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Ch’sor, my made up kingdom of kick-butt!

Tank or Rhino?

Would you like to live in a hot place? or cold?

Do you prefer Mountains or the coast?

Purple Duck or Orange Duck or Purple Warg or Orange Warg or Green Warg or Green Duck?
Purple duck, purple warg and green warg, please!

lemons or limes?
Really neither, but for the sake of the game, lemons.

Do you want to sleep?
Do you want to stay awake?

Would you rather battle a Ranger or try to beat a skilled elf warrior? Tongue Smilie
Being a big baby I'd prolly run away squealing like a big girls blouse from both.

Salt n Vinegar or ready salted chippies(Crisps for our American and English folk)
Yum! Salt 'n Vinegar Big Smile Smilie

Okay hmmmm A Vacation in Hawaii or Lorien Tongue Smilie
Definitely Lorien!

Do you like to go for long strolls?
Indeed . whenever I can
Do you look forward to Spring ?
I would if it "happened" here. Basically we only have 2 seasons here: summer and winter Smile Smilie

Which period of the 4 seasons is your favourite?

Nice to see you back mellon Smile Smilie

Edited by Thorin to close tag: Post Made on the 6th March 2010
Autumn is my favorite.

The person below can wiggle their ears.

Yes, Mellon, it's great to see you back here!!
Nope, sorry.

Next can remember the last book they read.

This is a story of..?
Krishna, the Pandavs, with Hanuman. It is also called the Great War and is a book from Indian Literature.

Do you know from what literature does the story of Sigurd come from?

Is it from the Ring of the Nibelun.g....however you spell it?

Person below do you have a lot of memories of being a small child?
Ha not at all Sian.

The next knows what story was Sian speaking of.
Yup, I have a few very nice childhood memories Smile Smilie

Do you like gardening?
I think you both answered my question at the same time.. Anyway

No I don't know what I was talking about and yes, I do like gardening. I am at least part Hobbit after all!

What is your favorite remedy if you have a cut on your finger?
Put some turmeric on it, the old granny remedy.

Would have read Odyssey and Illiad?
Yup, I always have loved history and considering that both of this epic poems come from a period I like, I would definitely have done it!

What do you think of Hector and Paris?
Always liked Hector fighting for his country. But Paris, a craven. I don't see why he shouldn't be given up for his countrymen to live. (And Thorin, how come you knew of Mahabharata. Googled it?)

Think alike?
Think alike what? (sorry!)

Do you think of Hector and Paris as I do??

Think alike??
I'll leave the question for Sian to answer.

But to answer your other question, I'm a well versed with a lot of the literature from hinduism such as Ramayana and so on Wink Smilie
Sorry, I'm not overly cultured, and although I know of Homer and his poems I've never read them, but I'm afraid I have no idea who Hector and Paris is or what they wrote.

Next keeps tropical fish or frogs, like myself
Yeah yeah (gollum gollum, yesss my preciousss)

Next is a Maker in hand and heart.
(How is that Thorin?? What other literary works are you well versed.Surprise to find a dwarf as well versed as an elf Tongue Smilie )
I would love to be a maker in hand but unfortunately I''m only one in hear Smile Smilie

Would you have loved to live a hobbit's life and why?

I know others like the vishnu & shiv purans. It will require a lot of thought to bring to mind the others i know. On the other hand what literature do you know from there?
To answer Undomiel's question, no, Hector and Paris are warriors and I am not.

Would I like to live a Hobbit's life? Yes, it's a generally peaceful existence, close to the earth in several ways and I would like that very much. Plus a good appetite is a respected virtue Smile Smilie

Next keeps pets of the non-reptilian or amphibious kind. I'm a sucker for anything furry, myself.
Yup! cat's, dog's, and bird's. (Though I also have frogs and fish so does it count??)

Next wishes people in rich countries would read more since they can afford to do so.
I wish it were so. But there are many like those over our PT who have read to a great extent that I feel dwarfed by their knowledge though an Elf I be.

Would you give a thought to living in the Undying Lands where things fadeth not?

And Thorin, I am myself versed in almost all of the Hindu mythology(Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the works you mentioned.). I am rather poor in Devi Bhagavatam. And liked Greek too.
Not really. I think I would get bored doing the same thing over and over again, and watching the same thing over and over again. But I might consider if they have the Internet there!

How many hours do you spend on the internet daily?

TOO many! I communicate with customers about stuff I sew, play games here, read about friends on other discussion lists, etc, etc. I really need to cut back...

Next, what else do you do online?
I belong to a NZ based tropical fish forum, and the wife goes on Face book a lot.

Do you believe in Ghosts?
Not really. Is there something known as spirits. If so maybe I believe in ghosts too.

And your take on this?
I think spirits exist but I don't want much to do with them.

Next waches horse racing..
No, but I have seen the movie Seabiscuit (if that counts)

Are you afraid to fly

What Football/Soccer Or Rugby Team do you support?

I support Manchester United Orc Grinning Smilie
Denver Broncos.

Gotten interested in your sport more after watching the movie Green Street Hooligans with Elijah Wood. My son in law watches soccer and coaches kid's soccer but my daughter says having these little six year old girls play is like herding cats.

Person below has looong hair.
Would love to but don't.

Would've posted in the forum "Where are you all from????" or "New Members" today
Denver Broncos.

They are my favorite team too!

I have done both. The first was a long time ago, and the last was just recently today.

Do you have a bucket list?
Sort of..

Person below has sore feet from standing up all morning.

The Person below has a annoying sister.
No, but i have an annoying brother who sometimes acts like a girl, if that counts.

Have you ever seen a live shark? (Like in the ocean the same time you were)
No, not a shark. I have seen a live starfish, though.

Next believes wild sealions can be trained to not eat salmon.
I have absolutely no idea sorry

Next agrees that seals (and sea lions for that matter) smell like wet dog
Yes yes.

Next would have read Stephenie Meyer
Haven't, I'm sorry, what does she write?

Next spends at least three hours a day reading for pleasure.

My question about sealions was inspired by a report that in Oregon they are killing sea lions that 'transgress' local laws by eating salmon. I think it's a terrible thing to do.
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