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Thread: Who's next?

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I canceled my membership. Big Laugh Smilie

Next is Vee.

next is you?
next is Vir?

Next is Vee?
next is... ME!!!!

And so I am.
seriously, I think the next is... Rawien?

Naw, Rawien is much prettier than me though!

Next enjoys watching baseball on the telly

Next is... LadyFea?
Just me! Big Smile Smilie

Next is Tommie?

Next is my reflection.
No, just me.

Now it is Vee?
Oh OK - but I demand a sacrifice....

Next will be the sacrifice!
Nuppers, I'm neither female nor a virgin

Next is Grondy
Did I specify either? I am not that fussy. Smile Smilie Now get on that altar!

And no, I am not Grondy

But he may be next........ or Stonehelm....
Did I hear my name mentioned?

Next's name won't start with X,Y, or Z.
You are truly clairvoyant!

Next is a bumbling shaman.
I've been pretty much everything else, but not that, no. Paranoid Smilie

Next has under 100 posts.
Nope Big Smile Smilie
The next person has over 200 posts

Next is Pere.
Nope. But maybe he'll be so kind as to go next?
If you insist Tommie. Big Smile Smilie

The next person doesn't know that I'm standing behind them with an axe.
Thank you, Angel of Mercy! I've been waiting a long time for you to catch up to me!
Well, aren't you going to do it? Please? No? Alright, well...

Next is someone who may have been a wild west gunslinger in a former life.
Naw, I was a sword wielding 'buckler of swashes' what ever they were. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Now let me see: a buckler is a small shield and a swash is either a small piece of material used as a sample or a gaudy cheap timepiece. So a swashbuckler must be a someone who dismantles old sundials and using the round face plate, fabricates a tiny personal shield that is strapped to the arm with a ribbon. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Oh dear, I'm all wet ; both my above swatches have been swashed. So my good story as turned inferior. I'll have to hang my head in Shame. Where ever that is. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next will be someone who stayed up all night watching the Athens Summer Olympics.
Sorry to disappoint you Grondy, but no.

Next is... Vee?
'Fraid not, love. Just lil' ol' me. Elf Winking Smilie

Next is a manifestation of pure evil and malice...
Spawn of the devil Bad! Smilie

The next person knows how to play the violin
Nope, sorry.

Next is eating toast.
Your are right sir! Next person is watching cartoons.
Well, The Wiggles' show doesn't really qualify as a cartoon...but the madness is still there.

Next is someone who adamantly believes in something.
i dont know what adamently means...

next is really an alien from outer space!! OH NO! Dun dun dun dun....
I am not from Outer Space, I am from Inner Space!
That's right, I am inside of your nasal canal as we speak! MMM, tasty.

Next is someone who has never, ever won anything in their lives. Poor soul!
Tis true... o wait, no it's not, I won a teddy bear at the fair because the guy guessed the wonr age Big Smile Smilie

The next person likes Asian cooking
Sorry. Hate the stuff.

Next person is someone who, just like me, has a black balloon tied to their watch because a friendly Yellow Ribbon Ambassador just gave them one. And it's full of helium, so it's high above my head on a yellow string. Everyone in the classroom is staring at me. But they can stare, cause I specially got it the same colour as my shweet Shpecklesh, who ish my wabbit.

ummm no...

next person is away from home!
Home is where the heart is but that doesn't mean home is wherever you are because your heart is within you. It means home is where your heart can feel free and safe and secure, where your heart loves and is loved and this could be anywhere, not just where you live or have lived. It could be a place or with someone you love. It could be state of mind and spirit.

Am I away from home? Sometimes I feel I don't have a home, sometimes my heart is at peace.

The next person feels nauseous.
Kinda. I had three waffles with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce on them and now it's make me feel Very Mad Smilie
The next person has recently finished a book
Actually, no-wrapped up in one-Finn and Hengest, to be exact.

And I am the one that is really nauscous-my daughter brought home another flu bug, both ends are running, and last night, the poor thing messed her bed badly around twelve midnight. Now I have it! Thank you, public schools! Sorry, I know, too much information...

Next is a genuinly beautiful person, inside and out, who does NOT have the flu...
well i dont have the flu but as for the other part of the question ill tell you when i take the bag ive been wearing for three months off my head and look in a mirror.(ive never had the flu)

next is going to go home (wherever it is according to vee's post)soon.
I am home Smile Smilie

Next believes he/she is a dinosaur
Though I am truly a carnivore, and love meat(sorry, veggies) and exhibit signs of reptilism, such as being cold-blooded and roaring on occasion, I am not a dinosaur, but wish I was so I could account for my odd behavior.

Next is someone who has heard of The Seven Sages or Baphomet.
The what? Tongue Smilie

Next has MSN Messenger.
How mean Tongue Smilie! Everybody has MSN these days....

Next has seen Bambi.
Loooong time ago.

Next has a beard.
Yes, sadly.
I used to be a professional freak in a traveling Oddities Show. I was the bearded lady, of course.
You know, sometimes the beard gets in the way, and I have to trim it daily, but overall, I am proud of my beard. One Eye Smilie

Next has a collection of My Little Ponies.
Well, I don't know if it's considered a collection, but I do have about 3 My Little Ponies that I saved from when I was a kid. I used to have the pony stable though. . . Wiggle Smilie

Next likes snow skiing.
Yes, though I havn't done it since I was 10 or so.
Next Likes salt and vinegar chippies
Sadly, no.

Next is... Vee!
Nanananana, she is not.

Next is not a vegitarian.
Yes, I absolutely love my vegetables on top of a nice big juicy burger. Perferrably tomates, onions and lettuce. Sometimes a mushroom burger is nice too. Okay, just kdding. No offense to those truly dedicated to the art of being a vegetarian.

Next is someone who can sing at least three sea shanties (pirate songs).
Ahoy, the gig is up! Arrr, I've been bamboozled, arrrrrrrrrgh. Where's me booty? Being a pirate sure has not been very profitable...and the only sea shanties I know are Disney-created, "Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me"...

Next is Lady Vee the Magnificent?
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