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I admit I don't have many, but one stands out in my mind.

I was about nine I think and I and my only sibling who has just died and my cousins, well from one branch of the family were all crowded into my paternal grandparents pent house in a gorgeous city. It was Christmas eve and we were all put down to bed rather early as we were told Santa would not visit us until we were all asleep.

My cousin V.... and I, the eldest, had sadly given up our belief in Santa claus because of the other children at school. but we were determined our little brothers and sisters should believe so we told them to try hard to sleep so Santa Claus could come and leave them their gifts. We had great fun telling them that the reindeer and sleigh might come any minute.

But suddenly after about an hour of that we distinctly heard the sleigh bells upon the roof of the penthouse and we stopped and were wide eyed and amazed. It was the most magical thing in the world and of course it was one of the parents or grandfather but since they were not the sort of men to ever do that sort of thing we thought we must be wrong and Santa really was there. Oh and the next morning all the wondrous gifts. I never forgot the magic of that night.

What is the funniest thing you can remember from your own child hood?

It actually has to do with my mumSmile Smilie

I was around 12 and one day we were walking down a street  and it wasn't really crowded;a couple of take-aways and a few stores,a mostly residential area and all of a sudden there was a power-cut.The whole street plunged into darkness and we couldn't see our own hands in front of us.So there I was looking down to avoid tripping when my mum suddenly screamed.

Earlier in the day we were discussing a demon for my mythology class who happens to have no head.

So she screamed and I looked up to see a lady dressed in black(I guess) with long bushy flowing hair and in the darkness she really seemed headless but my mum's imagination over-rode her common sense and right at that moment the lights came on.The woman scowled at us evidently offended and it was so embarrassing but then mum and I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the way.

It's an enduring joke in the family at the expense of my mum and that poor demon-lady

Person below,what's your funny childhood tale?

Mine isn't that funny, but it's something that gets brought up all the time at family dinners (sigh!) My brother and I went sailing with Dad for about a week. Routine involved us sailing around, finding an anchorage then fishing. If we caught fish we had them for dinner along with peas and potatoes. If we didn't we had sausages, peas and potatoes. Dad isn't a very creative cook - and he was really bad as guessing how many peas to cook! We'd end up with about half a plate each of peas. So this evening we decided to eat sitting on the side of the boat while Dad was down below and "accidentally" dropped a fair few of those peas overboard. Then later that evening we thought we'd try fishing on the evening tide change. Caught some big cod! Then Dad gutted and cleaned them - and they were full of peas! Busted.


Next person - if you could replace one of the fellowship with someone else, who would it be and why?

Tough one. Each of the Fellowship contributed so much to the trilogy that it's difficult to choose.

I suppose I might replace Legolas with Glorfindel - but that's simply to get a close-up description (books) or view (movies) of one of the Elves from the First Age fighting in battles like Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith.

Next person: Do you want to see PT come to life again?

N.B: As you might have noticed, I've just posted on several of the old, popular threads. This is to show people that PT was once one of the most active Tolkien sites out there - I remember posting on the Khazad-dumish Inn thread (if you don't know its significance, check it out - it's a brilliant read) with an old member, Eruheran, and our posts were literally one or two minutes apart. I think some are sitting on their hands, hoping that we will get an influx of members with the Hobbit movies, but that will not happen unless we keep this site alive.

Good to see some action here. We've had to battle on with a  small crew of devoted forum folk at Forumshire, so we know how hard it is to keep people motivated and encourage new people to come and visit, and maybe even stay. 

As you may be aware, at Forumshire we have resorted (happily) to all sorts of nonsense and divergent topics to keep up any kind of momentum. Admittedly, its tricky for us because of the fact we were originally set up as a Hobbit Movie Forum, a limiting title when Hobbit Movie news is non-existent for long periods.  

Planet Tolkien gobbling us up without fair warning did not help either, we lost some of our less active (but still active) forumers, which is still sad; though in rebirth we have found ourselves determined to battle on. 

Anyhow, good luck trying to whip your folk into shape. You have some nice folk here. 


And if by chance anyone from here happens to peek at Forumshire, don't mind our jokes about Dark Planet, for, mainly, that's all they are, jokes. We have our ax to grind with how things happened, the loss of friends and the loss of intellectual/creative property, but not with the folk who call this place home, Cheers. 




 For me personally when I first spotted the site it was a real put off.  Just looking at the messageboard gives the guest an idea of  the current activity taking place on the site.  Perhaps many of the regulars have got tired of the same questions or have fallen into the enchanted stream like Bombur and gone to sleep.

I have noticed there has been a steady increase in activity for posting on threads and new people joining or is this my imagination. 

Agree with you  that PT needs a good booster shot, there are some really good threads on this site worth  reading as far back as 1970!


Next Person: Do you think the 'Talking Purse' should be added to The Hobbit movie?

Er - hmm...

The purist in me says that of course it should, but the realist knows that as the Hobbit is being adapted for a larger audience (something that I agree with) and as it is trying to fit in with the darker Middle-Earth of LOTR (something I really do agree with), I don't think it should.

Next person: Who would you rather meet: J.R.R. Tolkien or Aragorn?

there are some really good threads on this site worth  reading as far back as 1970 !

 That whole 1st of January 1970 thing had me confused as well, but it's something to do with the fact that when this whole site was moved the dates on the threads set back to default (which seems to be that particular date). I'm not sure if the internet even existed in 1970! Big Smile Smilie

I think PT goes back to around 2000, but I'm not sure.

Hey Fornad welcome backSmile Smilie

I would definitely want to meet Aragorn..not Viggo..but the character.What can be more exciting than to travel Middle Earth with a Ranger who is also a king in disguise?

Next:Would you ever want to be in Bilbo's shoes in The Hobbit(book) if you could?

Oh gosh then I wonder how many others have been taken for a ride with the date system!  It might be time to add a new moderator. hint! hint!

Thanks Fornad

I think Bilbo has either been forced into a situation or gone into a situation of his own doing. In The Hobbit Bilbo was a bit of a braveheart and hero in some ways  and a deceiver in another way.

I would probably say yes I would probably like to be in his shoes but only for a day!

Next Person : Should Samwise be in The Hobbit?

He wasn't born in the time of the Hobbit, I think, so even in a cameo role I think PJ should steer well clear.

Next person: Elves or dwarves?

Dwarves- because of their industrious spirit, sociable.  My favourite is Trumpkin from Prince Caspian and Cornelius who was half dwarf and mentor to Caspian.  I remember the singing from Snow White a long time ago.


Next person : A tree house, hobbit hole or cave?

None.I prefer man-made halls of stone or rather the wide countryside.

Next person:Sauron or Saruman?

Wow, that is a hard question, Odette.  So hard that no one has answered it for . . . let's see . . . approximately 3 years!

In any case, I am going to be very annoying and post on old threads.  I officially blame Edrahil.  (YOU HEAR THAT?  IT'S AL YOUR FAULT;-)  Because he got me to pop over and look at The Ivy Bush, and I realized there were a lot of very interesting old threads over there!  So I decided to not just read them, but answer them as well.  That's what you get when you decided to play games with ME. 

So my answer is Sauron, btw.  No, I'm not going to say why.  I just decided I like him better than Saruman.  Plus he's evil and he doesn't hide it.  Just tries to take over ME.  Wait, did I just say why . . .?

And my question is -

Next person: Nuclear or atomic bomb?  (for some reason I am in a destructive mood at the moment ;-)


Nirwen Celemirsel

Good job with reviving this old thread Nirwen! Well, although it is hard to decide, Sauron too. Both are maiar of Aule, but Sauron is just a little bit more powerful.  Nuclear bomb, of course. Nuclear bomb could destroy a country of a small size. Atomic can only just  about  finish off cities. My question:  Radios or cds?

I am somewhat impatient; if someone doesn't answer, I will myself.  Ah, good choice, Amras.  I knew you would pick that, as guys tend to be - no are, destructive

Wow, hard question.  I like sitting (grr, usually in the passenger seat) of a car and listening to a radio, or listening to it at home . . . but you don't really have a choice in what you're listening too much.  Yes, switch channels, but what if you don't like any of them?  So I have to say CDs, because you have more than one choice, and can pull them in and out.  Wait, can I pick iPod?    Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

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