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Thread: Who's next?

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That was yesterday and last night. Today is clear and sunny and cool. Smile Smilie

Next knows the value of good advice.
At my age I should know enough to appreciate it.. I hope I do!

Next loves a good cup of tea with sugar!
Yeah!!! that's nice.

Next is wondering when next's holiday to the seaside will be
Yes I'm really looking forward to holidays!next had a great time yesterday
Yeah i sure did.

Next likes dragons very much
Yes I really like dragons!next is a writer
well....I like to think so! lol.

Next is watching TV
How in the world could I be watching t.v. if I was here, unless I wasn't truly paying attention to the t.v. and it was just on for background noise? Or am I so gifted that I am able to telekinetically split myself in two and be on the computer and watching the t.v. both at once? Why don't I know about it, if that's the case? Is someone keeping it from me? It must be a conspiracy...

Next dislikes the sound of a cat incessantly meowing outside the door, even though it's been fed and doesn't come in the house ever.
Yes, I would dislike that a lot if I ever heard it! Husband is allergic to cats so we won't have one.

Next person's favorite place to read books is in bed!
ya....most of the time, or curled up in a really large chair with some tea or something.

Next has seen the movie Three Kings starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlburg from like 1999 or something.
Yes I have Smile Smilie George Clooney is one of my favourite actors , I also like what is doing for Dafur
Next is sunburned
Not yet, wait til I've mowed the lawn and put out the petunias. Then I'll have the typical 'farmer's tan' that ends above the elbow and in mid-forhead.

Next eats crackers in front of the computer
yup, and ice cream and dinner and whatever else I can shove in my face....bit of a piggy....

Next loves reggaeton music!
Nope i'm all for slowssss.

Next prefers wireless internet connection to cabled one
I lappy is my favorite! YAY!

Next likes to listen to jazz music by Benny Goodman, Django Reinhardt, and Duke Ellington (the classics!!!!)
Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Count Bassie, Duke Ellington, Louie Armstrong, and Kid Ory are all fine, but I'd rather listen to the real classics: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi. Happy Elf Smilie

Next likes sitting outside in the rain.
Not really sitting, but I do kind of dance/romp/run around in the rain with my kids, whenever this Arid-zona gets rain that isn't accompanied by blowing dust!

Next has been under some stress and needs a break!
Yes Im really stessed and I definately need a breaknext is dizzy
yea, but that seems to be a common side effect for me everytime i've had sugar and-or caffiene which is what happened, not a smart idea since its worse that most drugs for me =P

Next has had a hostess cherry fruit pie!

Next has got a new haircut
Nope, but I certainly need one; thank heavens my mother if my mother can see me, she can't nag me about it; may she rest in peace.

Next needs a perm.
Nope...too scared to get one...afraid it'd look like a 'fro on me. I LIKE to get one. Just scared of the results.

Next LOVES to go shopping at the mall!!!
Nope. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Next spends half of his income on cosmetics
NO!!! I don't spend any of my money on cosmetics.

Next will be getting a truck for free sometime soon.
Nope. Anyway i have no driving license.

Next still play the first age of empires
Nope, never tried it.

Next still enjoys playing Neverwinter Nights or one of its spin-offs.
Nope, I've never tried that.
I do however play the second Age of Empires.

Next is frustated right now, trying to figure out a glitch in a mod that he/she is making for Star Wars BattleFront II. I've been in the process of making a mod for that game, for the past several weeks. I almost have it done, when I make a few more changes and create a whole new set of glitches. It's like that artist, who in trying to get it just right, chips a little too much off the nose, and has to start all over, or fix the nose as best as possible. If anyone is a computer game genius, who might be able to help me, could you send me a message please?
Ummm... no. I don't even know what you're talking abot, except that it must be some heinous computer game....

Next feels wonderfully light-hearted though you know deep down that you shouldn't.
Yeah you're right. 2morrow its college again for me. End of easter hols.

Next favourite colour is blue
No. Red.

Next has danced a jig while eating grapes and humming "Mares Eat Oats" in double time!
No, I can't dance and it's too wet to plough; though I like eating grapes and I do know the chorus of that song: I heard it on the radio about when I was an old man of about five years of age. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?
Yes! Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?
_________________Wiggle Smilie__________________
Well..I'm not sure what the next person was supposed to have

Next got the most BEAUTIFUL roses for their birthday.
Smile Smilie
uh nope, i got a Wii, its my baby!

Next has been to the zoo this month!
No, but my daughter went to the Phoenix Zoo last week on a field trip with her class. Btw, Arwen, how was your trip out here?

Next can't remember where they put their t.v. remote!
That happens A LOT...but not right now...

Next hates that humidity ruins straight hair styles. So Angry Smilie
Sure....if you say so Elk Grinning Smilie

Next has long straight hair
Soon to be short straight hair.

Next hates blueberry pie.
Actually I love blueberry pie, although I rarely get the chance to enjoy one.

Next wishes they would hurry up and make The Hobbit movie!
(Since I've played so many times in a row...I won't answer...but I just wanted to pop my head up and say that I too wish they would hurry up and make The Hobbit.)
Certainly I wish they would hurry up and make The Hobbit movie; however not too hurried that they fail to grab the essence of it or fail to put Tolkien's words in the mouths of the correct characters.

Blue Swede Shoes or a Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini,
Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini!!!!!!!

Next loves peanut butter m&m's the bestest!!!
Ewwww... I hate them! I like the peanut ones, but not the peanut butter ones!

Next has done something for poetry week
I should...but that creative part of me is hibernating for awhile. Something about needing to be inspired.

Next is a dwarf from the Glittering Caves and a council member and has a neat avatar of a cute dwarf with a walking stick!
As much as I don't mind being mistaken for Grondy...I am not he. Smile Smilie

Next has a username that reminds me of fields of clover...and butterflies in their avater! don't.

Next is wearing some sort of jewelery on their right wrist.
Yes. A silver chain of links that are about a quarter of an inch long. You are a true psychic.

Next likes granola without raisins in it.
Too true; however mine has cranberries instead of those ho hum raisins. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next wishes school was already finished for the year.
Yes and no. Yes because it's my last year and i want to get over it and no because it's my last year and i don't want to say good bye.

next wishes he could change time
Sometimes ..I would like to take part in some of the historical moments..
Next is having barbaque today
Nope...rather dreary food today I am afraid...I wish I was though!!!

Next REALLY wants some CHOCOLATE right now!!!
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