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Thread: Who's next?

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Yuck - no, can you imagine the smell!!

The next has started Christmas shopping already
No, not until November at least.

The next person spends more time in front of a PC than doing exercise
That would be me, yes.

Next collects stamps.
No - sorry not me... I do have a LOTR set, a gift from a New Zealander

The next can say the alphabet backwards
Only with a lot of thought and concentration.

The next person has a photograph of a family member and an arnament of an animal on their mantlepiece
I have a dragon on my mantelpiece - that counts for both!

Next has eaten two chocolate Easter Eggs already today....
Ive actually eaten three Dead Smilie . Im not feeling to well now

Next will have ate more easter eggs than me
Well, you are wrong on that count!

The next person never knew I was away for a week.
Depends on what week you mean. Disturbed Smilie Been away a while too, only been back for real sort of shortly.

Next wishes they had a dragon on their mantlepiece too. (like me)
Well, not if the house was made of wood. I mean, it would be real bad to see your house go down in flames. And why would one want to keep a dragon on a mantelpiece? They are better of in a cage or something like that.

The next person is afraid of the dark.
Not at all. I love the dark. People are afraid of me in the dark.... Where's my axe?

The next person has had a bad experience while using public transport
Yes. Got stuck between the doors of the tube train. Not a very nice experience, especially cause they wouldn't open again.

Next bought a book yesterday.
No. But did borrow one from my friend. Just a regular text-book, nothing fun to read.

The next likes to sit in the window seats rather than the aisle seats on a plane.
Actually, I like the middle. Just kidding. I definitely like the window seats so that I have somewhere to put my head while I attempt to sleep on the plane.

The next person is arachnophobic.
that would have to be, but only if theyre big ones

have you ever been constipated?
No. Not really!

The next person likes juices more than soft drinks.
Ehmmm. Depends on the weather. If it's really hot, I prefer soft drinks. If not, it's juice for me.

Next is a council member.
No. Will never come near it too!

The next person has died many times in his/her dreams.
Yup! It's creepy!

Next has thier own website
Yes but we didn't put the website thing in public yet, because my other groupmates has the fear of paying things. "Kuripot kaayo me grabe!"

I guess the next one is English and that person hates tea.
English yes, and a good guess about hating tea, too. In fact rather than the usual things like heights, snakes or spiders, I actually have a phobia about tea. I don't mind dry teabags, but if anyone ever comes near me with a wet one, or spills tea near me, I just squirm away. I even hate the smell.

The next person has pulled a sickie from work/school in the past few months

Not from work, it has to be said, but I have 'pulled one' for an evening at college, when I just couldn't face it!

I'm going to go out on a limb here & take a guess at who is going to be next... Literally!

I'll gueeeeeeeeeeeess....

Aragorn_jr ..?

Ok - so if I'm really off base, I'll guess that the next person has the day off college/work etc, today...?
I am not Aragorn jr, but I have pulled many sickies in college. Ahh the good ol' days. . . Shaking Head Smilie

Next has never seen snow.
I'VE SEEN SNOW!!! I used to live in ENgland, you know. I"m English through and through. I AM!!! I try to be. And this CHristmas just been it was SO sad. Because "The SNowman" which is ALWAYs on TV in ENgland on CHristmas Day, was on in NZ for the first time. And I remembered little bits!! And the music was familiar!!! AND IT WAS SO HOMESICK MAKING!!!!
As Loni forgot to post her guess, I'll do one instead:

The next member likes to eat Frosted Flakes dry, like without any milk. Theeeerrrre Grrreeaaatt!!!
Not really. But then if I'm really hungry and there's no milk in the fridge, I wouldn't mind.

The next person has an extra-springy bed.
Yes, I've a rather worn mattress that has a bit of spring poking through, close to the small of my back. Must get around to buying a new bed sometime soon.

Next person is wearing something blue
An Italian football Home Jersey (which of course is blue) and blue jeans. In other words, I'm dressed completely in blue.

The next person made a big fool out of someone today!
Ehm no. I'm not into April Fool's day. Didn't realise it was today until I saw the date here on the forum.

Next has been fooled today.
No. Not yet!

The next person is right-handed.
Yep! that's me...I'm right handed. Had to write with my left hand a year ago when I had carpal tunnel surgery done on my right wrist, and my handwriting looked like that of a 90-year old lady. thats what it will look like.

Next is someone who likes to garden.
Well, that's not me!

The next person loves to speed down a slippery slope on two little sticks (or in other words, skiing)!
Skiing? Shocked Smilie No. don't let me remember that fateful day.

Just let me guess the next person, the next one must be a planet-tolkien supporter.

Next is working on a laptop.
No only a pc but would love a laptop.

The next person has just got out of bed
Yup, it's 6:30 am here, I forget to turn off my alarm clock for the weekend.

The next person already has a snow free lawn.
No snow here, but as I have a large patio to save on the mowing, I have no lawn either.

Next person has posted in at least three threads already today.

the next person hates cats
I LOVE cats!

How about sb who is simply too bored to do anything else... Boring Smilie Tongue Smilie
Yup. too bored of doing homework (it is 9:42 here)

Next person has never left their home country
Why, I am OUT of my home country right now, silly bunny. It is debatable, but I consider England to be my home country. *wishing I was somehere there again* And now I've got a song in my head. "Wishing you were somehow here again..."

Next has a definite favourite movie that is fiction.
Hm i wonder what it is... Mabye LOTR!!!!!!!!
Next person hasnt set their clocks for Daylight savings time
Orc Going Huh Smilie The minute I find out what that means, I'll get back to you.

Next has never moved in their entire lives.

(move as in change house)
I have moved in my life and I am sorry about the Daylight savings time one. Lighening Smilie For those who dont know I lost an hour of the day yesterday (in USA).

Next person is at work/school
Yes, I am indeed at work. *Shame on me!* I work at a university as a project manager in Space Management. Everyday is different and interesting! It's made me want to get my doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in higher education.

The next person exercises everyday.
Well no - but I get out of bed every day and work as a recptionist in a Hospital so do get run off my feet. Can't exercise as have a bad back.

The next person has children (enough exercise in itself)
Nope, its MEEEEE!!!

Hahahaha you all thought I was gone didn't you? Silly little hobbitses!!

Next is Tommie

Sorry I am not Tommie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next person is on the council
You'' have to be more specific. Elrond's. PT's or local?

Well, I qualify for at least on of those.

Next will be waiting for a very important phone call.
(it was PT's) I am not wait ing for a phone call but will an email work?

Next Person has had braces sometime in their life
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