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Thread: Who's next?

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Nope, but hopefully next week I will be...

Next is Elrose!
nope!!! sorry its just me!

next likes to listen to Alternative and Rock music
umm...not really, I'm more of a classical/Jazz lover.

Next eats chicken four times a week.

next likes using AIM or something like it?
If I knew what it meant, then maybe I could answer. When I used to shoot with my bow and arrow I would need to aim, but I don't think that's what you mean.

The next has a runny nose

AIM's an instant messaging thing.

next knew that.

Next's favorites color are orange and lime green!
nope but i do like those colors

next likes to come late to "events" to make other people wait..hahaha
Does turning in a piece of particularly nasty Lit homework count as an "event"?

Next hums absentmindedly when things get too quiet.
That's funny...normally know, but I found myself doing this on the way to work today. I think I was only doing it because I'm extremely happy with my new job!

Next has never seen the Grand Canyon (which is located in my home state =).
No, not in person, only in pictures, moving and otherwise.
Next likes chocolate more than coffee. That should apply to just about everyone. Elk Grinning Smilie
Correct. A nice Oh Henry bar is just too much to resist.

Next knows what they are gonna do for Valentine's Day.
i think were going to the movies....or someone house....

next knows wot there going to be for halloween next year
Actually, I almost do... Three choices- the elegant elf dress, the awesome sari that I never get to wear anytime else and so I go all out at a time when even the wall-flowers like me jump out in brilliant color, or 'cloudy with a chance of rain'. That one is especially fun- it involves a water gun!!! It all depends on where I am when the day hits, and what people the winds have blown my way...

Next person has eaten rattlesnake!

Next person is shocked by the very idea of ingesting rattlesnake.
You got that right!

Next person has seen many UFOs lately
Nope, though I wish I had
Next likes science fiction
Yes, I do.

The next person is feeling a bit mischievious right now.
Hey how did you know that? After reading about those devious Irish faeries, I'm getting quite mischeivious.

Next has a real tattoo.
if by real you mean none then you are correct!!!

Next can spell and tell me what perspicacity means??
haha, I cheated, YAY FOR DICTIONARY.COM!!!! go!


n 1: intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings) [syn: shrewdness, astuteness, perspicaciousness] 2: the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions [syn: judgment, judgement, sound judgment, sound judgement]

Next received a lot of snow over the me!
i love california....

next is NOT Sheryl.
Uh, you are correct. I am not Sheryl.

Next likes to suck on hard candy rather than chew it.
Next often eat chicken for dinner
Sure, fairly often.

Next has never ridden a horse.
no, i ride alot.

next has never rode a skateboard
You got me there...unless youcount sitting my best friend's board and going down the driveway...

The next person has never seen the original star wars movies.
(it has been done! 0.o )
RE: The Skateboard. - That's me, though as a pre-teen I had a four wheeled scooter that was like a skateboard with a vertical stick in front for holding on to: the front and rear axle pivots were mounted in rubber so I could steer merely by shifting my weight from side to side.

RE: Original Star Wars - No, I took four children two of mine and two of a neighbors to watch it in the theatre.

Next never rode a bicycle without brakes and trying to stop on an old wooden boardwalk while going barefoot, filled the soles of their feet with wooden slivers, which took forever to painfully remove, or so it seemed at the time. This happened to me ca 1951.
hmmm no, but i have ridden a bike Orc Grinning Smilie

Next has done what Grondy has done
copout. i have never done what grondmaster has done, though i did get a double handful of splinters on my first birthday...

Next person knows what a gelfling is!
is it a bird?

next likes to do handstands
I used to, but my center of gravity has resettled south of my belt and now I'd topple over were I to try and do a handstand.

A gefling is a humanoid sentient being. They have large eyes, a very short snout, and large circular ears, as I remember. I think the female of the species has wings, but no longer flys. The most famous male was called Jen and his quest was shown in the movie Dark Crystal.

Next can't rollerskate in a herd of buffalo.
...never tried it actually....

sooo, next likes cool message machines
yes. Everyone likes cool stuff, or else it wouldn't be cool to them , eh?

Next has five binders full of Tolkien stuff they've researched, written, drawn, or printed from the internet.
....ummm.....will i get flamed if i say no?? Wink Smilie

next isnt obsessed w/ tolkien anymore but still love this sight.
mmm .. im confused about this thread .. but let me take a lucky guess.

Next knows what or who Agrajag is !! Wink Smilie
Yup, he's a now dead giant spider who was befriended by one Rubius Hagrid. One of his claims to fame was scarring the willies out of one Ronald Weasley.

Next has never tripped over their shoe laces.
Actually, that is Aragog... almost sad that I know that... Agrajag, as I understand is some random character in the "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" book who is constantly accidentally killed by the main character and then reincarnated only to be killed again... I had to google it. came up on wikipedia, actually.
Yesh, I have tripped on my shoelaces. Spectacularly. That is why, for four years running, I bought those shoes with the elastic- no laces. ;D

Next person has been plowed over by a bike and broke their leg.
No...I can't say that has ever happened to me.

Next has dived into an empty swimming pool.
Next is watching the Olympic games
Nope....I'm watching Planet-Tolkien. BEST THING EVER!!!

Next person has never heard of the band "Easing the Badger."
True. I have not heard of that band.

Next has a valentine Smile Smilie.
Not yet, but it is still early days: like Valentines day won't be here for another six-and-a-half hours.

Actually, that is Aragog... almost sad that I know that... Agrajag, ...
I knew that too, I just got my characters mixed up due to my poor spelling, had I looked in HP I would have seen I had the wrong name. Agrajag waylaid Arthur Dent and was going to torture him for all the times Arthur killed him and mentioned the name of the planet on which his final death ocurred. This was in one of the first three books, and Arthur said he hadn't ever been on that planet and this caused Agrajag to gnash his teeth so badly that I think one of them penetrated his brain and killed him once again. I believe Arthur kills him in the fifth book of the HHGTTG triolgy the final time on that planet just before it, also known as Earth was destroyed. This planet also was the last planet Earth in any of the known dimensions, and Douglas Adams was finally able to kill off he hero, his friends, and all those people who thought digital watches were neat.

Next showers and hasn't had a tub bath for at least a year.


next has...a mostache
Nope, I'm clean shaven.

The next person doesn't have to go through exams later this week.
So true schooldays are over
Next is wearing jeans (not only) today
Sorry. Black cotton duds today, jeans yesterday.

Next person has a special valentine today- a parent, a child, a co-worker, or a lover
Not really. I love everyone, but no one more than anyone else. I'm only 16, so no wife for me Smile Smilie!

The next person loves Elvis, the King!
umm...some of his stuff is alright...I'm not a huge fan, but I do listen to some of his music....My Mom on the other hand...biggest Elvis fan....well....the biggest fan I've ever met. I bought her an Elvis collectable action figure for was cool! Smile Smilie

Next does not like Valentines day
I like the idea of V-day, but not the approach. Too commercial.

Next person has never run into a tree on/in any type of transportation device.
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