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Thread: Who's next?

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Nah... I wish, though.

Next has a party to go to
unfortunately not

next is going on holiday soon

well im going for a day out tomorrow so that can count as a mini holiday

Next is gutted because England lost on penalties.......... again!!!!
Sort of. Well, OK, I'll be a traitor to Germany and say yes, I was gutted on that loss! it was the best game they had played so far! Did you see Gerrard and Lampard's faces before and after they shot their penalties (which both missed), I could've cried. And I think Terry did cry, well he has a darn good reason to.

Next was surprised Brazil lost to France
i was! i never thinked that Brazil shoud lose against France Shocked Smilie Super Scared Smilie

Next one hasn`t watched Lotr on a weeks!
True..But I often see the extended ...not every week thoughSmile Smilie
Next hate mosquitoes
Not really, we don't have many and my spiders keeps their ranks thin.

Next as never seen a NASCAR race.
Yup, never have... closest I've gotten to that is watching F1 on TV (and fell asleep in the middle of the race).

Next has never had a filling in any of their teeth.
O man! I wish! lol...when I was a kid, my parents would let us drink pop all the time, and I used to walk around with a tooth brush brushing my teeth like, ALL THE TIME! I brushed all of the enamel off my baby teeth, then, from drinking pop, got a bunch of cavaties. After that, I've had this fear of dentists...I think it might have to do with not being able to move my mouth for HOURS after I left his office....jerk! Angry Elf Smilie

Next just ate a wrap of some sort.
no, i havnt a did have toast and chocolate spread though yum yum!!!

Next is boiling in this heat???
so true

next wishes it would cool down a bit
I want to cool off a bit, I`m so tired in my legs!

Next one just came home from holiday
Nope ..I will leave on Saturday Smile Smilie
Next recently played Canasta (card )
i don't play cards.

next is bored out of their minds
Oh no , its sunny outside so Im soon gonna take a dip in the pool with my youngest daugthers
Next is tired
Ya...I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm pretty tired still...Sad Smilie

Next ate chicken
now do you mean ate as in i hate chicken or i ate as in eating Chicken Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
but i do eat Chicken Smilie, it does taste like Chicken Smilie

What thread are you planning to post in next to this???
Dont know Loss Smile Smilie I just go with the flow...
Next is happy coz its summertime
i'm happy alrightBig Smile Smilie

next one have their birthday in this month (July)
Nope , next month .but it is my son`s birthday today Pary Smilie
What is your favourite thing to do during the summer ?
sleepWink Smilie
what do you do when you are having boring
I never have the time to be bored.. ( 4 kids )But I read a lot , maybe thats why ?
How far back in time do you know your family name ?
not very far, my family doesn't like history like I do, so they never kept track of it...its depressing...woulda been cool to see who all I'm related to! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I noticed that this thread accidentally turned into "The Person Below" let's go back to "Who's Next?" shall we?

next has never eaten a cheeseburger
actually i don't think i have

i'm guessing next person will be Virumor

Next has a myspace profle....
No, I don't have a need to flagrantly flaunt myself. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next is staying cool this warm So Angry Smilie summer's day.
oh yes, it is very hot here, trying to stay cool is a tricky one, all windows open and an odd fan or two Cool Elf Smilie

Next has recently lost their remote for their TV???
nope, i know exactly where all of my remote controls are!

Next owns a swimming pool
Oh! I wish I had one! Very Sad Smilie It's boiling hot here Jumping Flame Smilie and I really NEED a swimming pool. Ugh.

Next has red hair.
no, i am as blonde as they get, like you i think Daisy in your intro post :elfbiggirn: welcome

Next has their very own pen that they use all the time???
what exactly do you mean by pen!? do you mean the fenced in area where we stick animals and sometimes children?! because if that's the pen you mean, no I do not have my own pen, so therefore, I do not use it.

however, if you meant pen as in the writing utensil, then, yes, yes I do have my own, and I do use it quite often. I have quite a few pens, some for writing, and some for drawing...depends what kind of mood I'm in!

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes bananas
Not really Wink Smilie I like oranges.

Next has a big film poster in his/her room
No, but my brother has several- he has a movie themed room and wants to someday write and direct movies of his own. Run and hide. :P

Next is tragically allergic to cats.
i wouldn't say tradgicallly...mildy maybe...

next should be doing something but isn'tlike me...i should do my hw but dunt wanna *sigh*
I should be unpacking and going to bed, but thought I should catch up with some of my friends.

Next believes we have soul mates.
Yes! I believe it! Sort of. I think that everyone has a person somewhere in the world (even if he doesn't know about it) who's his soul mate.

Next needs to go out somewhere immediately
i don't NEED to...but I would like to! SO BORED!

Next drinks at least one glass of milk a day
nope, i can't drink milk..the taste weirds me out for some reason...

Next still has snow by their house.
no, we dont get snow round here in winter, net alone in summer!!!!

Next is wearing slippers!!!???
no! Too hot for slippers! My feet like to breathe! BE FREE LITTLE FEET!!!

Next is going swimming today
I wish! But alas, there is no pool in the office.

Next wears sunglasses when he/she goes out whether it's day or night.
I do wear sunglasses a lot, but not when its dark out. My eyes are sensitive to the light, so I wear them all day when I'm outside, and until the sunsets at least...sometimes a little later, but not often.

Next is applying for a big job in the near future
Nope, I spent twenty-eight years, ten months, and 1 day playing that game, but who was counting; for the last thirteen years I have been able to play when I wanted, and this place is the closest to work I'd like to get. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next doesn't know how to calculate the square root of a number without a calculator, like with only a pencil and paper. Teacher Smilie So what are you going to do when the EMF hits and your batteries run dry? I've still got my sliderule, so I'm covered, but I know how to figure square roots by hand, but not how to do cube roots. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
True , true master Grondy ..I never was any good in maths but who cares ? I still need a calculator to figure that out ..
Next just came home from holiday Smile Smilie
man, I wish....I never get to go on vacation or anything. The furthest I've ever been from home is only like, 7 hours across the province...not even out of Ontario....Sad Smilie it stinks being poor!

Next has never heard of the comic "ElfQuest"
I believe I first saw the "ElfQuest" comic strip in Dragon magazine some 10 or 15 years ago, but I haven't been following it as I let my subscription lapse a few years ago.

Next has never played paper and pencil 'Dungeon and Dragons'.
heck no! I play Dungeons and Dragons every week! fact I'm going to be playing it tomrorow afternoon! I LOVE D&D!!!! lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next hates it when the electricity randomly goes out.
Well, that seldom happens here so I don't mind it it at night as long as I've remembered to turn off my battery-back-up surge protector. Because my monitor draws so much power, even on standby, that it will deplete the battery overnight. What I hate is when it goes out for more than a day in winter: I use electricity for heat, to warm my food, and for my entertainment. I can still read by candlelight, but it is hard on the eyes; also I have a hand cranked AM/FM radio which I can get out when we lose power.

Next is slob-like and doesn't even bother tying their shoestrings until they're ready to leave their living quarters.
nope, i'm a complete organization/neat freak...especially when it comes to clothes and physical appearance. bad habit, i know :P

Next likes blue ink better than black.
I'm actually still undecided on that one. I do like writing with blue ink sometimes, but not if the paper I'm writing on has those blue lines on it; if I'm drawing I prefer black ink... or pencil.

Next lives in the Southern Hemisphere and is really cold - just like me Waving Hello Smilie
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