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Thread: Who's next?

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Oh yes I love doing that
Next writes in a diary
ummm, i doodled in the diary of Anne Frank so i guess i do...

next really didnt like studying anne frank
Actually I thought it was a very interesting study. Made me feel deeply touched and a bit depressed.

Next can't stand teenagers' lifestyle nowadays
Depends on what yoy mean about lifestyle , I think there are lot of lovely teens , but some are very obsessed about material things and do not bother thinking about the meaning of life....
Next dont like an adults opinion
well its ok at serious things but sometimes people are suppose to be silly and make people happy Orc Grinning Smilie a prime example: Elrose, sorry Bud but your silly!!

Next has a funny saying to say (if you dont get you gotta say something funny or a contradiction of words or something!!!!) Orc Going Huh Smilie Juggling Smilie
Think of how dumb the average person is. Now realize half of all people are dumber than that.

next belongs to this half of people. (the dumber ones)

Next is smarter than the average bear.
I am so smrt.

Next drinks milk at least once a day.
Twice actually. Once, coffee in the evening and then milk with suger and ghee, as a medicine, before sleeping... at 5 am Tongue Smilie

Next is not LA86 and actually knows what 'ghee' is
I am not LA86 and I do not know what ghee is.

Next is LA86 and does know what ghee is
Yes, I am LA86 and I also know what ghee is. *gives an odd look to floyd_n_milan*

The next person can barely keep himself/herself from jumping up and down

(To floyd_n_milan: Why "ghee" of all things?)
(To Mellie: Glad to have you back. Keep smiling)
Jumping Flame Smilie ? Well, it's already midnight here, so I think I'm dealing with it at last Wink Smilie

Next intends to have some certain number of posts each time he/she leaves PT, smth like ending on 5,etc.
No... I just work my way through the threads, replying where it necessary. I'm not even sure what my count is anymore.

The next pesrson is still aiming for their first 1000 posts
no, I'm over that.

next likes donald duck.
Yeah who doesnt ?
Next likes to be on the dancefloor
Ooooh yeh baby Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie

The next is thinking of getting a tattoo (or another hehe)
well, I don't think I'll actually do it in the near future, but I often imagine what a tatoo on my ankle might look like... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

next should be doing some stupid work instead of playing here.
Not exactly work, just a little dialogue to make up. I'm entering the school talent show.

Next is absent-minded.
On occasions when I've got a lot of things going around in my head.

The next spends more time on a PC than reading books
Yes. I should really change this PC obssession and read more.

Next can knit.
Yes I can , Ive knitted many jumpers for my kids and several of scarfs we need them during the cold winter in Norway Snowman Smilie
Next likes to decorate for Xmas in December
Yes, I always decorate for Christmas in December and never in October or November; and I normally undecorate soon after Epiphany, 06 January, though I have been known to leave them up once or twice until early February, when it was inconvenient to do it earlier.

Next only wears an eyepatch when they are playing at being a pirate for Halloween, a fancy dress ball, or as an actor.
unless tthe stupid ER docter puts stuff that messes up my pupil in instead of something else

next has had a bad experience at the
It wasn't horrible.
but at my ER they ask you what your pain is from 1-10, and guess what I said.
A 3. never say less than 7 because you will wait there for hours. Even if you
have a broken finger, like me. I just wasn't hurting at the time, and I try
to be honest.

Next has never broken a bone.
Right you are!! Never broken....bruised sure, but no broken ones! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next will be someone who likes taking walks by the river.
Sure, I fancy a walk by a river every now and then...whenever I can get to a river.

Next ate way too much this past weekend. Chicken Smilie
just a tad, but i cant seem to get out of my chair so i guess ill be online for a while

Next has a childhood sweetheart
Some would consider mid-teen still childhood, as I have not yet crossed the dreaded threshold in to adulthood, but alas, I've found no sweetheart...

Next likes to talk with a foreign when they meet new people...
Foreign could be anywhere that's not from the place you live.

Outlanders are always interesting to talk to, if they can understand my western American accent.

Next likes to wiggle their toes in a mud puddle.
Not necessarily in a mud puddle, but I like to wiggle my toes.
Can anyone else crack their big toe knuckle just by wiggling it.
I think it might be a weird talent. Though my dad and uncle both can.

Next would rather shovel snow than mow the lawn.

next has a great view of the roofs of a city if he/she looks out of the window.
No, definately not, I live on the 4th floor and can't enjoy a bird's-eye view...
...unless it's a very fat and lazy bird flying low Chicken Smilie

Next is constantly late everywhere
Well you dont have to be so rude about it...its not always my fault..

Next it someone who likes Celtic music. (like me) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yes, I like Celtic music and I like you, Etharion. Hehehe! Sorry, thought you were asking if next liked you as well. Maybe it was a plea....

The next person looks at the stars and wishes they were on The Enterprise.
No. I look at the stars and wonder why am I looking at them.

The next person is not on a vacation.
no unfortunatley im pretending to do work in college

Next wishes that they have a genie!
I've just read a story called 'A Genie Called Conscience' about a salesman who did not have it (conscience) and then suddenly met a genie who changed his life and taught him go the right way. It's great, such an eastern parable.
ah... I need to answer... well, yes, it'd not be out of place for anyone to have a good genie by his/her side.
note: I didn't say I don't have conscience Big Laugh Smilie

Next likes eastern parables
Im not completely sure what they are...

next sometimes wonders why we were put on this earth.
Naw, I know the Great Handkerchief in the Sky didn't put us here to consume, she put us here to go forth and multiply.

Next doesn't like saurkraut.

Next hates baked beans.
Nope, I actually think they are pretty darn yummy.

Next likes to look at him/herself in the mirror.
Oh yes... it's a common trait in females.

Next sleeps with a teddy bear or doll
Nope. I've never done that.

The next person is at home.
No, at the Uni.
Like your new avatar, LA86!

Next never reads magazines
Nope, I read magazines at times, especially on airplanes. I subscribe to Harper's and Adventure magazines.

Next enjoys playing a musical instrument.
i LOVE my flute!!!

next would rather work alone than with a group of people.
ah, so very very true
groups and i don't work well together

Next likes watching/playing hockey
I'm supposed to be familiar with hockey since I live in Canada, but in truth I'm not at all interested in the sport.

Next has a hunch that a very old friend will call on them unexpectedly today
Nope. Nothing of the sort.

Thanks, Elen!

The next person uses the elevator more than the stairs.
no. there's an elevator at our school, but pupils are not to use it. it's just for the cleaning people to get their stuff up and down, and for people who've broken a leg or something like that. there's also a girl with a wheelchair who's got the key for the elevator, but all the common people got no access. not even teachers, I think. :p

next likes taking photographs.
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