy City" about good ole Chicagee, if it wasn't, then it was Sing a Song of Sixpence...

Do you have a particular memory that often pops into your mind, and has been as vivid as ever since it happened?
Yes....but sadly it was sitting with my dad as he was dying - don't think I'll ever forget that memory - sometimes I wish I could but I'm always glad he had someone with him Very Sad Smilie
He died of lung cancer and I usually get on my soap box about smoking when I see friends and family still smoking Shaking Head Smilie

Is there something you're really passionate about?
Not any more other than two of the three subjects we are not allowed to discuss on this forum and continuation of the species isn't one of them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What are you planning on or doing this weekend?
Maple Tree, and I'm New, Nice to Meet You All!!
Anyways, If You Died and Came Back as A Chocolate Biscuit What Kind Would You Be??
A Double-Stuffed Oreo.

Hello Anarane_elensar, how about you introduce yourself to the full membership in a new thread under Introduce yourself!?

If you were a cow, how high could you fly?
Well that would depend on what airline I was flying Orc Grinning Smilie

Do you know what Santa's going to bring for you this Christmas? Have you been Angel Smilie or Very Evil Smilie
Yes, Amazon.cpm's new Kindle; I ordered it last night. I haven't treated myself to an electrontic toy since 2000 when I bought this computer’I don't even own or want a cell phone’and as the Kindle looks quite functional I decided to buy it for my Christmas present.

What is the name of your pet?
Batman Cat Smilie a black one
Do you make cookies for X-mas ?
Not normally.

What is your favorite homemade cookie (biscuit)?
We have so many that are family traditions its hard to choose but I think I'll say toffee bars.

Giving someone else a chance to answer this too, what is your favorite?
ooooo Shortbread....mmmmmmmm

What food is your weakness - something you just have to have?
A must have is good quality dark chocolate. If it's covering a fresh strawberry all the better. Elf Winking Smilie What is your favorite fabric for clothing? ( ex: cotton,silk,leather,ect.)
Denim and rayon..

What is your favorite monster?
My mother!(MELLON)

Whats your favourite Store?(/Clothes/games/Jewelry etc...)
Mellon, a monster. No way, no how. Smile Smilie

My favorite store, I suppose it is a toss up between Winners and Poohs and Beans.

Have you ever been stuck in a lift for a long time?. Did you get freaked out?
I don't remember being stuck in a lift, though I remember some people were in the elevator (lift) at my office during our earthquake of '65 and it shook them up mentally as well as physically. I worry more about the cables breaking and the automatic brakes failing to set when I ride them. Way back about that same time, I was helping design shipboard automatic elevator brakes as well as their guide rails, doors and their operating cylinders, and the layout of the platform positioning switches.

Have you ever nearly drowned, or at least suffered a panic attack in the water?
I did when I was about 4 or 5 years old ..I remember being very afraid..I fell into the ocean..couldn't swim and a boy who were 10 years older than me saved me..THANK YOU MIKKEL Smile Smilie
What is your most wonderful memory during X-mas ?
My most wonderful memory during X-MAS would be when my family staged a play on christmas eve about christ's was awesome...all of my uncles,aunts,cousins,even my grandparents participated...then we spent the night together as a whole family at my house together...

Who's your favourite actress and why???
I would probably choose either Kate Winslet or Kate Beckinsale because of the range of characters they can perform like KB...She does some comedy romance films then goes for dark fantasy movies (Vampires etc)... As for KW, who wouldn't like her? Orc Grinning Smilie... Hmm, why do I like the name Kate? Orc Smiling Smilie

If you had to choose any comic book character, who would you like to be?
Sorry - it may not be comic's got to be TINKERBELL Big Smile Smilie

Have you ever told someone a secret, that you were supposed to keep to yourself?
Not that I knowingly will admit to myself, as it wouldn't be the honorable thing to do.

There are some people who can't be relied upon to keep their word; are you one of them?
I pride myself on the fact that i have proven multiple times that I am trustworthy and can keep my word to people. I hold to my honor and to break my word is unacceptable, to myself and to those I know, I would lose what honor I have. So much so in fact that when I am not trusted even by those who should trust me, it hurts deeply.

Why does Loss love the name Kate?! lol
Because Loss is a male and Kate is a female name Animated Wink Smilie ......Why do I like the name Orlando - I don't think it's the name do you.....l..o..l....... In Love Smilie

Who would you most like to go on a romantic date with?
Sad to say I no longer dream of romance; though I suppose I wouldn't say no to a good meal with good conversation, but I don't know with whom. Probably anyone who wouldn't find me boring. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you already started wrapping Christmas presents?
No - next job on my list.

Are your feet cold at the moment
Not that I notice and I didn't even turn the heat up this morning, but I will probably start getting cold as the sun goes down in about an hour. I keep my curtains drawn and have southern exposure and also usually wear a sweatshirt or sweater so often need a little less heat in the winter. I always turn it down at bedtime because I like sleeping in the cold as I can always throw on another blanket, but don't sleep well when it is too warm.

What did you do over the past weekend?
I went shopping with my brother and spent some dosh! And then completly relaxed with chocolate for the rest of the weekend! Perfect!!! Wink Smilie

Thought about any New Year Resolutions?
No I think I'll give them up this year...... Big Laugh Smilie but will I stick to it........

Can you speak more than 1 language (wish I could) - if so what are they?
No, I know a we bit of Spanish and French, but not enough to be conversant.

Are you throwing a Christmas party this year?
I’m not sure yet ..On X-mas eve we are gathering at our parents in law ..with some of my hubbies brothers..18 adults and children
We usually have a party on New Years Eve
Do you make gifts for X-mas ??
Well, I did sometimes. I don't have the materials anymore for it, but I used to make different pieces of jewelry for my sisters.

Are you looking forward to a white Christmas this year? Finally! We have a lot of snow on the ground, hoping the same snow sees the new year.
No, it makes for hazardous travel and I don't have studded tires on my wheelchair Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have or will you be watching a football game (of any kind) tomorrow (Sunday)?
Yes, today is Sunday and we watched the Broncos stomp the Chiefs while putting up the gigantic Christmas tree. I think Grandpa enjoyed it all.

Is Christmas a holiday you enjoy a lot or are there things about the season that make you sad?
Any type of gathering can make a person feel sad or lonely becauwe of the fact that time and unforseen things occur to us all. To me Christmas is the most holy, awesome, wondrous and redemptive time of the year. Several of my family members including my parents all died at Christmas but I don't let that ruin anything. It is a time for remembering good things and sharing and seeing others eyes light up knowing they were important enough for a little something special. Love it. And all those wacky Christmas videos.

Do you even care about New Y ears, what does it mean to you other than a chance to party?
New Year's Day is a chance to change our ways with a clean slate; though I seldom do, having tried to be good even before the Christmas season. Elf Winking Smilie
I no longer party and I seldom watch more than one bowl game.

"It was a day like all days, which alter and illuminate our times."

Have you been good or naughty and nice?
I have been good, for the most part. MY brother and I don't always get along... Paranoid Smilie

Have you ever seen Santa Claus?
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